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Reading Reviews for Cruelty
14 Reviews Found

Review #1, by luvjamesnoliver Only Chapter

22nd October 2008:
This is really a wonderful story. Whenever we think of Bellatrix we think of a crazy woman who has not heart, but this fic makes us realize she couldn't have always been like that. At one point in time she was more human like and like the rest of us she changed as time changed her.
You did a wonderful job showing the human side of Bella, expressing how she hid her fears in the way she acted.
Beautiful story that pulls at your heart.

Author's Response: Bellatrix is a fun character to write about. Her possibilites are endless as how she became so deranged. Thanks girl.

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Review #2, by mj2004_3 Only Chapter

17th August 2007:
I was just brought to tears by that piece. 10/10.

Author's Response: Aww I didn't mean to make you cry...*hands tissue over*.

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Review #3, by Snitchsista Only Chapter

13th August 2007:
You know, you really remind me of when I was sixteen, Lindsey! I don't know why, it's just, I had such a love of words like you do, and what an obsession. (Coughs, although I still do!) Anywhatsnot, this was amazing too. Bellatrix Lestrange is one of my favourite characters to write, and you gave her a conscience and- wow. I loved those last lines. 'One sadistic event after another strung together like a movie reel.' You really gave her a character, and you write abuse with such confidence. I could never do anything like that!




Author's Response: Seriously? Aww...thanks, Rach. Too bad I'm not sixteen yet...almost there though! ;]

*blushes* I love Bellatrix. She was a wonder to write. She basically wrote herself and I just loved giving her another side. *blushes* The abuse was really hard to get just straight with the ToS, but I'm glad I did it justice. *blushes profusely*

*tackle hugs*
xx Lindsey

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Review #4, by MajiKat Only Chapter

30th June 2007:
that was lovely. so terribly sad. i have never written a bella fic because i have no idea where to begin with her. i thought you did a marvellous job showing a softer, more vulnerable and more human side to a character who is generaly so malicious. having her grieve over her actions only increased the humanity you showed, and i really liked the inclusion of the flashback to alice at hogwarts. that was a nice touch.

three stories i have read of yours tonight and they are all sad :( but thats okay - i like emotional pieces, as you may have guessed!

love Kate xx

Author's Response: Aww well Bellatrix has always been a symapthic character of mine even though she killed Sirius. She's a personal favorite and I have written quite a few sad pieces. Emotional as well.

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Review #5, by PearloftheOcean Only Chapter

13th May 2007:
Woah...That's amazing Lindsey! Once again, m'dear you have left me utterly speechless! Honestly, that is just wow! I never thought of reading something like this, but you my friend, have converted me! It's just so deep and meaningful, so different to the cutesy, pointless stuff I usually read!

You portrayed Bella's character so spectacularly and really showed us the emotional side of her! I'm really proud of you hun! Well done! Fantastic work! You really are on a role with these beautiful stories, aren't you?! Seriously, this is just way beyond awesome! Keep it going! :D I really am so proud of you! I wish I could have even a small dose of your amazing talent! *pouts* Once again, brilliant writing!
Love Your humble fan,

Author's Response: *BLUSHES* Awwwww Sonia. You are so wonderful. I'm so glad you enjoyed and I really enjoy the deep stuff from time to time. It really makes my dear, I promise.

I'm really glad you enjoyed...I love the deep, sad stories, love. You gotta love them, eh? *BLUSHES* OH PLEASE? Me? Talented? Pish-posh, that would be you with the "amazing" talent, my love. Aww I love you so much, Sonia. Thanks, love for the most perfect review :D.

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Review #6, by presi Only Chapter

9th May 2007:
ummm, wow that is sooo depresive, but soo true for so many women in this world. I dont know how they can take it, but if her life was trully like that, it explains why she is soo cold heardit, person now. Makes me feel sorry for her. Once again an amazing story, true sad, but emotional. Its perfect.


Author's Response: I know that is true. My aunt was in this situation before she died and its really hard for woman to go thru this. It does harden thier heart. I'm so touched that you felt for her. Thanks, Mel!

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Review #7, by Rose Only Chapter

9th May 2007:
i just read it again, and discovered hpow truly beatiful it really is, and how i had missed some lil things when i first read it!
I am so proud of people who can write so well!!
I dont know what else to say.

you write so well that u could get some of the things published so easily!


Author's Response: Aww wow...*blushes*. Rose, you are seriously too nice to me. You are so sweet, and I don't know about getting published, but thank you so so much. You've made me red as a tomato as well as putting a huge smile on my face.: D

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Review #8, by Redheads_4ever Only Chapter

7th May 2007:
Oh man that was neat. I've never really read anything like this. It was a very neat characterization of Bellatrix that showed a different side of her. Needless to say, I loved it darling :) Very awesome! Way to go! You rock, you know that right? :) -Allison

Author's Response: Aww I'm really glad you enjoyed. Aww..*blushes*. I'm not really that awesome, but I'm glad you loved it so much :D.

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Review #9, by a_shooting_star Only Chapter

7th May 2007:
I've read this about three times now and I'm still not sure what to say in a review. It was amazing, Lindsey. Truly wonderful. I'm sorry that I didn't get here before (my e-mail will explain why :P) and well, I'm still not sure what to say.

I love Bella's character in this. So, I stood at a crossroads yet again in my life: betray my flesh and blood and live or betray the darkest wizard of all time and die - Beautiful line :] I really liked it.
He demanded perfection and whatever he wanted. But these tender moments…these were the moments I lived for - This was the line when I really began to feel for Bella.

It was really beautifully written, although I wouldnt expect anything different from you :P I'm sorry this review wasn't longer but you left me speechless! 10/10, of course :D Love you! x

Author's Response: Aww thanks, Steffy. It's fine, baby girl. I'm just glad you liked it.

I'm so glad you liked Bella. I really worked hard on this. I've always felt that Bella had reasons to why she was so evil, vindictive. You are really supposed to feel for her

Aww...*blushes* Thanks, love. You always know how to put a smile on my face.

Love you more!

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Review #10, by rose Only Chapter

7th May 2007:
*sitting staring at my pc*
*bursts into tears*
*calms down a lil*
OMG!!! i have no words..it's just...i dont know, so amazing.so well written, uptill now i just thought of bella as an unfeeling phsycic person.but i'm having second thoughts, sometimes i just hope tht some of the things u write could be the real part of the actual story, it's just so good!!!
I try not to read too many sad stories, it makes me so depressed and makes me realize.never mind.
thanku so much!

[ :) ]

i'dd give u an 11/10 !!

Author's Response: Aww babe, I'm sorry. Wow, thanks. You are just too nice for words. Aww glad you liked love. *blushes* Wow thanks for the most wonderful review.

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Review #11, by Redheads_sis Only Chapter

6th May 2007:
That was amazing! I've never read anything quite like that. It makes you wonder if there really is more to those Slytherins than what meets the eye. Once again, great job!

Author's Response: Aww thanks, Caitlin. you are so sweet and I tried to portray that. Glad it came across like that. Thanks love!
Lindsey xox

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Review #12, by Diandra Only Chapter

5th May 2007:
Wow, that was extremely beautiful! Very nice, I loved it...10/10!


Author's Response: Wow, thanks Diandra. *blushes*

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Review #13, by SereneChaos Only Chapter

5th May 2007:
That was wonderful. Absoluetely wonderful. I love how you give Bella a bit of guilt, and how you reminded us that she was still human after all. These are really the best kind of stories to read, I think, because usually people don't think of that. And I like how you gave us a bit of insight into her relationship with Rudolphus, it's very sad. But throughout beautifully written.

Author's Response: Aww thanks, SereneChaos. I'm really glad you enjoyed it. Wow, thanks love. *blushes* You review just made my day!
Lindsey xox

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Review #14, by dreamseeker Only Chapter

5th May 2007:
Wow, that was really good. And I really enjoyed it. Well done!

Author's Response: Aww thanks, dreamseeker. I'm really glad you enjoyed it ^_^.

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