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Review #1, by SilverPatronus Harbology Ruins Everything!

16th January 2014:
Keep writing!

i feel its missing some action..

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Review #2, by marieluz 

24th May 2008:
great chapter!!!

good plan, james!!!

Author's Response: haha!! ^_-

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Review #3, by marieluz Sticky Beginnings

24th May 2008:


Author's Response: thanks huun ^_^

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Review #4, by LuckySeven 

22nd May 2008:
good writing! keep updating!

Author's Response: thanks hun ^_^

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Review #5, by LuckySeven Sticky Beginnings

22nd May 2008:
haha omg im still laughing this is great! good job!

Author's Response: LOL, i'm glad you liked it luckyseven ^_^
chapters 3, 4 and 5 are in the works =D

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Review #6, by Cassidy Black Sticky Beginnings

11th December 2007:
Hehe.I had to check this story out. I loved it, Lily sounds like someone, i just cannot put a finger at it. 9/10!
cannot wait for more tannie...

Author's Response: Hey Cass, Spank yas Darl'
I want to finish all the chapter in this story before I post them, I've only done five so far. Several more to go! =D
ciao hun

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Review #7, by ssb Sticky Beginnings

9th September 2007:
Amazing start, I really love this story! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: aww! hey there! thanks, i know its taken me a while to update, and people have probably wondered whats happened, but i have finished four chapters of this story. so i just need to edit and post it up! ^_^ thanks for the review ssb

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Review #8, by Moon Princess Sticky Beginnings

25th August 2007:
Original Idea, Wonderful Idea!! Good going!!! Great man, really great :D

Author's Response: HAHAHA!! hey honey, yeah thanks a bunch for that finally came out of the darkness with this fic, so glad i got things on track again with KME.

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Review #9, by perfect_lily Sticky Beginnings

4th July 2007:
Please update soon and PLEASE DON'T abandon this, I beg you! I really like!

Author's Response: Oh dont worry love! i will not abandon ANY of my stories!
chapter two has already been written. theres just the matter of editing and posting it up ^_^


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Review #10, by Thaer Sticky Beginnings

19th June 2007:
Wow thats all i can say, i mean i really felt the words, the discriptions of the charecters were imprinted within the story, i love it! i felt like as if i was starting to read from the book it self, i mean you have a great way in describing the scenes, charecters, and the action.I love this story and i sure cant wait for the next chapter so please when your done just tell me i would love to have a look,I mean your a natural in this kind of storie i hope that i manage to read the other following chapters, but this was the first story i read thats done by you and i already am going insane your really pulled it off with the emotion it was funny and also you hit the thrilling part,I hope you started the second chapter,Thanks for telling me about it, i appreciate it, i enjoyed reading it and i am sure i will enjoy the other stories just as much.

P.S: i hope i am being clear here cause your story shined like a diamond thank you, i was being honest i liked it very much and i will be watching your stories from now onwards for any updates.

with best regards,


Author's Response: aww!!! Thaer, you're so damn sweet hunny!!
I miss you like hell!! thanks so much for the review, i will update as soon as i can, i promise!!! i'm glad you enjoyed this story! ^_^

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Review #11, by LilyMaria Sticky Beginnings

16th May 2007:
HA! This is hilarious! I love it so far! This is so great! I'm so adding this to my favs. Do u need a banner? if so,i'd be happy to make one for u!
-much love-

Author's Response: aww thanks^_^ i was waiting for someone to say it was hilarious=D
about the banner, i've already asked someone, but if she doesnt reply within several days, i'll email you ^_^
thanks alot for the offer!

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Review #12, by RupertsPheonix Sticky Beginnings

16th May 2007:
Good first chapter! Interesting... I'd like to see where this goes! Update soon? =) --RP

Author's Response: lol, i'll try and write something this weekend! ^.^
thanks a bunch for the review=D

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Review #13, by Divine_Till_Night Sticky Beginnings

12th May 2007:
Love it!! Update soon,Kay? U r really good! I'd luv to read more. 10/10 ~Ginny~

Author's Response: aww thanks for the 10, i didnt think the first chapter would actually recieve a 10! thanks a bunch, i'll try and update as soon as i can =D

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Review #14, by Ariel_ann Sticky Beginnings

12th May 2007:
The story looks promising!! Write more soon

Author's Response: thanks, i'll try and write as fast as I can =D

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Review #15, by faithful_reader Sticky Beginnings

12th May 2007:
This was a fantastic first chapter! At first I thought that they were running from a very smelly Peter or playing hide and seek, boy was I surprised when it wasn't. I can't wait to read and find out what happens next.

Author's Response: hahaha "a very smelly Peter" *wipes out tears in eyes* im glad you enjoyed the first chapter! i didnt think it was good enough, i was actually having doubts putting it up. but now i know it was worth while^-^
thanks alot

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Review #16, by Green_Tissue_Box Sticky Beginnings

11th May 2007:
That was really good. Your story has great description. Make sure you don't double up on a couple of your words. Great plot too!!

Author's Response: im glad you liked my descriptions and my plot so far! =D
sorry about the double up but when the excitement of writing takes over,thats what happens =p

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