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Review #1, by Agrees with Tom. 3 Beers and my Wife is Killing Me!!

15th August 2011:
Why'd you even bother to post it, in all honesty? Your grammar is crap, your plot is non-existent, your sexual references are constantly misspelled and ludicrous, and your desperate attempts at jokes would be overshadowed by the overall tackiness of the story if they were good; they stand no possible chance whatsoever at making someone smile given their actual quality. Kkthxbye.

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Review #2, by MichaelTurpin 3 Beers and my Wife is Killing Me!!

9th November 2010:
That was totally * with my brain. All the time, I kept wondering if there was any meaning to it that I was supposed to find. I guess there may be people who enjoy reading this, but it's nothing for me. Still, thumbs up for naming a character "Potzer", and for unrivaled randomness.

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Review #3, by Tommy Cap 

11th November 2007:
Bonafide blockbuster...audacious, erotic, sometimes beautiful, and always unforgettable...A magnificent, compulsively readable thriller...Beautifully frightening, sensuous, and utterly unnerving...

All of which have nothing to do with what you wrote. Those were reviews to Anne Rice's Interview With a Vampire. Your story sucked. Seriously. Midway through reading it I realized that I have no purpose in life anymore. I am just a lost soul, reading horrid fan fiction stories that have absolutely no discernible plot. Excuse me, I am going to listen to my Cure album and cry myself to sleep.

Author's Response: I'm still trying to figure out whether or not this is a joke. I understood the Anne Rice knock (which really hurt because I was at least going for The Feast of All Saints), but the Cure album bit was just confusing. Sarcasm on the internet is the worst kind of snarkiness. What makes it worse is knowing Cap won't be responding to this. Oh well, I guess it'll remain a mystery. Also, it took you HALF the story to realize it was bad?! That should take you three sentences, in the least.

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Review #4, by SouthoftheHB Blanking in the Blank Hole

11th November 2007:
just because you have, forgive my wording "mad fanfic writin' skillz."
it's been a while since i've read something so good.

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks.

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Review #5, by SouthoftheHB 3 Beers and my Wife is Killing Me!!

10th November 2007:
umm...i love you. is that ok?

Author's Response: That's fine. I need a reason, though.

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Review #6, by Smiling Ghost The Golden Rule Can Park It's Tuccus On this Mid Diget and Swivel Until it Squeals like a Pig on a Honeymoon

11th September 2007:
um ok then...slightly weird title but very, very funny story!

Author's Response: Thank you, very much. I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds it somewhat amusing.

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Review #7, by Smiling Ghost White People Dancing

11th September 2007:
You've redone the chapters?

Author's Response: What did I change? I can't remember.

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Review #8, by Lynn_Jenny 3 Beers and my Wife is Killing Me!!

4th August 2007:
Jenny: Hey, my mum and dad live in the United States, stop hatin' on the states! I love America, and I don't even live there. anyways, this story is really confusing and random, but I guess I will keep reading just because I'm totally bored. And... keep up the good work, eh.

Lynn: Happy Birthday.

Author's Response: I live in the states, just so you know.

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Review #9, by rup4ever Art is Boring!!

6th July 2007:
i love how you have really randon names for your chapters its funny but cant wait to read more !!!

Author's Response: I wish I could respond to all of your reviews, but let me just say this: Thank you very very very very much!! I will be submitting more, soon, but I'm at away from my othercomputer at the moment.

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Review #10, by Smiling Ghost Male Pattern Baldness

29th June 2007:
lol, this is awesome! Please for the love of bloody god write more! And saddly, you have NO idea how similar Potzer is to my friend Upton...sad little child man that he is...whatever, his adventures aren't meant for your comment box. Quite a lovely pattern by the way. Hilarious writing! No more breathing, just typing!
lol love you lots even though i've never met you...ok, these characters are really brilliant in my defense

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! I I do believe the fifth chapter is being validated, and I'm still writing the 5th and 6th against my will. So, I'm glad you enjoy them.

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Review #11, by ginny_malfoy22 Who needs toothpaste?

1st June 2007:
Update soon! This sort of craziness does me good!

Author's Response: I'm glad. Thank you, alot.

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Review #12, by ginny_malfoy22 Blanking in the Blank Hole

29th May 2007:
Okay, I've read the previous three, and I have to say this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, but I like it, because I like things that don't make sense :)

Author's Response: That's funny, since I can say the same thing about this review.

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Review #13, by Amy_one less 3 Beers and my Wife is Killing Me!!

14th May 2007:
I thought it was funny. Since I am a watcher of Scrubs I love the connection cant wait to read more!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you, very much. I'm glad to see a review so early on, and I thank you.

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