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Review #1, by quidditch77 The forbbiden room

18th February 2008:
So...he was in a coma and for some reason woke up when Ronalda walked in his room? This story is interesting but you definitely need A LOT more description, you can't expect the reader to know what's going on when you provide us with minimal information.

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Review #2, by xx_potterfan_xx The forbbiden room

15th October 2007:
This seemed to be a good story, but the plot just didn't make sense to me.. Could you re-write with a better plot perhaps? It has potential, there are just plot holes thats all.

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Review #3, by TrueWeasleyAtHeart The forbbiden room

7th August 2007:
Very Sweet Story.
I enjoyed it.
I am pretty sure that you meant Harry and Ginny's children to be named after his parents, so in that case it would be Lily instead of Lilly. Just thought I would let you know.

Great Job!

Author's Response: *hits head* well, that was the point but yet again my spelling gets in the way. Thanks for minchoning that:)

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Review #4, by mischiefmanaged The forbbiden room

28th July 2007:
You have a very creative idea here. I enjoyed this one-shot. The only thing I have to say is that you should probably work on your description, grammar and spelling. The description was missing a lot, and I think that this will be a great story if you add more detail and correct your typos. Like some of your other reviewers said, you should probably edit this soon to add in that Ron was in a coma. Other than what I pointed out about the description, grammar and spelling, this was a very nice one-shot. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thanks:)

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Review #5, by Hermione15 The forbbiden room

19th July 2007:
Oh this was so good but I'm a little confused was Ron a ghost or real??
And if he was real ho was he in the room why he had a gravestone???

Author's Response: Ron, was real. He was in some kind of magical coma. Or somthing. I'll let the reader chjose why he was able to get back. Ok. Thanks:)

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Review #6, by annandnattie The forbbiden room

19th June 2007:
wow, its good, I Liked it but it was kinda short. other wise it was good!

Author's Response: Thanks, yeah I know it's a bit rushed. I might redo it, considering that I have a little more time:)

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Review #7, by taylorj828 The forbbiden room

14th June 2007:
Hehe, the names Ronalda, Lilly and James are a bit cliché. I can tell why you used them though. A few problems with spelling and capitalisation. Also, Brits say Mum not Mom. Hrm, so the part with the forbidden room was a bit strange. Was it his ghost? Interesting.

I think the idea of the little girl tripping on the grave is quite interesting. Good idea for a plot. (o:

Author's Response: I know that they are a bit cliche but it was what made the most sence than anything else I thought of. Iknow my spelling is horible. I have inproved though. You should see what I used to write. Also I do need to get in touch with my inerBritish side (thinks for a moment) I shall put that off for a while. Thanks for the review:)

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Review #8, by ginny_weasley_54 The forbbiden room

12th June 2007:
wow. i like it.

Author's Response: Thanks:)

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Review #9, by Anony_Mouse The forbbiden room

1st June 2007:
Very nice. Ronalda is perfectly Ron and Hermione's daughter and it was really unique that she knew so little about her dad. There was also this contrast between what Ronalda knows, and what the reader knows, which I especially liked because I am working on a novel with the same issues, and I've always had a soft spot for that theme. You need to work on grammar/spelling/flow issues, and also, I was reading your other reviews and it would be nice if you specified that Ron was in a coma (which you surely know by now, =)), since it would help still story work alone. Still, the plot/tension/characters are good, and if you get it beta'd, I'm sure it'll be a nice story, indeed. It has potential! =)

Author's Response: Why thank you:) I have allways liked this idea to. I guess I should explain that thanks:)

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Review #10, by rosai_gryffindor The forbbiden room

23rd May 2007:
aww sweet story! a few errors, but the plot and structure was very good! :)

Author's Response: Thanks:)

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Review #11, by JustSuper The forbbiden room

18th May 2007:
Yay he was gone and now he's back... it would be nice if there was a bit of an explaination though and how did the kids get from Hogwarts to the Burrow so quickly? Very well written

Author's Response: He disapperated once out of Hogwarts ground so threr you are thatks:)

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Review #12, by lveiswierd123 The forbbiden room

16th May 2007: how is alive? lol very good.

Author's Response: Alive thanks:)

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Review #13, by Wonwons Girl The forbbiden room

4th May 2007:
this was really good. just one thing: is he still dead? is he a ghost? was he only there for that one night to see Hermione? or is he alive again?
other than a tad bit of confusion, this was really really good! ^_^

Author's Response: He never died he was just put into a magical coma that they couldn't detect I guess i am going to have to add that eventuly:)

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Review #14, by Pottergirl17 The forbbiden room

28th April 2007:
Aww, that was cute. I think that you needed to explain the whole reason why he was able to come back to life better, though. I was a little confused as well. Otherwise, great read.

Author's Response: Thanks he wasn't dead just put into a coma that no one could decect:)

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Review #15, by Roka The forbbiden room

28th April 2007:
so...Ron rose from the dead?...

Author's Response: no he was just put into a magical sleep that porvented any one to know he was alive

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