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Review #1, by MeNuncle From Friendless to Friends

18th February 2008:
you know how macu i love your sories so i dont reallly need to tell you that i do! i think this idea is realistic it is entirally possible!

all i have to say to you is keep up the brill work and i'll have pleanty to read! thanks for the great reads ya give me an convos off course lol!!!

byb the by, when are you coming online because soon ill have to put the next chappy up and i need you! lol :)

thanks again


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Review #2, by cmw2 From Friendless to Friends

28th January 2008:
i really enjoyed it! it's a little long for what it is, but i'm glad i took the time to read it!

Author's Response:
I'm glad you took the time to read it too. Sorry it was so long it's kinda the way Hermione and I think.

Thanks for reviewing and enjoying

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Review #3, by Hyperchick1120 From Friendless to Friends

19th January 2008:
Oh my goodness...well that was an AMAZING story. I L-O-V-E-D it!

Author's Response:
Well thank you hyperchick... I love this story too... I had to explain - to myself more than anyone - why Ron's words effected Hermione so much.

And this is the missing moment my brain came up with.

Thanks for the review

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Review #4, by Clowee_tee From Tom Boy to Book Worm

18th September 2007:
Brilliant! I really really enjoyed this.

Author's Response:
Me too... even though I'm rewritting this so that we see more of Hermione's time inside Diagon Alley.

Thanks for reviewing

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Review #5, by Mario_Freak4 From Tom Boy to Book Worm

11th September 2007:
Yet another great sotry. I praticulary enjoyed it becuase I like learning about character's backgrounds and since there are plenty of details about Harry's life and Ron's life that are in the book, I enjoy reading about Hermione's home life/pre-Hogwarts life.

Author's Response:
I enjoy this story too. Hermione's past is so under developed in the genre of fanfiction. I'm glad it's brought something new to you.

Thanks for reviewing

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Review #6, by Hermytwin027 From Tom Boy to Book Worm

3rd September 2007:
Aww! I really love this idea...it's completely logical I think for Hermione to be a tomboy when she was little!!! Ha...she's like the fictional version of myself :) - I was the only girl in my school to train with the football team and play cricket with the boys...as a consequence, they thought of me as a 'mate' and my best friend ended up going out with both guys I liked (we were 10 and she didn't realise I liked them!) and yes, I have actual 'Hermione hair'! Lol :D

Author's Response:
Well Hermy that is a strange cocindence isn't it.

I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks it's logical that Hermione has reseive Tomboy potential...

Glad you like the idea! I presume that means that you like this telling of it.

Thanks for the review

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Review #7, by Generally_Insane From Tom Boy to Book Worm

2nd September 2007:
PS Even though it has greatly improved with rewrite; I can't spell, or use grammar for toffee!
I really liked the plot line--I usually don't do pre-Hogwarts, as I know I said, but I still liked it.
The spacing of the story got on my nerves--and it isn't something you can usually control, I know--but if you go to the edit stories button and make it so there are NO spaces in between paragraphs, it should correct itself so that there aren't such large gaps between paragraphs :)
Hermione was easy to relate with at some points, which is hard with a girl like her, but she was also hard to relate to and sort of distant at others. That may just be my personality [*A girl who is into sports and has mainly guy friends] or maybe its just the connection you were forming with your words.
Tweenager--that word made me laugh, and how you thought of those girls made me smile--I'm with 'Mione there, I don't like 'tweenagers'
The only thing that struck me as out of it was Ron. I really adored your description, but I'd expect that sort of feeling from a 13+ year old, you know? Not from 11 year-olds. 'eternal light' was an excellent description, but a bit much. Then again, maybe not...Hermione was always mature for her age.
Anyways, you had a good plot line and it was a good read.

Author's Response:
Thanks for reviewing this... I have improved it a lot since it first came on in May. At this point Hermione is a month off being twelve; and has spent alot of her time speaking to adults. So ya I think she is emotionally mature in some area's.

It gets more interesting with the troll later on... At this point she doesn't love him. But she wants to be friends with him.

She's intelligent so would spend her time describing him.

Glad you enjoyed it. I did to... and the can't spell or use grammar for toffee thing is fact not an overstatement...

Thanks for the review

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Review #8, by rosai_gryffindor From Tom Boy to Book Worm

28th August 2007:
i saw this was re written so decided to read it again!! and it is much better than it was before, and i like that the story will be longer! :)

only one thing though, you got hermiones voice absolutely perfect, but could i ask you not to put in so many italic words? it made it hard work to read! some words needed to be in italics, to emphasise the meaning and put some expression in the voice that speaks the story in your head as you read something. but this story had lots of unnecissary italics that sounded strange emphasised! there were some in nearly every paragraph! you did it a lot in your draco story as well, but it fitted then. with this one, it will read better with fewer!!

great writing though, and i hope you dont mind me pointing the italic thing out! you do missing moments so well, and this fits in nicely! i love all your descriptions of hermione and ron and the weasleys, especially the bit about hermione's teeth! lol!

update soon!!!
rose :)

Author's Response:
Thanks for rereviewing and liking it more. I tried really hard this time. Added loads.

Sorry I went mental with the italic's I'll watch out for that in the future. The only way we learn is though people being honest and pointing stuff out.

Thanks for the reread and rereview

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Review #9, by nini807 From Tom Boy to Book Worm

27th August 2007:
Wow. I love this story! This is the first pre-Hogwarts I've read and I love it! It already fits into the other books and it's very cleverly written. 10/10 Being added to my faves.

Author's Response:
I love this chappy too... I loved the idea of Hermione looking for Ron on the train not Trevor... Remembering that it was Ron she mainly talked to during that whole scene.

Woohoo I love this story being put in peoples favs. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy all over.

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Review #10, by Minerva Ann McGonagall From Tom Boy to Book Worm

26th August 2007:
oh this was great! I cannot wait for the rest of it!

Author's Response:
Thanks for your kind review its so inspiring that have. I can't wait for the next part either; its near finished.

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Review #11, by NevillesSoulmate From Tom Boy to Book Worm

14th August 2007:
Cute. I've never really read anything about Hermione before, but I liked it. I really love the idea of a young Hermione.

Author's Response:
Indeed young Hermione is fasinating to describe and get inside the head of.

Also, I love the idea that Hermione was looking for Ron not Trevor on the express that day.

This has just gotten longer so I'd reread it if I were you.

Cute is what I was heading for thanks for the reveiw.

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Review #12, by wazlibsgrl From Tom Boy to Book Worm

31st July 2007:
This was a really good story, and it was really cute. I think it could've been a lot better if there weren't too many typos and gramatical errors, because that seemed like it took away from the story a little bit. But overall it was really good.


Author's Response:
I have just gone through it (again) and I think I've ironed out most of the typo's!!! Spelling and grammar have always been hard for me...

Glad you liked it... Part 2 is on it's way!!!

Thanks for reviewing

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Review #13, by BitterSweetFlames From Tom Boy to Book Worm

19th July 2007:
Okay.. pretty sweet and cute... Just have it beta-ed and it'd be great..


Author's Response:
I know it needs beta'ing but pretty sweet and cute are diffinately adjectives I was going for!!!

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Review #14, by lovelyMarauders From Tom Boy to Book Worm

19th July 2007:
I am going to feel like I am repeating myself, but this again, was a charming one-shot. You're quite good at them. :D
I would also recommend getting a beta, seeing as there are always things that can use improvement.
I think this was another look on the characters we've come to know so well.
It was nicely written and had a sweet disposition to it.
I enjoyed it.

Author's Response:
It's always nice to read a nice review. I love one-shots and missing moments - I know I need a beta...

Thanks for the review

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Review #15, by Zacharias_Smith From Tom Boy to Book Worm

14th July 2007:
This was really cute and sweet, I love how Ron made Hermione the girl she is, it's so perfect and romantic. Only thing is, there are a LOT of spelling/grammar/punctuation mistakes in this story, which make it difficult to read and take away from the style of the fic, which is a shame, as it is a great story!

Author's Response:
Thanks I'm glad you loved the content of this fic even if my cobbling together of the English language made you feel like you were decoding another language.

I will beta this story at some point. I do love it so...

Thanks for the review

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Review #16, by Prince Of Darkness From Tom Boy to Book Worm

26th June 2007:
Urgh, tweenagers. This story is written with a great attention to detail and is much the better for it. Hermione is believable and the represantation of the Granger family is realistic.

Author's Response:
Urgh tweenagers is exactly Hermione's view.

This story helped me to explain why Ron's comment on Halloween hurt her so much and why she is who she is...

Thanks for the review... as a fan and writer it's encouraging to know when a character is realistic and belieable...

(Breaths sigh of relief and smiles like an loon)

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Review #17, by Might Have Ben Hur From Tom Boy to Book Worm

18th June 2007:
That was a really different take on Hermione. It made sense though, even if it was a little fairy tale-esque. I really enjoy your stories and I promise to eventually read your longer one... some day. Like I said, I'm a wee bit ADD and stories over three chapters blow my mind. ;-)

Author's Response:
Unfort Vicky is total cannon for book 4... bt now I've read for human chacterization of Victor I will take that into account when writing him again...

I love this version of the Ball though abd am still amazed it only took an afternoon to write...

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Review #18, by rosai_gryffindor From Tom Boy to Book Worm

18th June 2007:
ahhh thats really sweet! i liked this story, it was a nice idea that hermione became the hermione she is because of meeting ron that first time. great job, you are a very good writer! :)

Author's Response:
ahhh thanks thats really nice of you... I'm sure I'm only a good writer because God blessed me with the talent (nothing to do with me) and I've been inspired by so many good writers on this site; like you (I love A Peaceful Summer by the way) MeNuncle, Drunk Elves, Elle Winters, Snitchsita etc

It's an idea I got from reading something my Dr Who mad friend wrote...

She seems the Tomboy type...

Thanks for the review

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Review #19, by HermyJane From Tom Boy to Book Worm

17th June 2007:
Hmm. It was a cute story. Maybe it's because it's before we even met Hermione, but I felt like I was reading from the point of view of an OC. I doubt Hermione was such a tomboy, or that a single moment would change almost everything she is. Remember that she's eleven; I doubt she's hit puberty quite yet and that she would feel so much for a stranger. All in all, though, I liked it. It was cute and very fluffy. Keep writing!

Author's Response:
Thanks for such an honest review... actually Hermione date of birth is 19th September so she was nearly 12 the summer before Philosoher's Stone.

So I felt it was likely that she would notice Ron as a boy with amazing eyes...

And I didn't mean for it to appear that she liked him liked him... Just that there was a seed of liking... It was that she realised she was a girl and that was ok...

And she wanted to be his friend... explain why Ron's friendless comment hurt her so much...

and that she realised because she was muggle born she might have to work harder...

All in all, I agree with you, I like it as well!

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Review #20, by Unicorn Girl From Tom Boy to Book Worm

16th June 2007:
aw.that was the sweetest, best fanfiction I ever read about Hermione being a kid. She's great and it sounded so canon. Great fic!


Author's Response:
Thanks... (she says smiling ear to ear) I love this fic too... To me Hermione does display Tomboy like behaviour so it made sense...

And you saying it sounds like cannon means so much... Cheers

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Review #21, by Sudha53 From Tom Boy to Book Worm

1st June 2007:
awww, how very cute. I really like this, and I actually agree a lot, because I always thought that you have to have some sort of motivational factor in order to want to do anything in life, and hahaha, i think mine are usually boys. I never used to practice the piano ever until I met someone in 8th grade who was sooo good at piano that I looked up to him, and I wanted to be just like him so he'd maybe like me too. And so I actually practiced really hard, and even though it didn't completely work out the way i wanted it to, I ended up singing as lead in the musical with him accompanying me, so i guess something worked! :) oh, enough of my lifestory. I get carried away a bit.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that in your other story i already reviewed, I really liked all of Hermione's arguments. It was so natural, but she finally put her heart out there. I really loved it!

Author's Response: I glad you like this one and my other one... nice life story anyway you could use it! Ron and Hermione's prob is that niether think they're good enough for the other.

As for Hermione and her arguements in Seamus' Day Out - she's kept it in for so long it had to be like that...

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Review #22, by MeNuncle From Tom Boy to Book Worm

1st June 2007:
I Love it- short, sweet, too the point and FANTASTIC! Love it- thanks for my reviews.

Author's Response: Ur welcome dude and I'm glad you like it...

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Review #23, by magical words From Tom Boy to Book Worm

17th May 2007:
That was good. There were a few grammatical/spelling mistakes (I'm a major grammar/spelling freak), but overall it was good. There's a possiblity that it should be longer in order for you to explain the before-meeting-Ron Hermione, but you don't really need to do so.

Good job! Keep it up!

Author's Response: O I realised that I forgot a few chapters after it was posted but I promise to update and it will tie in to my main story 'From Summer to Battle: A story of LoVe' but not for a good few chapters yet.

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Review #24, by EternalGold394 From Tom Boy to Book Worm

15th May 2007:
Cute story, i liked it alot. Fits in with everything really well. I can just picture Hermione as a tom boy. HA.

Author's Response: I love that Hermione displays tomboy like qualities and who's the one person who could change her? Glad you liked it...

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