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Review #1, by xxx_firesparks_xxx Empty Boxes

24th November 2007:
awww so cute ! sad though.. :(

Author's Response: Such is our favourite Potion Master's life.

Thanks for reading and reviewing and sorry that it has taken so long (so very long, really) for me to get back to you.

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Review #2, by Evil_Toothpaste Empty Boxes

30th September 2007:
AAAWWW! That made me all sad on the inside!! I wanna give her a hug and her children a hug. AW!
I wish I could be their to help.

Author's Response: This came from my frustration of being the only one in my circle of friends to believe that Snape was actually good. I combined that with the question: what happens to those who remain loyal to someone whom everyone else believes has done something wrong? Ta-da; a story! Thank you, once again!

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Review #3, by Enidda denwoodihn Empty Boxes

30th April 2007:
This is deliciously sad. Very good story.

Author's Response: I thank you for your wonderful review, especially how you describe it (the words tingle down the spine). "Deliciously sad," I love it!

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Review #4, by Pottergirl17 Empty Boxes

29th April 2007:
Hmmm...very origional. I never thought about what things might have been like if Snape had a wife and children after he killed Dumbledore, although he doesn't exactly seem like the type. It was a good read though. It made you feel bad for what Lydia was going through.

Author's Response: I just happened to be thinking about family members that are left behind after a loved one commits a horrible crime. What must it be like for those left behind (so to speak)? Snape's actions, and improbable family, worked very well for this type of situation. I also wrote it to show where I sit on the Snape bad/Snape good debate (I'm in the Snape is good camp). I very much appreciate your very thoughtful review; one of the best I've had!

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