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Review #1, by Rachel Prologue

28th March 2009:
hey whats happened to the other chapters? you said you were going to write it but tht was a couple of years ago? :(

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Review #2, by Gryf_Queen Prologue

14th April 2008:
Good start. A little confusing but good none the less. Are you going to say why Dumbledore sent her to the future?? And Why she comes back? And does James and the other marauders remember her?? Keep Updating! Again good start!

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Review #3, by kitty Prologue

27th February 2008:
cool story! NO criticism needed. anway when are you gonna update the next chapter? i think you have a veary intresting idea.

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Review #4, by hprwhggw_hogwarts Prologue

23rd November 2007:
i hope she's going to be alright. love it.

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Review #5, by midnightwolf2192 Prologue

8th October 2007:
please update soon.

it is an original idea so it is good. I like it that she was James sister, it is something different as i said.

please update soon.


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Review #6, by FallingApart Prologue

31st July 2007:
what happened to wormtail and Lily?, and Jamie-lyn talks way tooo much try to let everyone else talk that would make it more interesting

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Review #7, by chessscout Prologue

28th June 2007:
defidently intreaging, needs more meat though.

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Review #8, by Kyrra Prologue

19th June 2007:
interesting story so far, exicited to read more!

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Review #9, by Restricted_beauty Prologue

30th May 2007:
Are you, like, mad? Remus doesn't tell them that he's a werewolf stright away! He needs to them earn their trust. In the orginal books he didn't tell them because he was too proud, they found out themselfes. It's cool that they can control elements, but please make it more relistic, and less grammar/spelling mistakes.

Need a BETA, E-mail:
She's quite good, and kind.

P.S: Can you make your chapters longer? Your maths is correct, but they're not 10 years old- they're 11. =D

6/10, not bad.

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Review #10, by beastboysgirl12 Prologue

29th May 2007:
next chapter! please!

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Review #11, by Nami Prologue

15th May 2007:
Yeah.. I have to go with the other reviews. Your characters are a bit Mary-Sue ish and there is NO WAY Remus would ever tell people his secret the second he met them. But the plot of the story seems really good! Definitely unique.

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Review #12, by LadyCatherine Prologue

15th May 2007:
Your characters are a little Mary-Sue-ish. But this could be sorted out easily, i guess. And I also don't see how Remus and jamie-Lynn would have trusted the others that quickly.

However, I think it seems like an alright idea, being James' sister and all... I quite like that.


P.S. Try Simple Yet Confusing for a banner, she'll be happy to help.xx

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Review #13, by Tahlia. Prologue

15th May 2007:
Your characters are Mary-Sues. I'm sure a bit of tweaking can get them to be a bit more believable, but I'm afraid they really are ANNOYING.

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