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Review #1, by s Kim

9th November 2008:
many grammatical eroors, and phrases but its not to bad

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Review #2, by AllAboutMe Kim

20th January 2008:
I didn't like he plot of this story... not much else to say...

Author's Response: ummmmmmmmm.... sorry? What didn't you like?

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Review #3, by jezz rivett Kim

30th July 2007:
ok, all i can say is CONFUSED its a really good story, but it really rushed and really confusing, like the begging where it's only speach, tehn the speach isn't spaced, it's really confusing to know whos talking, but apart from grammer and confusingnisity (not a word i know) it's a good plot, hehe good work, keep reading my stuff lol, thts really why i desided to read your stuff thinking i'd return the favor of you reviewing my stuff luv ya xxx

Author's Response: Im srry ur confused... Im glad u like it tho... Srry its rushed but my friend that I wrote it about said it could only be a 1-shot and i didnt want a rele long one-shot. oh... and i like ur new word... ur stuffs kewl... thanx 4 the review

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Review #4, by VampireGirl Kim

9th July 2007:
this story is so cool i love it!

Author's Response: thanx... i rele appreicate it.

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Review #5, by icydreamer Kim

1st June 2007:
Dude... You made Sirius and Remus gay... So wrong. They aren't gay, and they'll never be gay. And Snape wanting to switch to Gryffiindor? So unreal. And he would never be nice to any Gryffindor. And he only became the DADA professor when Harry was in his 6th year. Narcissa hasn't been to Azkaban, and she and Lucius have never been expelled. Peter hasn't been to Azkaban... James and Lily should be dead... Sirius should be in Azkaban. Dumbledore never killed Voldemort. Dumbledore was killed by Snape... And Remus and Sirius are NOT gay. The cannons are out of character and this wouldn't happen in the hp world. I don't like it at all. It gets a 1.

Author's Response: OK! I get it! U dont like it but it was just sumthing me and my friends dreamed up in our spare time! I changed it to how I wanted MY story to go! I realize that Remus and Sirius aren't gay but there r quite few slash stories about them that I liked... anywayz thanx 4 reviewing

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Review #6, by RoN WeAsLeY Is HoT Kim

25th May 2007:
i liked it but i didnt understand some bits but guess wat!!

i went wo wen i read one of sev and kims kids are called heather cause thats my name!!!

well done!!


Author's Response: I'm sorry that you didn't understand some parts. I really glad that u reviewed tho. If u want I can explain them 2 u. thanx

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Review #7, by lothlorien Kim

6th May 2007:
it's a great idea but maybe you should make a longer story out of it. at least a few more chapter. everything is happening to fast in this story. think about it ok? if you decide to make a longer story i promise i'll read and review everything ok?

Author's Response: I'll think about it..... Its a good idea and origanally I was gonna make it longer but..... I changed my mind.... maybe I'll make one about after their graduation but Im not sure.... but thanx 4 the review

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Review #8, by Diandra Kim

5th May 2007:
Yeah...this was a bit odd. I liked it, though none of the characters seemed themselves. I can't imagine Snape ever saying "babe" or even laughing. But still very cute, good idea!


Author's Response: thanx 4 the review.... I'm odd and so is Kim so I dont think there is anyway I could have NOT made this story odd. I kinda changed some personalities a bit but only because when Kim and I came up with the idea... that was kinda the point.... Snape turns from evil and cold to bright, happy and pervy..... I just wanted a laugh and this story was really funny in my opinion so I used it on here......... thanx 4 reviewing

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