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Review #1, by fearer_of_chipmunks Stained with sin

20th December 2008:
This is excelent! I just love Dramione fics.

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Review #2, by change of heart Stained with sin

7th August 2007:
Another amazing story, but this one didnt make me cry...
so thts good:)
i really do love your stories, keep on writting:)

Author's Response: That's good, and i will try and write some more stoires soon.

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Review #3, by Dracolover4life Stained with sin

6th July 2007:
I Loved it so much it made me cry.

Author's Response: Thanks, sorry it made you cry. xD

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Review #4, by cookiemonster Stained with sin

21st June 2007:
Great story, not confusing!

Author's Response: thanks ^_^

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Review #5, by pajamaz Stained with sin

20th June 2007:
dramione?! whats that mean? i really liked your story and hope to read more from you sometime. your fan,

Author's Response: Hey, Dramione is Draco/Hermione fanfics. I'm gald you liked it. I'm currently waiting for another Dramione to be validated.

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Review #6, by Coffee_is_indulgence Stained with sin

20th June 2007:
Heyyy... not bad!! I love the way Draco 'tried' to protect her from Voldie's wrath but well.. it backfired and blew up in his face. Pretty sad but ...*chuckles* it's quite frsh to me and i kinda like how it ended between them. =)

Author's Response: oh thanks, I'm glad you like it. I sorta wanted to portray Draco as a bit of a good guy and a bad guy at once so it sort of worked didn't it?

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Review #7, by xXxoctobermistxXx Stained with sin

20th June 2007:
I thought this was a good chapter, and no it's not only because i love the song. (I just wish that u would go further with the story. Most songfic stories don't go further than one chapter.)

Author's Response: Thanks, avenged sevenfold are great aren't they? About the story being a one shot, I don't know...i think I'd like to write a sequel but you won't get it until September, early October cause I'm taking a six week break for the hols. And I'm writing a novel too, so lots to do!
Thanks for the review. ^_&

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Review #8, by Amortentia757 Stained with sin

20th June 2007:
You know what, I think I liked this. I'm a dedicated H/HR shipper, but u know what, if Hermione isn't with harry, I wan't her with Malfoy. I've never read Dramione, so this was different, but I liked it. Very nice job! I also found it very intense, and that's the kind of stuff I like to read-intense and heart wrenching.
And I was just wondering something I hope u'll give me ur opinion on. I want to make like a thing on the guest book, where people can come to me for help on their stories. Good or bad idea? I just want to help so badly and I can't register on the forums, so I feel so useless...

Author's Response: I'm glad your enjoyed it. I really enjoy Harry/Hermione stoires too, but this is my favoirte ship by far. And about the guestbook thing, I absolutely think you should do it. It's great that you want to helo people with their stories and you never know, I might ask for help once. ^_&
Thanks for your review once again.

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Review #9, by drkmystic Stained with sin

18th June 2007:
slighty no a lot yes it wasvery confusing i barely new wat was going on.But otherthan that it was ok.YOu should try and rightabiggerstory out of this and tell what happened.I have to go and read all the other stories PEACE!!

Author's Response: Okay, slightly confusing review, But thanks either way

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Review #10, by dracoluverr441 Stained with sin

14th June 2007:
it's reallly good, but you still have a few mistakes. You have 'Blaise' in one sentence instead of Draco still, and there's one mistake that says I live you instead of i love you.
It's really good. Don't end here?
I'd like to see it continued :]

Author's Response: Thanks, I have changed it.

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Review #11, by jomiya Stained with sin

13th June 2007:
I think i'm liking song fics more and more after reading yours =)

Author's Response: Deja vu? ^_&

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Review #12, by jomiya Stained with sin

13th June 2007:
I think i'm liking song fics more and more after reading yours =)

Author's Response: Thankyou. I'm glad you're converted.

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Review #13, by btortellini2006 Stained with sin

12th June 2007:
Hey, its a good story and storyline, just one part though, you put Blaise instead of Draco when he went to grab Hermione's hand before she reads 'Blaise didn't respond, just continued to watch her struggle'. That's all, besides that, it was a good read!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I am going to go and change that as soon as I've finished replying to my reviews

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Review #14, by shadowkitty22 Stained with sin

12th June 2007:
Just a few mistakes that I found

"I was an idiot for believing you when you said ‘I live you’. Because you didn’t love me” (should be love)

"“Let go of me” she hissed and tried to break free of his grip but failed. Blaise didn’t respond, just continued to watch her struggle. After a few minutes she gave up."

That's all.

Author's Response: Thanks for telling me. I'll change it soon

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Review #15, by Malfoy_Lover Stained with sin

12th June 2007:
i am in love with this. i was so sad to see this was a one-shot. you should think about telling the tale of how it all happened. them falling in love and him defying her. im sure it would be a wonderful read.


Author's Response: Thank you, that's very sweet of you but I have many commitments at the moment...perhaps when I have some more free time. Thanks again xD

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Review #16, by dddraco Stained with sin

12th June 2007:
That was sad, and haunting too! Good job, I really really like it!

Author's Response: Thankyou, I am glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #17, by candz Stained with sin

11th June 2007:
Im a bit confused actually
it was great but what has Ginny or Blaise gotta do with anything?
"Blaise sat back down on the floor again,"
"Then you should’ve died” Ginny repeated softly."
It was really good though, shame they didn't get back together :)
But wonderful :D xx

Author's Response: I know!!!! It was origninally a Blaise/Ginny but i changed it to dramione. And i'm chuffed that you enjoyed it.

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Review #18, by alittlecrazy Stained with sin

11th June 2007:
at one point, you mention Ginny:

“Then you should’ve died” Ginny repeated softly.

Author's Response: I know. thanks for pointing that out. I've changed it now.

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Review #19, by xtinkerbellx Stained with sin

11th June 2007:
Hey this was a good story, but sometimes it was confusing, cause it said Ginny and Blaise at points, but others wise its cool, keep up the good work! x

Author's Response: I know! I know! but i have changed it so that it is completely Dramione.

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Review #20, by scarletheartedlioness Stained with sin

10th June 2007:
Hey there, I was just wondering if you could email me at - there's something I need to talk to you about. Thanks.

Author's Response: Hey sure I'll email you. Anything wrong?

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Review #21, by Regina Noctis Stained with sin

10th June 2007:
A couple of references to Hermione as Ginny, and to Draco as Blaise, but otherwise this is good!

Author's Response: Yes, I know about thet mistakes and have corrected them and I'm beaming that you like it. ^_&

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Review #22, by sunshinedreamr Stained with sin

9th June 2007:
I love Avenged Sevenfold! And I love your story! Awesome job on it :)

Author's Response: Hey Thank you for the review and i totally agree! Avenged Sevenfold are AWESOME!!

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Review #23, by Carmen Stained with sin

9th June 2007:
its good, but u might want to re-read it, you missed a few name changes... ginny to Hermione, hermione to ginny, and blaise to draco.

good story tho, it made me sad!!!

Author's Response: Thanks, I've changed it now. Thanks for your review.

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Review #24, by Ugly_Duckling Stained with sin

9th June 2007:
I'm confused, One minute it's Hermione who is talking to him, and then you write that it's Ginny.

It doesn't make sense.

Author's Response: Uh huh, I know. I realized that over the weekend and I've editd it now!

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Review #25, by scarletheartedlioness Stained with sin

17th May 2007:
Aw hun! I can't thank you enough! I'm so incredibly glad you took such an interest in dedicating this to me, and that you took the time to read up on my favourite bands. Good choice, because Unholy Confessions is by far my favourite from A7x!

I'm thoroughly intrigued by this. I could really feel Ginny's pain, but more importantly the way Blaise was hurting. You made it really believable without making it seem strained like a lot of authors seem to do. But you did a fantastic job and this is going on my favourites right away!

Thank you so much once again for the dedication! ^_^

Author's Response: Hey Danielle, thank you so much for the glowing review. i can't thank you enough too. i just thought seeing as how you are one of my favorite authors and you love Avenged Sevenfold as much as i do, i 'd dedicate this to you. Thanks once again, for reviewing.

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