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Reading Reviews for My Beautiful Disaster
32 Reviews Found

Review #1, by Draco Lover 2012 Prologue

29th July 2011:
I love this book so far. Please keep on writing moire for this book please!?!

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Review #2, by lifter57 Prologue

8th June 2008:
please let us know if you are ever going to complete this story or have you abandoned it

Author's Response: *gasps* never! I haven't abandoned it. i will update it. eventualy

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Review #3, by hermyemma Prologue

25th July 2007:
Where is the next chapter? Update soon!

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Review #4, by london_lover Prologue

26th June 2007:
update soon!

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Review #5, by thebfsgf Prologue

16th June 2007:
Well! If you don't update soon, I might just cry!

Rebecka M.

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Review #6, by Jackie Smith Prologue

15th June 2007:
Please update this! I so want to know what hppens :D

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Review #7, by dogloverluck Prologue

9th June 2007:
make it malfoy that would freakin be awesome

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Review #8, by SerpentineRomeo Prologue

8th June 2007:
i like how you started this story, wonderful chapter. I think your a great writer. update soon!

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Review #9, by maurader fan Prologue

7th June 2007:
I love the chapter, I can't wait to see where you take it!

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Review #10, by ihs Prologue

27th May 2007:
I like it anyway!

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Review #11, by nads Prologue

20th May 2007:
so who was the person who "looked after her" and was it the same person who had sex with her? update soon really interested to see what happens next

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Review #12, by ere Prologue

16th May 2007:
you are amazing, there is nothing more to say. except for this. wow.

Author's Response: *blushes* I'm not amazing just a girl with alot of time on her hands. :) Glad you liked it. :) Thankx for the review.


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Review #13, by Firenze Fan Prologue

12th May 2007:
another chapter, please!

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Review #14, by kingbobrules Prologue

12th May 2007:
Strong start. You did a good job with Hermione's horror at discovering what had happened to her. Harrowing, but I can't wait to read more.

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Review #15, by hermione Prologue

10th May 2007:
its cool keep it up

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Review #16, by bk4ev3r Prologue

7th May 2007:
Man, it could really go any way. But I agree with some of the other reviews, there's really no reason for Hermione to be so drunk in the first place, other than the fact that she really doesn't seem like the type that can handle her liquor. Perhaps you shouldn't leave it quite so up in the air, even if you still are undecisive. Maybe remember she went clubbing with the Golden Trio and Ginny (pointing to Ron or Harry), then recall an argument with Malfoy once they get there. Just something to keep it turning. Or you could screw us all over and claim Viktor Krum was in the neighborhood and wanted a shag for old times sake (not that he could get into the castle). Anyway, brilliant story. Cheers.

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Review #17, by Weasley_Katie27 Prologue

6th May 2007:
So far so good, I can't wait to hear who the culprit will be.

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Review #18, by LaurenT Prologue

5th May 2007:
okay i don't get what was wrong with her robes... that wasn't really explained,
but good job keep it up!

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Review #19, by belle1089 Prologue

5th May 2007:
ohh poor hermione

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Review #20, by Felton_lover Prologue

5th May 2007:
i like it ..

please continue

and post the next chappii asap

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Review #21, by Hathor (too tired to login) Prologue

5th May 2007:
Since you are letting us decide, I want a Harry/Hermione story. (I know you did not give that option, but it wil be nice) Why did she get drunk? Was she angry or sad or both?

Hathor :D

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Review #22, by CrimsonEmeralds Prologue

4th May 2007:
Another good story! How do u keep coming up with them lol. ANyways, awesomeness (word? not sure lol) as always! Keep up the great work!


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Review #23, by merrisunshine Prologue

4th May 2007:
It could of been a deatheater like Malfoy who raped her because she was a muggleborn.

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Review #24, by The_Lily_And_Her_Stag Prologue

4th May 2007:
I love it! Please update soon. please! Rating: 10

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Review #25, by The_Forgotten_Marauder07 Prologue

4th May 2007:
I like this very much! Please make it into a Hermione/Draco fic then I would love you forever! Please! Pretty please! 10-10


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