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Review #1, by Lozzyone  Halloween Ball Part 2

21st January 2017:
Please keep writing this is great :) i love that hermione is the evil one hehe

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Review #2, by DeeMunro'XO Halloween Ball Part 2

20th August 2013:
Urg! What the hell!? Need that next chappy or I will consider venturing out in an official purge and brutally murdering you with a spoon:| . Really nice story thought 🙈 PLEASE keep it up 😩

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Review #3, by KeeganH Halloween Ball Part 2

2nd May 2013:
This is one of the best stories ever!!! I hope to see more!!

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Review #4, by Deia Halloween Ball Part 2

29th July 2009:
I absolutely love this fic, its one of my favorites on this site.
The plot is great and I love the way you make voldemort like a proper dad, its great!

please, please update soon



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Review #5, by Avid Reader Halloween Ball Part 2

11th July 2009:
updatteee??! please (A) :P
this story is awesome :D

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Review #6, by ShadowDog34 Halloween Ball Part 2

17th May 2009:
I actually feel bad for Draco a little bit.
I am really enjoying this story... I love it.

Author's Response: yeah. i would feel sorry for him too. if i didnt' know waht was going to happen! muwahahaha!!! now you're wondering!!

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Review #7, by lily Halloween Ball Part 2

24th April 2009:
i love this story can u please update soon

Author's Response: yeah i'm sorry about that faithful readers. i was preoccupied with many many college classes but i'm free for the summer so i should be able to finish the chapter the end of this week!

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Review #8, by Lena Halloween Ball Part 2

17th April 2009:
My hpff name is DerangedAbyss (the last review)

My bad, I just realized what an effing dolt I really am, it's totally April, and actually, my birthday was a week ago, haha! Man, working 40+ hrs a week is making me loose my freakin mind.

Author's Response: well then happy late birthday! hahahaha

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Review #9, by DerangedAbyss Halloween Ball Part 2

17th April 2009:
HEY! It's May! What's with ' Look for the next one shortly after the new year!'? Come one, I'm dyin here! This story was absolutely perfect..and better yet, believeable!

I'm looking forward to more!

Author's Response: yeah i decided to take about 20 credit hours in college
lost a lot of my free time. but i'm working on it!

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Review #10, by Mrs George Weasley Halloween Ball Part 2

31st January 2009:
not bad please update soon.


Author's Response: thanks! i'm working on it. i've had lots of things come up but another chapter is on the way

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Review #11, by Kluless3 Halloween Ball Part 2

20th January 2009:
Oooh, I love it! I am very interested to see where you go next. And, please more of Hermione, Draco and Blaise all together. I really like how you write their scenes together, very fun! quick! :)

Author's Response: hahaha thanks! they could be better. but apparently i'm too good at it sometimes. at least too good for hpff... hahaha!

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Review #12, by janke the 'good' girl

16th January 2009:
well i liked it..that simly bought hermione in a new light. who knew she can be so evil!?

Author's Response: i sure didn't *looks up innocently* haha. just wait and see what she does next.

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Review #13, by xxstaindrosesxx Halloween Ball Part 2

14th January 2009:
Wow. That was a really long chapter. Anyways, I think it is hilarious that Hermione can drink them under the table. It seems a little weird that the staff would be that leniant but that's pretty awesome. I liked the white sparkle rum idea. LoL. Sounds like something I would drink. Considering I've tried some nasty whiskey, I'm sure I wouldn't care too much for firewhiskey. Yuck.

I liked the chapter and keep it up. I can't remember the port pill date either so don't worry. It's been so long since anyone read it that I don't think they will remember. Plus, if someone goes back to check, they have way too much time on their hands. LoL. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: thanks! i know it's a little slow right now but then next chapter is going to be full of drama drama!

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Review #14, by dracotamer Halloween Ball Part 2

14th January 2009:

Author's Response: thanks darling!

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Review #15, by imcute410 Halloween Ball Part 1

4th January 2009:
Very nice. :D I like it.

Author's Response: thank you... i'm working on the second part... apparently i'm too good at describing scenes so i have to re-write

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Review #16, by kluless3 Halloween Ball Part 1

30th December 2008:
I knew I didn't give up on you for a reason!

This is great and I was so glad to see you updated again.

Now please, please, please don't make us wait so long this time!

Author's Response: thanks for not giving up!!! i'm working on the second part but i guess i'm really good at descrbing my scenes so i have to rewrite some parts. hang in there!

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Review #17, by AddysenMalfoy daddy's little queen

17th December 2008:
Good chapter! I love the 'barnyard friends' bit. Creative. Hermione's got an edge, and I like it a ton. I now see how she's so detached from the Grangers. Little bits are falling into place, slowly.

There were a few minor errors in this one too, but nothing that could throw me off course. I promise from this review on that I won't mention anything more about errors, grammar mistakes or punctuation, but my advice is to snatch yourself a beta. They're a gift to have on hand. =)


Author's Response: glad you like it so far.

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Review #18, by AddysenMalfoy the 'good' girl

17th December 2008:
This is a very good start to a very devilish Hermione! I have a soft spot for stories where the dark side and Ms. Granger meet. The only thing I'm not sure of is how I feel about her wanting to off her 'idiot' parents. It's harsh, but in all reality, I would probably write this in a somewhat similar fashion.

One point - and I'm dead sure I'm not the first to notice - you have a few grammatical errors(everyone does, no worries), and your tenses aren't cosistant all the time. It's just some constructive criticism, don't fret. Just trying to leave a good review.

Great job. Off to chapter two!


Author's Response: thanks... enjoy!

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Review #19, by Evil Sami Poo Halloween Ball Part 1

10th December 2008:
eh eh?? I can't wait to see what happens...update soon!

Author's Response: i will... thanks!

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Review #20, by mbrown12 uh-oh... some one slips up...

8th October 2008:
i loved it cant wait for the next chapter. Hope to see it soon

Author's Response: new chapter in validation process... hoo-rah! thanks for reading!

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Review #21, by Evil Sami Poo uh-oh... some one slips up...

28th April 2008:
Ha this is undoubtably my favorite FF on this site. Keep writing.

Author's Response: you are far too kind... thank you for the flattery... the next chapter is in validation... finally... enjoy and thanks for reading!

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Review #22, by kait uh-oh... some one slips up...

14th March 2008:
love the story and everything but 'it would have sucked to kill her'? shesh, and he says that he loves her! anyways...great chappie!

Author's Response: yeah well... sometimes even i have to be sappy... in my own twisted ways... thanks for reading...

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Review #23, by HPlover_13xLizx uh-oh... some one slips up...

15th February 2008:
oh yeah it rocks,or does does

Author's Response: of course it does... hehehe... next chapter is in validation... i think you'll like it... or will you...?

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Review #24, by CutieBritty31 uh-oh... some one slips up...

31st January 2008:
Wow, I wonder if Harry does drugs. It seems everyone does in this story! GAood though very good

Author's Response: not everyone.... but a few...

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Review #25, by SassySlytherinGirl uh-oh... some one slips up...

26th January 2008:
Awesome... loved it as always... not a big fan of the drugs... but eh... its still a really good story and I can't wait for more :)

Author's Response: why are people so against the drugs... it's a common accurance...

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