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Review #1, by harry forever Nothing Inimical

18th August 2011:
this is how it should have ended!.harry and hermione are made for each other.
loved the whole story, their friendship, the way you made ron grow up(i never thought that he could!!)
all and all an excellent work and can't wait to check out your rest of the works.:-)

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for reading, I'm glad you enjoyed this story. I always really liked the connection between Harry and Hermione, and I had a nice time writing this. (o: Thanks for reading and reviewing! Cheers!

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Review #2, by MusicLife2288 Nothing Inimical

21st September 2010:
good writing you should try writing a fic about them before the war

Author's Response: Thanks, but when I first started writing Harry Potter fanfic, we already had 6 books, and we were looking to the final war. It was always most interesting to me to write what would happen to them later on - in the war, after the war, or later in life. I'm not sure if I'd be any good at writing them before the war. But I appreciate the suggestion; I can think about it. Thanks for reading!

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Review #3, by dangel Nothing Inimical

21st May 2009:
Nice story! And of course Harry can love!

Author's Response: Thank you! I am so sorry I took so long to reply. I had no idea that reviews were left here. Please forgive me. I'm so glad you enjoyed the story. (o:

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Review #4, by Dmali Nothing Inimical

11th December 2008:
really good story. i love ur writing style. ur descriptions are so imaginative, and visual. i would love to read more from u.

Author's Response: Thanks. I'm pleased you liked it, and I appreciate the kind words. I do have other stories posted here, if you check my author's page. Thanks again!

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Review #5, by Harlan Carter Nothing Inimical

7th December 2008:
Very well done. Reads true to characters and tone of JKR.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoyed it. (o:

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Review #6, by Usako99 Nothing Inimical

23rd April 2008:
Awesometastic!!! Great job well written and very discriptive, I was busy reading when I should have been working *lol* I can't wait to read more of your work!

Author's Response: Haha! Thank you! I think I'm glad I could provide a distraction from work...??? Thanks or reading. (o:

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Review #7, by Ripley Talking or Not Talking?

27th November 2007:
Boy o boy do I enjoy closets! But I must admit that the part I enjoyed most was the last few paragraphs about Harry knowing Hermione so well, and yet not really when it came to all these new elements that the two are experiencing. Good job!

Author's Response: Ripley! Wow, I have seen you in ages! (o: Hehe, you liked the closet, did you? Aw, but you liked the ending... Harry does know Hermione so well, and vice versa. (o: Thanks so much for reading. I haven't had any reviews on this in ages, so it was lovely to hear from you! (o:

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Review #8, by love _Conquers_ All Nothing Inimical

9th November 2007:
:D lovely story, really well written

Author's Response: Thank you. (o:

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Review #9, by allthegoodonesweretaken Nothing Inimical

16th October 2007:

Okay, it's official: I've read, and liked, a H/Hr. I really love the way you built things up, and the way you based H&Hr's feelings on their friendship.

This is a great story, regardless of pairing. Thank you for an entertaining read!

Author's Response: Wow, you liked an H/Hr? *gapes* Amazing! I'm so glad you read it then! I understand not liking a pairing, so it means a lot to me for you to say that. Thanks for reading!

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Review #10, by dennisud Inimical or Not?

27th September 2007:
Great job with this one. A little grittier but a great job!

Though Putting a canon character with a AAC sometimes doesn't work.
Here they're ok!


Author's Response: Hi again! This chapter was grittier eh? Do you mean what happened, or the writing?

By the way, what's an 'AAC'? Sorry, I've never heard of that! Thanks for reading!

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Review #11, by dennisud The Breaking Point

27th September 2007:
Nice start. lets see how this goes!


Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for reading! I like this story, myself, but I get few responses to it. Please tell me what you think, if you continue reading! (o:

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Review #12, by powowhunter Inimical or Not?

4th September 2007:
kewl can't waite to read it

Author's Response: You haven't read it yet??

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Review #13, by sassy1 Making Things Worse

31st August 2007:
I love it

Author's Response: Thanks.

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Review #14, by sassy1 The Breaking Point

31st August 2007:
I love it

Author's Response: Thanks. Are you actually reading these? What else do you think about it?

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Review #15, by Usako99 Nothing Inimical

11th August 2007:
Loved it once again! Loved the charater development and the attention to the relationships. I expecially loved the kiss at the party (-:! You are really good at what you do I can't wait to read more of your stories, which you can tell is exactlly what I'm doing *S*. You know the rating... 10 out of 10, just like always.

Author's Response: Aw, another one! Thanks so much for being such a devoted reader! And the kiss at the party - that was a fun one. Though I might be partial to the one in the closet, heh. Thanks again for a 10/10!

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Review #16, by Gin Nothing Inimical

26th July 2007:
i really liked it is there a sequal because i would like to know what is to come

Author's Response: I don't have a sequel planned, but thanks for reading!

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Review #17, by justadude Nothing Inimical

16th July 2007:
wow! yay for harry potter!

Author's Response: LoL, yay. (o; Hehe.

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Review #18, by love harry Nothing Inimical

16th July 2007:
ok the story was good but im not so sure about the ending, i mean it was a harry and hermione fic but you made the last chapter about ron and his girlfriend. i really loved the story and i hope you make a sequel to maybe tell about how they are together, i mean in the story they were just finding out that they have feeling for each other. you need to say how there life is and how they work on turning a friendship like theres into love. a lot is missing from the ending. dont take this as a bad review because its not im just a little disappointed about the ending. your really a great writer and i hope to read more of your stories so keep up the great work!

Author's Response: Hi love harry,

Thanks for reading and reviewing. I'm sorry you didn't like the ending, but it's what I felt the story needed. The chapter told a lot about Ron and Rachel because Ron is such a huge part of Harry and Hermione's life. It would be incomplete to leave him out.

I realise there could be more to tell concerning Harry and Hermione together, what their relationship is like and what issues they face, but for this story, it was about how they 'found' each other.

I'm sorry you were disappointed by the ending, but this is what the story was. Thanks for reading and telling me your honest thoughts, however. I will take it to heart as I continue developing my writing.

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Review #19, by Ripley Nothing Inimical

16th July 2007:
How sweet! It's been awhile since I've read a particularly good 'feel-good' fic. For a few chapters I thought you were going to do something dreadful (you always tend to surprise me in your fics) but this worked itself out. I think you're right; Harry could love, and man...does he deserve it.

Author's Response: Yeah I don't often write feel-good fics, lol. This was an attempt for me. You were right to fear that I might do something dreadful, but alas I did not, nothing too bad anyway. Thanks for always ready and reviewing, Ripley!

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Review #20, by Harrypotter10123 Nothing Inimical

16th July 2007:
Great story will never forget it 10 10 10 10 10

Author's Response: Thanks! (o:

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Review #21, by hp4eva Nothing Inimical

16th July 2007:
very good. enjoyed story very much.

Author's Response: Thanks! (o:

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Review #22, by Green Nothing Inimical

16th July 2007:
Awww... It was so cute. So good! Will there be a continuation? If not, it was really really good. Loved your story.

Author's Response: Thanks!! A continuation? I dunno. I've never really thought of writing sequels before, but I'll think about. Thanks for reading!

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Review #23, by GrAnGeR_GuRl Nothing Inimical

16th July 2007:
awww.! its simply lovely.!! =]]

a very beautiful way to end it.!!!

10/10.! =]]

Author's Response: Aw, thank you dear! (o: And thanks for the 10/10!!

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Review #24, by lily_evens_potter Inimical or Not?

15th July 2007:
Oh good god, i loved this story from start to finish.Harry and hermione are so right for each other, please post that final(sob) chapter soon.

Author's Response: Aw, thanks for loving it so much! (o: The final chapter is now up! I thought I'd already put it up.. Oops! Thanks for the review!

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Review #25, by nikkyb Inimical or Not?

14th July 2007:
your stories are the best. I can't wait for the final chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks! I meant to post it last week, but it's up now! (o:

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