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Review #1, by Ilovedaniel Chapter Four: After Two Years

9th August 2011:
Love it. All i got to say!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Love the comment too!

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Review #2, by inkgirl97 Chapter Four: After Two Years

31st August 2009:
i loved this and u BETTER write more! NOW!!! lol but seriously i really enjoyed reading this!

Author's Response: thanks a lot ;))

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Review #3, by Duda Chapter Four: After Two Years

4th May 2009:
hey there,

great storie,i really like the way you write xD

congrats and just ,pls,whatever is going to happen,make sure Ginny and Harry will be together lol.
Ginny can be jealous ,ok,but Harry loves Ginny forever (haha dont mess my favorite fair tale).

good luck on the writting

Author's Response: thank you! :D

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Review #4, by the killer Chapter Four: After Two Years

6th April 2008:
omg! awesome story! Write more!

10/10 - when have i ever given you otherwise?

Author's Response: hahaha...thank you!

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Review #5, by Louisa Chapter Four: After Two Years

17th December 2007:
ok chapter 5 please!
please do not forget this story and up adte ur others coz i love them too!
No pressure though!

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Review #6, by AK Carmel Chapter Three: Unexpected Happenings

3rd November 2007:
ohh no! no ginny?!?!

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Review #7, by AK Carmel Chapter Two: The Silver Promise Necklace

3rd November 2007:
AWwwh theyr soo cutee~!

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Review #8, by AK Carmel Chapter One: A Joyful Reunion

3rd November 2007:
Awwh such a cute chapt!
YAY she gave him a chance!!!
i sure hope cho doesnt ruin it!!!
Harry/Ginny FOREVA~!

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Review #9, by HarryGinnyFan18 Chapter Four: After Two Years

19th October 2007:
Hi! I love it. I'm going to pit in on my favroties. 100-100! ~Jackie~

Author's Response: uh thank you!

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Review #10, by Alyxus_in_wonderland Chapter Four: After Two Years

22nd June 2007:
i need chapter 5 now now now

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Review #11, by atomicp0tter Chapter Four: After Two Years

26th May 2007:
awww...i lurve Harry and Ginny!!

by the way, is the DA making a comeback? i miss them all too. hope 2 see dem again!

Author's Response: um...yes...

i think it'll be pleasurable if the DA would make a great come back!!

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Review #12, by ron_hermydestined Chapter Four: After Two Years

26th May 2007:
oh me oh my...Ron's confused. that's not a gud sign at all. he's wondering wether hermione luvs him or not isn't he??

nice story, like the plot. keep going please

Author's Response: yeah, it's a part of growing up.

somtimes you doubt if the one u like who is so good will still love you for who you are, i guess i understand Ron.

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Review #13, by Mary Chapter Three: Unexpected Happenings

14th May 2007:
I hope you keep writting its very good.

Author's Response: thanks,

hope you could read my other fan fics. one is Opposites Attract- (James/Lily) and

The Tale of Two Potters where James gets to meet Harry.

thanks for reviewing!!


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Review #14, by darePoTtydevilischious Chapter Two: The Silver Promise Necklace

13th May 2007:
i wish i could have a silver promise necklace like Ginny...she's so lucky to have one

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Review #15, by harrydanny67 Chapter Two: The Silver Promise Necklace

13th May 2007:
dobby returned? why does he have to return? anyway...i like your story

Author's Response: well, i figured Dobby would be delighted to give Harry his mum's necklace,

i mean can u think of anyone who worships Harry like a hero? (except Colin Creevey)

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Review #16, by pinefresh_potter Chapter Two: The Silver Promise Necklace

13th May 2007:'s so sweet. i'd like to have a bf like that...keep up!

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Review #17, by cedricdiggory_390 Chapter One: A Joyful Reunion

11th May 2007:
huh? cho? a bad gurl? i'm a cho fan but hey...Harry and Ginny do have a chemistry!!!

Author's Response: i really didn't want cho 2 be bad but hey...wait till the last chapter then you'll see she isn't really bad at all

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Review #18, by ginny_harryPoTter23 Chapter One: A Joyful Reunion

11th May 2007:
hey, nice romance...i really like it...sadly i don't have an account to make a story great like this!! i'll make one noW!! you inspired me to make one!

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Review #19, by saberwolf Chapter One: A Joyful Reunion

11th May 2007:
phew, had me worried there for a second that she would say it's too soon and they should wait a little while, but thankfully it didn't go that way. great start to this story.

Author's Response: well, i don't want Ginny to lose Harry. it'll be a catastrophe!!

but when i get to the middle part, Ginny will struggle...for Harry. Hope that i don't make her suffer so bad just for Harry.

i'm still working out the story! thanks for the review!!


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Review #20, by Tydides1234 Chapter One: A Joyful Reunion

11th May 2007:
Wow, that was awesome. Way to rock out! That story was pretty sweet. Have you written any others? If so, send them to me.

Author's Response: yes, i have. but they're James/Lily fan fics. but there is The Tale of Two Potters: it's where Harry gets to meet his teenage parents. and Opposites Attract-(James/Lily)

thanks 4 reviewing! hope you enjoyed the story as much as i did...wait 4 the other chapters 2 be validated..


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Review #21, by Hermione_Malfoy111 Chapter One: A Joyful Reunion

11th May 2007:
hey that was a great romance you should do more because i liked that and it was funny at the end ^_^

Author's Response: well, it's normal for Ron to say that. he's irritated always when he's hungry.

i wanted him to say that cause if he didn't i bet i'd never let Ginny let go of Harry

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