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Review #1, by EverDiggory The Lady

11th July 2012:
Hm, that last line made me even more interested!

I like Selene, she's such an interesting character and I really want to know more about her. This is really unique so I'm curious to what you're going to do with the story!

I would like to be contacted when you update please (x I don't how one would do so, but;P



Author's Response: Thank you for the great review!!

Selene is obviously my favorite OC, and I believe has a lot to offer to my stories. I sadly had to put this story on the back burner though as her back story reveals too much for Hogwarts era stories.

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Review #2, by CoLorful DreaM The Lady

25th March 2011:
10 of 15!

Some things I learned about your story: there's always a girl Selene - no one but you, I guess, there are always some vampires, they are never finished and always well written.

This was great; it makes the reader so curious about it. It's strange how, even though you always use the those same things, the story are never alike.
Now, going on...


Author's Response: To be honest, A Lady's Story, An Old Love Song, and Creperum are all part of the same story universe, so they all go hand in hand. Which is some reason why the first two haven't really been updated in forever. Since I was dense and started them way to early.

Thank you for the review! I'm glad you thing they're well written

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Review #3, by Lisa Her Hero

9th December 2007:
this chapter is so is such a sad thing for a family member to die.and to lose such an important family member so early in your life. it made me cry both times that i read it.

Author's Response: This chapter was meant to be on the sad side. I think out of everything I've written, including the things deleted or not available to read, this was one of my favorite things. Thanks for the review!

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Review #4, by Lisa The Lady

9th December 2007:
i never reviewed this so i went back and read it.i really love this chapeter.i know that you cant write much more for all the ties. i really like how it is talking to you, or to some mysterious person.but u know i love it because i love selene.

Author's Response: Memo to me: Teach you purpose of shift key. Just kidding Lisa, I know you do it just to bug me. I'm really glad you liked this one, since you saw how worried I can get over these stories. And the fact you understand why I can't have a regular update in this one is golden. Thanks for the review Lisa!

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Review #5, by noble slytherin0192 Her Hero

19th June 2007:
i love this story it is so wonderfully detailed but still a very captivating story. can't wait for the next chapter. you're doing a great job.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! I'm so glad you enjoy this. Thank you!

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Review #6, by Rosalie Cullen Her Hero

14th May 2007:
This was so sad and touching. I started to cry. My eyes are still watering. I feel so bad for Selene. And she was only 3. I couldn't imagine not having my Dad around. I can kind of understand what she must be feeling, but only to a degree. Poor Selene. She will never grow up to know her father. But how did he die? Was he killed? And what time period does this take place in? (i.e. 1500s, 1600s, 1400s, etc.) It is good. Please update soon. I really love this story so far. Selene is my favorite OC, ever. No questions asked. You are very talented. This chapter was heart wrenching. *sniff* 9/10

Author's Response: I wanted to make this sad, and it is the first clear memory Selene has. This chapter is the only memory of her father, other than stories she hears and portraits of him. Clotaire was killed indeed. The first part of this story takes place in the final few years of the 10th century. Updating will be sporadic in this, because they're are so many ties into Creperum that I can't reveal, which is why I originally wanted to wait. I'm really glad you like Selene! Selene and Rebecca are my favorite female OC's, the boys right there with them. Thank you very much for all the reviews and compliments. I can't apologize for making you cry though, since that was my goal this chapter. Thanks again.

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Review #7, by Rosalie Cullen The Lady

14th May 2007:
I really, really, really like this so far. It was so interesting. I am SO happy that you decided to d through with this. You've just made my day (I have been having a really crappy day, and the iceing on the cake is that it is Monday). I thank you for that. But when was that picture of Harry taken? And who is the little girl in his arms? Is it Sirius's daughter? 9/10

Author's Response: To be honest, I wasn't going to even start this until Creperum was nearly finished, but I just couldn't wait anymore! I'm glad I made your day, Mondays can be horrible. So many times, your reviews have made my day. Great, your first question is making me think, lol. That picture was taken somewhere around the year 1998-1999. The little girl is an important character's daughter, but is not a blood relation to Harry. If she's Sirius' daughter though...what do you think? Thanks for the wonderful review!!

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Review #8, by Em Her Hero

6th May 2007:
Awww poor Selene! Such a sad story. But it gets happier, right? Sissy? OK. Well, good chappy. I was surprised that you updated again so soon. Very good so far!

LYLAS! Luv, Em

Author's Response: We've discussed the happy topic before, and I remember the verbal thrashing. I didn't update that soon, really. I just didn't tell you right away. Thanks, sissy!

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Review #9, by Em The Lady

5th May 2007:
Sissy! That was wonderful! I really got into the story and the way you are portraying her is absolutely brilliant! Very good start to a story Sissy! Good job!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you Sissy! I knew you'd approve, even though I waited several days to tell you. Thanks for the review and support!

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Review #10, by Christie Cruz The Lady

2nd May 2007:
A story all about Selene! That's great! From this start, I can already tell that everyone who loves "A Darker Dream" and "Creperum" will love it. In these three stories, you created possibly your most appealing and likable character (though Rebecca comes to a close second). It will be very interesting to read this story. I hope you update soon!


Author's Response: I've been wanting to do this for a long time and I just couldn't wait anymore. Selene's character is a complicated puzzle and this will give a chance to tell who she is and what has made her into the woman she is in Creperum. Rebecca and Selene are my two favorite characters. Thank you for the review, and I hope you enjoy learning more about Selene.

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Review #11, by MarieRavenclaw The Lady

1st May 2007:
I really liked it. It will help me understand Selene better as though she is a great char, she is a confusing one, good job.

Author's Response: Selene is a confusing character, I will agree to that. There are several levels to her personality that help make her what and who she is. I'm glad you enjoyed this and hope you enjoy the rest of what will be a long story.

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