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Review #1, by Harry/Draco Forever When a Moment's Love Dies

12th July 2011:
That was an amazing story. It was beautifully well-written. It WAS a cheesy love story, but that would have to be the kind of romance between Draco and Harry, as they both come from such dark pasts and quite literally only have a few people to rely on. I liked that the characters remained mostly IN-Character. You made me cry. Mission accomplished. ;~; ^_^

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Review #2, by ivy_018 When a Moment's Love Dies

30th November 2007:
Your story was great. I thought you did a fantastic job. I don't read a lot of slash and I've never written any, but I thought it was great. A totally different "what if" scenario.
So anyway, I was wondering if you would make me a banner for my story "This Gift: A Christmas Story." It was actually your friend Mrs. Katie Potter who recommended you. So if you would like, read the prologue of my story and let me know if you would be interested. I would greatly appreciate it.
Keep up the good work!

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Review #3, by Goddess_of_the_night When a Moment's Love Dies

19th July 2007:
i liked it... it was kind of sweet and nice. just one thing... how did the to of them have a kid.

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Review #4, by Rose_4Ever When a Moment's Love Dies

4th July 2007: the hell did two guys have a son? On second thought, not quite sure I want to know...

Loved the story. keep up the great work!


Author's Response: its the wizarding world, I think anything is possible.

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Review #5, by I_am_ever_so_Sirius When a Moment's Love Dies

17th June 2007:
Er... how can two guys have a son? No offense; 'tis just a tip. :)

Author's Response: its one of the great mysteries of the wizarding

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Review #6, by mrs katiepotter When a Moment's Love Dies

8th June 2007:
So there gay

Author's Response: yes they are gay.

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Review #7, by Serenity0047 When a Moment's Love Dies

24th May 2007:
Almost. I got veclempted. But then again, nothing really makes me cry, so by those standards, your story was good! I'm usually not a fan of fluffy romance kissy stuff. I like the dark angsty stuff. But once in a while, you gotta take in a little fluff. This was good. I really enjoyed it. Good job! By the title I thought it was going to be a "love story between two people at a traffic light" kinda story, ya know? Like it lasts for a couple seconds, but those couple seconds are the best ones that those two people had ever experienced. I liked how this story wasn't too sweet. It was like a chocolate covered espresso bean. Bittersweet.

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Review #8, by jjl When a Moment's Love Dies

7th May 2007:
There is nothing wrong with love between two people. Didn't Dumeldore always Harry that love is his strongest power?

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Review #9, by hpgeek512 When a Moment's Love Dies

6th May 2007:
omg that was ssoo sad, but very well written and good!

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Review #10, by Diandra When a Moment's Love Dies

5th May 2007:
I most definately loved that! I don't quite understand how they had a baby boy; they're both men. But I guess that that's the wonder of the Wizarding world, right? Thanks for sharing this story with us...I realy enjoyed it, I'm giving it a 10/10!


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Review #11, by Blondejoke101 When a Moment's Love Dies

5th May 2007:
I didn't think it was cheesy, I thought it was sweet. One question, did Ron and Hermione approve?

Author's Response: Well, the way I pictured it, Hermione apporved but ron didn't because it was Draco.

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Review #12, by searching17 When a Moment's Love Dies

5th May 2007:
im not the biggest fan of slash but that was ok. i would have really liked it if it wasnt slash and if it was ginny/harry or something. but its different and refreshing (in a good way). was this a one-shot? if it was, then it was good. but somehow, i have a gut feeling that u can do better!!! (excuse the whole 'gut' thing, it was a spur of moment thing)

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Review #13, by LadyCatherine When a Moment's Love Dies

5th May 2007:
Wow; I really liked that.
It was cheesy, but not so that it was awful. It was a nice length, short, but it didn't need to be longer. It didn't need to have chapters and chapters of Blob to say it. I loved it. Well done to you!


P.S. My friend, Soph, Will happily make you a banner. Email her on

Hope she can help.xx

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