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Review #1, by lily_evens_13 Concrete Angel

17th December 2007:
so sad...but i loved it, it made me want 2 cry...

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Review #2, by dark-lord--happy-pants Concrete Angel

21st November 2007:
wow. that was really sad!!! but it was really good too!!! very good job!!!

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Review #3, by ladybobcat54 Concrete Angel

9th July 2007:
'gasp''gasp' That was so good. 'sharp intake of breath' poor Harry and Ron! Waaahh!

Author's Response: awww.
sad i know..

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Review #4, by Valarie7505 Concrete Angel

9th May 2007:
aww the ending made me almost cry! i luved it 10-10

Author's Response: thanks =D

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Review #5, by Diandra Concrete Angel

5th May 2007:
Wow...that totaly made me cry...I'm completely in tears right now. That was horribly sad, but amazingly well written! That was a beautiful story and you made all of the characters act exactly like they would in the books...except for perhaps McGongall, she wouldn't have been that way. Well...overall wonderful story! 10/10 for sure!


Author's Response: aw thanks.
yeahhh i think McGongall was a little our of place. but i tried to write her to be sympathetic towards the boys. I mean they lost a beast friend and she lost a good student..
but thanks for your input.

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Review #6, by Allie Wood Concrete Angel

1st May 2007:
it so sad but i still loved it...
poor poor mionie

Author's Response: ='[
I'm glad you liked it.
RIP Mione

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Review #7, by Hermione_bestwitch Concrete Angel

29th April 2007:
Aww..this is sooo sad...

Author's Response: don't be sad =[
but yes i must admit it was sad.
thanks for reading =]

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Review #8, by Kiss_This Concrete Angel

29th April 2007:
This is so sad...i love this song and martina mcbride, and you did it wonderful justice!! just a hint tho, you mind want to go back and in your italizations at the fourth (and on) verses...10/10 (exclueding that)

Author's Response: thanks =]
yeah i'm no too happy with the whole Italizations. I thought i fixed everything. grr. haha but thanks for your input =]

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