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Review #1, by Kimberlee Jane The Party

15th October 2012:
It took me about a week but I finally finished to the very end of the last update. I was so upset because now I have to wait for updates but hopefully it'll be worth it. This story is so good!!! What mainly drew me in was the fact that Draco is staying true to his original character. I tried reading other fan fictions with romance, and Draco. It just got wrong!! Draco went all soft & he was NOT himself. It wasn't like something I would read in a HP book & I didn't like that. But this... minus all the war & Voldemort is something I would find in a HP book & I LOVE THAT. It's also so emotional! I was literally bawling my eyes out when Sia almost got raped & I had to stop reading for like 30 minutes after that chapter! It really drained my emotions & it made me feel as if I was a part of the story. I was upset, but I secretly loved that just a story can make me feel that way. It's just the simple power of words. Ugh, I love it. I am secretly rooting for a Hermione/Draco Sia/Harry relationship but hey the magic is in your hands ! I do realize Draco & Sia have a lot of chemistry when they're around each other but if that's all just physical then what's the point.. I do really love Harry & Sia together that would be adorable & Hermione is changing Draco for the better.. Why do you think he hears her voice in his heads? He longs for her & doesn't know it...

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Review #2, by Ava The Party

13th April 2011:
I absolutely love it! Every single bit!! PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE!!! =) xo

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Review #3, by XoXoSelenexOxO The Party

20th May 2010:
I jus read all of ur chapters and i hafta to say...WOW!
j'aime beaucoup!C'est tres magnifique!!!
Please, please, please wite more!!!
Merci beaucoup,

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Review #4, by Norwegian Wood The Party

27th July 2009:
Oh my God! This was a good chapter! Loved the ending. Wonder what Sia is goin't to do to Draco now! And I like the fact that he didn't exploit Blaise's girlfriend. How I adore this story!

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Review #5, by Norwegian Wood Living and Dying

27th July 2009:
Well, I've decided to review as much as I can. I enjoyed reading this chapter. Quidditch is always fun reading about, and especially this game, since there was a bet and all. Glad Draco won. I just couldn't imagine how he could rise after such a big downfall serving the Golden Trio :P Wondering how Hermione will cope, though. And I'm mad with Sia. Can't she just decide? Argh! Very well; I'll finish with this: you are very good at writing, and I'm practically starving for the next chapter! ;)

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Review #6, by Norwegian Wood Beyond Bloodthirsty Wizards

27th July 2009:
Gosh, I love this story! I haven't reviewed before (please forgive me?) because I've been so consumed with the story! The way you capture all of the characters and make them come alive is amazing. You create emotions and action all at once, and not everybody can do that, you know.
I specially love the character of Draco Malfoy and his inner thoughts and intentions. You make so many feelings come alive, that I'm on the verge of exploding! Just so you know xD
Your french is ok, btw :P Talking about language; please forgive me for my lousy english!

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Review #7, by Sad The Party

12th February 2009:
Dracooo No!! You do such a good job of exposing a smidge of his soft side, but maintaining his jerk persona!

Author's Response: Lol. Thanks so much. Well, he was a jerk in canon, so he can't stop being a jerk overnight, but I have to soften him up to make him a hero. But somehow I don't think any amount of softness can totally replace his jerk persona. :-)

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Review #8, by Emily The Party

8th February 2009:
I seriously NEED the next chapter!! I can't wait to see what happens!

Author's Response: You don't know what you have just done, seriously! That one word, NEED, it has got me so excited I want to write right now and I can't, not right away, anyway, and I'm miserable because of it. Now I just have to write, I know it! *squishes you*

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Review #9, by scandalous_kisses The Party

1st February 2009:
I absolutely love this story. Please keep writing.

Author's Response: Thank you, honey! I will! *hugs you*

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Review #10, by :) The Party

28th January 2009:
Reallly awesome story!! Your doing a really wonderful job!! I cant wait to see (well read) Sia's reaction to hearing all that! Keep up the great work!:) I also love how sia calls Hermione HG.
p.s. Just out of curiosity how exactly do you prenounce Sia's last name?

Author's Response: Aww, thanks honey. You should see the smile on my face after reading your review. :-)
Its pronounced as rice-ing, with negligible stress on the last g. *squishes*

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Review #11, by Mary Emma Granger The Party

25th January 2009:
Ooh the evil!! I love it, I hate it, it's great!! I just want more DM/HG and then I'll be happier!! ILOVE THIS STORY!!

Author's Response: This love/hate thing that you said, well, it just made my day! Trust me honey, this statement just summarises all the main characters of the story. Very soon, you won't know whether to love or to hate. And we'll get there, don't worry. To DM/HG too. Thanks for making my day.:-)

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Review #12, by anonymous The Party

25th January 2009:
i'll review your story a thousand times if i have to, but you HAVE to speed up the uploads :(

too long between updates D;

Author's Response: Mea culpa. Yeah, I know...but this was a real doozer of a writer's block. I really can't promise about the future, but trust me, I love this story too much to abandon it. But I'll definitely try not to take quite so much time...frankly, this last was shameful. *hangs head* Thanks for staying with me.

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Review #13, by Mehrunnisa The Party

21st January 2009:
Again I say... AMAZING STORY!
Happy birthday! The chapter really was worth the wait :P

Author's Response: Thank you, honey. :-) And I'm so glad you enjoyed the chapter too, and have liked the story so far. *squishes*

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Review #14, by Mehrunnisa Living and Dying

17th January 2009:
plz update soon!
great cliffhanger, cant wait until you post the next chapter

Author's Response: Thanks so much! And you don't have long to wait as the next chapter is in queue. :-)

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Review #15, by Jane Evil No, Wicked Yes

16th January 2009:
I really like this story, on of my favorites on this site...I really like how you personified Blaise, as an equal to Draco. Really well done...when can I expect more please?

Author's Response: Thank you, honey. Yes, Blaise is an interesting character and he is Draco's equal. The only thing, as he realizes, that sets them on a different plane is Draco's family name. There will be a lot of Blaise to come, and the next chapter is in queue.

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Review #16, by Jane Evil No, Wicked Yes

16th January 2009:
I really like this story, on of my favorites on this site...I really like how you personified Blaise, as an equal to Draco. Really well done...when can I expect more please?

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Review #17, by Mary Emma Granger Living and Dying

23rd December 2008:
AH! WHY! WHY! Why must it end so soon!? The horror, the horror!! No!!

Author's Response: Ah, the next chapter wasn't ready by the time the queue closed, but when it reopens on 4th Jan (my b'day, by the way), I will have the next chapter ready. Have a very Happy New Year!

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Review #18, by Mary Emma Granger Beyond Bloodthirsty Wizards

23rd December 2008:
I love it. This whole story has me hooked.

Author's Response: Thanx honey! *hugs you*

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Review #19, by Mary Emma Granger The Unhappy Three

21st October 2008:
That was great. I've been trying to get through this chapter for almost a month but it was worth it.

Author's Response: 8-O A month? I just hope you were simply busy and the chapter wasn't that, well, you know, trying, lol. I love this chapter too, so thanks for liking it and letting me know. :-)

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Review #20, by little miss bumface Living and Dying

15th October 2008:
i LOVE this story, seriously. I can't get enough of it. Please hurry up and write some more I want to know what happens to Sia and Malfoy

Author's Response: Thank you, honey. I will definitely write more soon. Its just that the past 20 days have been really something and I've been left panting with overworking myself. If that makes sense...gosh, I need rest.
Anyways, thanks. :-) I'll be writing again n updating soon.

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Review #21, by insider Living and Dying

6th October 2008:
This was hilarious. Trust Hermione to not know how the boys will take the word "broom" :P And I loved how Sia brought her green designer glasses. The guys mimicking Ron in asking Sia to show them her knickers was also really funny.

It's Chapter 27, and I'll be honest, I still don't know what pairings you have in store for us. There seems to be Draco/Sia, Draco/Hermione, Draco/Pansy, Harry/Sia, Harry/Ginny and Ron/Hermione. It's hard to choose the one I like best, but I just wish you'd give us some insight already :P

Author's Response: Thanx love. I enjoyed writing this one too. Since there was no action in the game, there had to be some on the ground.
As for pairing...well...maybe we could discuss it in my Meet The Author corner at the Forums?
Thanks specially for leaving a review for every chapter you read! Ever since the server went wonky and ate up reviews, I've been moping. But thanks to you, I'm sporting the silliest big smile you could come across!

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Review #22, by insider Beyond Bloodthirsty Wizards

6th October 2008:
Lol, Harry/Draco! I'd love to see a little of that here ;)

Author's Response: I know! So would I! Sadly, not in this story. But I just couldn't resist it. ;-)

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Review #23, by insider The Unhappy Three

6th October 2008:
This chapter was plain brilliant :) Terry is a downright idiot, so I can see why Sia didn't fall for him. Blaise, though...I don't know, I think I actually like Blaise that I've seen things from his point of view. And I've even come to pity Pansy a little.

Author's Response: FINALLY! Someone sees the utter brilliance of this chapter! lol. But seriously, eventhough I thought I had surpassed myself in writing it, most of my readers were disappointed with it as its not directly related to the story. I can understand their concern, but its still pretty important, I feel. Thanks for agreeing with me. :-)

Yep, from his point of view, Blaise is pretty understandable. So is Pansy. Terry is right in his own way too; he has sensed that Sia is merely pretending with him, and he doesnt like it. Nobody would, I guess. But thanks again for liking this chapter.

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Review #24, by insider Of Friends and Friendships

6th October 2008:
Ha, if only Ginny knew! I don't really like her in this story, tbh. But I guess I've to cut her some slack. She's just worried about her relationship, after all.

It's been a long time since I've reviewed, but then again, it's been a long time since I've revisited this community at all! This is the first fic I'm picking up from, and it's absolutely wonderful :)

Author's Response: Ah, long time no see! :-) How have you been? And I'm so thankful you're reviewing again.
Ginny...well, you're right...she's worried and insecure. It can't be easy dating the Chosen One, after all. She knows that now that Harry is popular again, every girl in the wizarding world will want to be with him and she's just worried that in the end, Harry might decide he needs something more. I'd pity her...for now. ;-) I am so wicked! lol.

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Review #25, by Jash Living and Dying

5th October 2008:
Ahhh I love this story I really do love Sia and Draco! Have you ever heard of the singer Sia? Really good. Really awsome chapter! LOVE iT!

Author's Response: Why, thank you! And I love Draco n Sia too. A bit narcissistic of me, but wtf! lol. I heard abt Sia the singer when I was at about chapter 20 or something, and I havent heard her yet. Maybe I will, once I find some more time. Thanx again for reviewing. :-)

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