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Review #1, by Lov3ly_Ginny The Friend and the Boyfriend

13th December 2008:
i loveee this story =]

i cant wait to read more

update soon! thanks!


Author's Response: thanks for your review! im working on ch 11 now. : )

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Review #2, by Lov3ly_Ginny Prologue: Start of something new

13th December 2008:
this story sounds great and i cant wait to read more!

Author's Response: thank you very much!

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Review #3, by Ballet Dancer The Friend and the Boyfriend

13th December 2008:
I love the story

:D very funny

please please update

Author's Response: you think its funny? im not even trying to be funny! thanks! your the first person to ever say that!
i dance too btw ; )

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Review #4, by sparxlette Prologue: Start of something new

17th May 2008:
This is a really great story, can't wait to read the rest! :)

Author's Response: thanks! i hope you enjoy it, it only gets better!

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Review #5, by heyITSme Anticipation

11th May 2008:

FABULOUS STORY. like, literally. its SO not clique with the whole lily/james story.

(this is going to sound weird) but i kinda wish lily was still mean to james! he deserves to get on his feet and beg after what he did, *astard! UGH how dare he? RODENT?! ugh. friggin idiot.

anyway, i love this story and if you update soon, i will love you for ever and ever AMEN!

Author's Response: ya, i haven't mentioned it yet, but i am basing her upon the idea that when most people experience something like that they tend to avoid thinking about it so much they get close to forgetting it. i will bring it up later probably. thanks for your review! i really appreciate it.

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Review #6, by Draco1129 Joke's On Me...

10th May 2008:
what happened to teh muraders?

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Review #7, by kathryn Anticipation

26th April 2008:
i am so glad your back!!! anyways i liked this chapter :) as always i loved the lily and james stuff... keep up the great work!

Author's Response: thanks! im sorry about the wait!

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Review #8, by Magically Hermione Nabbing a Date

15th March 2008:
Ha-ha! lol The ending was kinda funny, with Jan! Cute chapter, but I wish James and Lily would get together soon!


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Review #9, by kathryn Nabbing a Date

12th March 2008:
hello :) i hate to pester you again but i just wanted to make sure you were continuing this fabulous story.

Author's Response: i am lol! i am getting the whole thing beta read right now! the last chapter is finished and i am just debating if i want to post it before its beta read or not. thanks for the concern!

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Review #10, by star_gazer lily Nabbing a Date

12th February 2008:
hey gr8 story!! its wicked!

send me a link when u written another.

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Review #11, by kathryn Nabbing a Date

10th February 2008:
hello!! i just wanted to say that this is an excellent story and i hope you are still writing :)

Author's Response: i am almost done with the next chapter i promise! i got a little spacey with it and started a new fic and got carried away with that. but the new chapter could be up for validation as soon as tonight or tomorrow! so check back in a few days! : )

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Review #12, by kathryn Nabbing a Date

26th November 2007:
This was a great chapter :) I cant decide if I am pulling for Derek to be nice or well i am quite looking forward to the next chapter :)

Author's Response: yay its going to be a good one too!

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Review #13, by sweetys Nabbing a Date

25th November 2007:
hehe! Cute! Keep it up! (:

Author's Response: thanks!

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Review #14, by hp_fan_4ever14 Nabbing a Date

24th November 2007:
love this story!! keep writing! 10/10 =]

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #15, by kathryn Guilty Heart

5th November 2007:
Hey i was just wondering if they are still reviewing your 8th chapter or something like that, because i saw earlier that you said you put up chapter 8 but i dont see it up. ok well thanks for a great story so far :)

Author's Response: its in waiting as we speak!

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Review #16, by lohalel Guilty Heart

30th October 2007:
ah, this is so good! update soon!

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Review #17, by kathryn Guilty Heart

18th October 2007:
i really like this story. i read it a couple months ago but forgot to save it and lost the story. I finally found it though :) anyways update soon!

Author's Response: im working on it right now actually! thank you!

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Review #18, by ballet_dancer Joke's On Me...

18th October 2007:
Splendifferous! yay! Aww, they're so cute... Anyway, yeah. Lovely chapter. Twas very well written, and fascinating... and I did tell you I'd be back! Yeah... and I'm exhausted right now, so that would be all I've got to say.

Author's Response: haha! i thought i lost you! : )

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Review #19, by ballet_dancer Prologue: Start of something new

6th September 2007:
Not boring! Love it! I also love the fact that Jamsie is homeschooled! I was, through ninth grade, so it makes me very happy! Yeah, and I like them being friends to start with. It makes that transition from friends to enemies back to friends and then to lovers much more interesting! Good job! And I'll be back to read the rest of the chapters at some point!

Author's Response: thanks girl! i cant wait to read yours!

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Review #20, by HPdiva Guilty Heart

6th September 2007:
OMG i love love love love LOVED the chapter.cant stress that enough, and especially lilys date! i so cant wait for the mauraders reactions, ill be looking forward to it :) so update soon! like now ;)

Author's Response: yay! i was wondering when you would notice i updated! hehe. i am posting the 8th chapter sometime today or tomorrow!

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Review #21, by bchattle Guilty Heart

3rd September 2007:
WOW!! this is brilliant. Please get the next one up as soon as possible. PLEASE

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Review #22, by kirarose318 Guilty Heart

3rd September 2007:
I LOVE this! especially te last chap.

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Review #23, by cosmopiltan411 Guilty Heart

2nd September 2007:
ok i luv this fic, but i do hav to say, for a grl that claims that she could never be friends with james, much less romantically involved with him, lily sure seems to be awfully nice and friendly with him

Author's Response: lol i can see where you would think that. i said they would never be best friends though. she doesnt hate him or anything. but it works out better in the next chapter i promise hehe.

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Review #24, by cookiemonster the truth of it all

1st September 2007:
NO! I reached the end of this chapter, and GUESS WHAT? There are NO MORE CHAPTERS!!! That is definitely a BIG problem, and has to be fixed ASAP! Get to it!

Author's Response: my next chapter is actually in the queue im trying to wait patientlly but i cant! i want it up now!

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Review #25, by cookiemonster Gryffindors Only

1st September 2007:

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