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Review #1, by theblacksisters Finale

31st October 2013:
Is there a sequel to this, also without a happy ending? I there isn't, please write one.

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Review #2, by Domina de Orbis Finale

21st February 2010:
Nice alternative to the happy ending that I knew The Deathly Hallows would have! Are you going to continue on with Voldemort taking over the world? I hope you do.

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Review #3, by cousins9021094 Finale

12th December 2007:
i am literly in tears right now it was soo sad i liked it tough and do i sence a little love between nevile and ginny?

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Review #4, by hp101 Finale

30th October 2007:
this is so makes me want to cry.(awsome job though)

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Review #5, by potteyfan Finale

21st October 2007:
that was GREAT you even made me cry and i don't cry for books i also read for good

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Review #6, by BatSEnecal Finale

15th August 2007:
That was a sad bit of writing, wasn't it? You kind of want to know what happens to Ginny and the rest of the world after this. But that was well written. There were a few minor grammar errors, but there weren't enough to disrupt the flow of the story. It was excellent though. I was close to tears myself. 10/10

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Review #7, by morgana67 Finale

13th August 2007:
Is this the story with Godric Hollow? Anyway, it was very nice but sad. I'm doing something similar in my story, only Harry and Ginny have a baby, so he sort of lives on... I thought about killing off Ron as well but in the end I didn't have the heart. Neville, yes, I thought he may have feelings for her and he is a good person, the trouble is that Harry would be too much of a powerful memory. Now, why do silly Ginny not tell him that she loved him? I could have killed her! Also I didn't understand the end, why was he wicked or are you referring to Voldemort, is he dead? Maybe I have missed something, but very good anyway.

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Review #8, by megwinsor Finale

6th July 2007:
tear.:'( v.sad. happy endings are good, thought

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Review #9, by HrXd Finale

6th July 2007:
I like the beginning the action description was amazing, and you seemed to really get into character. I like the fact that you involved Ginny into the final battle. I think that this has to be one of the best battle scenes that I have read. I can’t believe that Harry died, why? It is all so sad to think about. Ohh my god I loved the sacrifice that Ron made to save his sister that was just amazing. I cried for both of them because you made the emotion spread through the story so easily. I loved the ending nicely done.

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Review #10, by ginny_weasley_54 Finale

28th June 2007:
wow. i cryed. i always do. oh well. i loved this story. it was amazing.

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Review #11, by harry_and_ginny_4ever Finale

27th June 2007:
oh man! your right! this did not have a happy ending! i was bawling my eyes out! you rock as a writer!

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Review #12, by kyrandia Finale

21st May 2007:
so sad but good

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Review #13, by potterprincess Finale

16th May 2007:
WHY!?!?!?! HARRY AND RON!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?

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Review #14, by the know it all Finale

14th May 2007:
amaazing!!! :D I loooved it! :D I cried...a little!!! lol, but it was so sad! I think you wrote the memory parts of Harry and Ginny really well, and the reactions of everyone...only question: Dumbledore. I can't remember For Good that well, so yeah! Once again, AWESOME story, *pops into favorites and rates a 10/10*


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Review #15, by inabena57 Finale

14th May 2007:
awww that was really sad!!! iread the other stories and i especiallt love the time trave' ones anywhoo you've got a great writing style really awesome story!! 100/100**

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Review #16, by ILoveLost1888 Finale

6th May 2007:
Hi!! I love it. It is me again. I have review most of ur storys??? She smiled, even if it was only half a smile it was the only smiling she had in a week. She responded, "Thank you. I'll need it." What she did'nt know, was that when Neville said, that, meant when she was ready to move on he wolud be there as Harry had been there for her. Bye Jackie. 100-100!!! hugs kiss

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