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Review #1, by Gryffin_Duck One Night Only

22nd December 2010:
MERRY CHRISTMAS LEE! This is the first of many reviews from me, your TGS Secret Santa!

This is the very first Harry/Hermione story that I've ever read, because I really quite dislike the ship. But, I did like this song fic! The idea of Hermione being in love with both Harry and Ron, yet marrying Ron because it's expected of her is just so sad. You made it so clear that she loves both of them in this story, and I think that's what I liked about it. She hasn't fallen out of love with Ron, she just loves them both.

You did a really great job of portraying the fact that even if Hermione did decide that she wanted to leave Ron for Harry, it wouldn't be that simple.

The fact that she is reminiscing about her one night with Harry (and the fact that that one night was the night before her wedding) during her wedding is really poignant. Yet she continues with the wedding, with what is expected of her. It definitely makes me wonder what happened next! The song was really fitting, as well.

I caught quite a few grammatical errors, too many to really list in a review. But I'm definitely willing to beta this for you, if you'd like!


Author's Response: AWW! Yay! This is great! thank you so much!!!

Yeah, I am not fond of it myself and only wrote this for a challenge. But I am glad that you liked it! And that is exactly what I was trying to get across, the fact that she still loves them both.

Aww! Thank you!!

I have toyed with the idea of making a sequel to this, showing what happened next, but I have been toying with it for years now so who knows. :P

Yeah, that would be great since this was written years ago back when I was in high school and my writting improved. :P

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Review #2, by _Lady Marauder_ One Night Only

11th December 2009:
Hey! Well, I am reviewing this story for review tag, but Im very glad I dropped by! Its so cute. I have a strange fascination with H/Hr stories. At first I didnt think I liked them because its so un-canon but...uh, so are Dramione's and I absolutely swoon for those (pathetic, I know).

I like the idea she fell for him searching for the Horcruxes. Makes sense, what were they doing all those nights when Ron was gone, hmm, eh? haha, just kidding (sorry for my weirdo sense of humor). Nevertheless, I like. And when Harry first started kissing her, I seriously got an intense butterfly eruption in my stomach. Well done love scene. It was vicious and animalistic but it didnt make me want to hide my face as if I was reading lemons or anything.

The only thing that bothers me a teensy bit is how little remorse she felt (basiclly none) and how ignorant poor Ron is to the fiesty little sex-sesh that occured between his bff and fiancee on the night before the wedding.

She said um oh ya on her wedding vows? Im sorry but it made me laugh. Not in a bad way. In a scandalized, "omg I cant believe that happened" kind of way.

In conclusion, this was precious. I liked it alot. A lot a lot. Im glad this review tag thread is up, or else I would have never known it!

Author's Response: Hola! Aw, thank you! I'm glad you liked it. Hehe, yeah. I was surprised at how muh people liked this because i thought it was horrible, though that may be because I really don't like Harry/Hermione. I just can't see them in a relationship outside of brother and sister.

Hehe, weird sense of humor is something we have in common then. Oh good, then I acheived what I wanted. And to think I wrote that scene while watching Cars.

Yeah, I know this story has it flaws but I just can't bring myself to re-write it like my other stories. Hehe. Again, thank you. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by alanapotter One Night Only

9th April 2009:
Wow! This was wonderful! I love how you worked the lyrics in so flawlessly! The way you portrayed the emotions was spectacular as well, I love the difference you made between how she feels about Ron and Harry. Great job!

Author's Response: Aw! You make me blush! -huggles- Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. XD

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Review #4, by Indigo Seas One Night Only

1st April 2009:
Ack! This was so great. ;) Really, a good read. I loved all your descriptions and emotions here. Written really well. 10/10!
- Rin

Author's Response: Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Aww -huggles-

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Review #5, by icefire_lioness One Night Only

11th March 2009:
Hey. It's Maja from SAYS, just giving you the reviews that I was goosed into doing WOOPS, AGES AGO! SORRY! :D:D
This is good, very sad. :( I'm not a huge fan of Hr/Harry or even Hr/R, but it was well-written. So...yes. Good job. :D

Author's Response: Hey! It's okay. Truth be told, I had forgotten about them too. XD Thanks. I'm not a big fan of the paring either, which is why it was written for the challenge. Thanks again!

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Review #6, by Sweet Decadence One Night Only

5th April 2008:
Oooh, very good, love it!

Author's Response: thanks! Glad you liked it!

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Review #7, by silver phoenix One Night Only

17th February 2008:
This was good. A bit on the short side, but still good. I noticed a few typos. You put "color" instead of "collar" [in refrence to Hermione's collar bone]. Great song choice, I adored "Dream Girls" and own the soundtrack. I may need to listen to this song now. I detest Harry/Hermione very much, but once in a while I like to humor myself. 9/10 :]

Author's Response: Thanks. Yeah, I may lengthen it in the future, and possible write a sequel. Woops. I'll go and fix that in a minute. Thanks. This story is the product of a lot of daydreaming in my old high school choir. :P

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Review #8, by xmhiszmalfoyx One Night Only

6th February 2008:
its fantastic !
you should make a sequel :D

Author's Response: thanks!
and I actually am toying with the idea of a sequel.

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Review #9, by chinery13 One Night Only

27th December 2007:
Really good. Bit confused about the very end where there was a subtle wink? Nevermind i really loved it a favourite of mine now. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks. She and Harry winked at each other because of what happened between them the night before. Glad you like it.

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Review #10, by amritab529 One Night Only

23rd October 2007:
haha,that was nice.
even though i don't like H/Hr it was still good.
nice plot =)

Author's Response: Thanks. Yeah, I'm I'm not a fan of them either. It was hard thats for sure. H/Hr
-gag- I think I just had a baby barf. :P

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Review #11, by wazlibsgrl One Night Only

2nd October 2007:
I hate the Harry/Hermione paring, but I loved this story. You did a great job with it. The imagery was absolutley amazing. Great Job!


Author's Response: I'm glad you like it. I don't like H/Hr either but I am very proud of this story. Thanks. :)

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Review #12, by Lynn_Jenny One Night Only

24th August 2007:
Lynn: Wow, Hemione is such a whore.

Jenny: Don't forget Harry, he was in that too.

Lynn: Haha. In that.

Jenny: Oh shut up, I didn't mean it like that.

Lynn: Sounded like it to me.

Jenny: That's because everything sounds nasty to you.

Lynn: True, very true...

Author's Response: okay......this left me confused

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Review #13, by CuteKrazyKay One Night Only

17th August 2007:
Fantastic story, very well written and cute ending.

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #14, by eternal One Night Only

15th August 2007:
aww poor ron :( even though hermione cheated on ron with his best friend it was a nice story :) im not a fan of H/Hr either im a big fan of R/Hr they are sooo meant to be lol
i would find it difficult to write a H/Hr story too but although ur not a fan of them u wrote it really well :)

Author's Response: Yep, R/Hr all the way. It was difficult but I enjoyed the challange. Thanks!

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Review #15, by Jarno One Night Only

9th August 2007:
And why would she marry Ron?

Author's Response: Because she loves them both and was already engage to Ron.

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Review #16, by Francis One Night Only

25th July 2007:
I liked it... even if you don't like the pairing it was a good fic.

Author's Response: thanks :)

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Review #17, by harrypotterfreak1 One Night Only

6th July 2007:
Loved it!!! I ship Ron and Hermione but this was just so hot and sexy, even though it wasn't graphic. Well Done.

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it! Same here. R/Hr shipper all the way! Thanks!

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Review #18, by vicki One Night Only

28th June 2007:
well written and a great read

Author's Response: thanks! i'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #19, by shannontara89 One Night Only

26th June 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #20, by Ginnygirl1992 One Night Only

21st June 2007:
that was a really good story ! i liked the way it was written!

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm glad you liked it.

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Review #21, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius One Night Only

8th June 2007:

No offence meant.

Author's Response: Yes I do. And I am not mad I am totally sane thank you very much.

No taken.

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Review #22, by hgelman One Night Only

6th June 2007:
Good story - I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thanks. Glad you like it!

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Review #23, by fanof24 One Night Only

31st May 2007:
That was pretty good. There were a couple of grammatical errors, but I can't be one to complain because I can't spell to save my life...anyways, that was really good, espescially if you don't like H/Hr pairings. I'm not a big fan of them either... I'm a die hard Harry/Ginny person myself. You did a wonderful job with this. =)

Author's Response: Thank you. I knew that there would be some, I am horrible at spelling and grammer.(thank god for spell check!) I too am a diehard H/G fan, their just so cute! Thank you!

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Review #24, by gothicpixie101 One Night Only

31st May 2007:
That was dirt. But in a very good way. I saw your challenge response on the thread on the forums and thought i'd have a look. While I hate this ship with a passion, I have to say it was wonderfully written and - dare I say it, was even relatively i canon, as we all know Hermione would never stop loving Ron. Very well done!

Author's Response: Thanks. So do I, hence why I entered the challange. Thank you.

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Review #25, by saverjg One Night Only

22nd May 2007:
THat was absolutely amazing! I felt so into it. Girl, you have an amzing talent to "flower" certain pieces to the story. You don't write the words, but we know what it is. The story is so intriuging, I put myself into it for a minute. Keep it coming!

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked it. Really? My writing did that? Thanks!

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