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Review #1, by Bryarly Decision

27th July 2012:
I nearly cried!

I have always found Peter a little intriguing; I understand cowardice and a need for shelter and protection but I've never thought of them in terms of if it's protection for my best friend's life or mine for not caving.

Still, I like the memories you conjured with this story, that some of them were things we know happened and some were things that could have and might not have, but I like still more that even the ones never mentioned in the books or films, you made me feel like they were essential to Peter's being.

But my favourite was in the first chapter, the scene of confrontation between Sirius and Peter after James and Lily's death, because the laughing jinx/hex/spell (whatever it was) seems like such an obvious touch after a move like that and I'd never really thought about it.


Bryarly :)

Author's Response: It's been such a long time since I've thought about this story that I had to think a minute before responding, haha. I think that Peter gets criminalized in fanfic all too often, and when writing this, I wanted to give him a shot to have his side of the story told. I'm glad you enjoyed the story! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by angelmaple Decision

29th December 2007:
wow... you're really good at looking for the goodness in everyone. This story is awesome!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm happy that you liked this story. And looking for the goodness in everyone is fun. :)

Thanks for the review, angelmaple!

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Review #3, by julie Decision

30th September 2007:
that was a very good story...liked how Peter redeemed himself in a way by helping Harry and realizing that his friends were important to him once upon time...

Author's Response: Thank you! I wanted to give Peter the chance to learn from his mistakes, as I think that the majority of people DO end up learning thier lesson after they went wrong the first time. Thank you!

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Review #4, by kiwigirl Decision

24th September 2007:
huh. nice ending. why was harry sobbing, i mean, i know hes sad and stuff, but hmm... i really love your stories!

Author's Response: He's sobbing from emotional strain. Not so much sadness, but the fact that he had to get through so much to get to that one point...and then it ends. Harry has always had to worry about Voldemort's threats, so when it finally ended, I assumed that he would finally be able to let out whatever emotions he had been harboring over the years.

I don't imagine that crying is something you do only when you're sad...Harry had a mix of emotions oging through him and they came out in tears.

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Review #5, by kiwigirl The Dark Lord's Side

24th September 2007:
very good.

Author's Response: thank you!

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Review #6, by pink_hair_anyone Decision

31st August 2007:
i loved this story
it was great writing and i loved the importance you gave to peter's character

Author's Response: Thanks, I thought that that Peter would have a big role in the end...and I always thoguht he would repent. Thank you!

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Review #7, by xSirius will never diex Decision

29th August 2007:
Awww... poor... uhm... Never mind. I love the way you do the different charecters insread of people like Harry and Ron. =)

Author's Response: LOL, thank you! I like writing different characters better than the main ones...they're so much more fun!

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Review #8, by cheerio015 Decision

25th August 2007:
i like it--but i thought it was too short and you need to keep going off of that, or make something at the beginning.
good work, though, i like it and how you went from Peter's POV...good!

Author's Response: Ah...this was one of those fics that I was never quite staisfied with. Thanks for the input! I don't really want to extend the ending, I like the end the way it is now, but perhaps I shall take what you said into consideration and put more in the beginning. Some background, perhaps?

I'm glad you liked it anyways, and thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by cassie meadows Decision

20th August 2007:
im so glad he made that choice! of course, he owed harry, but that was so sweet!

Author's Response: Yay! Thanks for the review. He did owe Harry, but I'm thinking that it was something along the lines of old loyalty coming back to haunt him too. Glad tyou enjoyed it!

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Review #10, by liandhate Decision

24th June 2007:
for the first time ever, i am proud of Peter. poor harry, he's all by himself.

Author's Response: Good, he did the right thing this time round, and I wanted him to be redeemed somewhat. I'm glad you liked it. Thanks!

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Review #11, by xoliversxxgurlx Decision

23rd June 2007:
Mr. Buttercup!!! *giggles hysterically* I absolutely loved this story. All of the small details you added in made it that much better: the blackboard they used to practice on, James being a blockhead *erupts in another fit of giggles* My absolute favorite part, though, was when he looked up at the end and saw James. So touching! I wonder how the world would view him after that?

Once again, fabulous story!! *cookies for all*

Author's Response: Awesomeness!!! I love cookies!!! And I love them twice as much when they're given to me by a reviewer!!!! And ot answer your question, I have absolutely no idea. I mean, they could look at him and see him only for his past betrayl, or they could see him as the man who handed Harry Potter victory. It all depends on who wnats to forgive him...

And Mr. Buttercup is an awesome name... if I had a pet rat, I would totally name him Mr. Buttercup...

Thanks for the review!!!

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Review #12, by Silver_Falcon The Dark Lord's Side

25th May 2007:
Hey, keeping my promise!
this is really good, althoguh i dont really see how Harry and Voldemort would stand by and watch whilst Peter has his flashbacks. But besides my little issues with the real world complexities its really good!

Author's Response: Yeah, you do make an excellent point, and it crossed my mind (I'm not just saying this, I actually did think of it) but, well, it didn't suit my story, so I decided to ignore it, and hope that readers wouldn't notice...


Thanks for the review!

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Review #13, by Silver_Falcon Decision

20th May 2007:
you left me a review (which i thank you greatly for) and i mixed my reply up with others, so ignore the bit about Paved with Good Intentions (unless you want to read it in which i am not complaining). Thanks again for the tip.
back to the review. to be perfectly honest i havent read your story through yet as i am savin ti to take it home. But i am going to read it and then come back aand reply with much capitalisation and smiles.
I am sapping now. So ignore me.
From what i've seen and the summary i really like it so far. But like i said the real review will come later
thanks again

Author's Response: Okay, thanks.

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Review #14, by holly bergman Decision

15th May 2007:
I always thought Peter would have a huge part to play in the last battle. This was really well written and you've done the characters really well. Great Job! :-)

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #15, by BlackRoses911 Decision

10th May 2007:
Oh. My. God. I don't even know what to say. Your story is great, but that ending is wow.

"I wonder now, will history remember me as a traitor, or a hero?

"At this point, I don’t think it even matters."

Superb. Brilliant. 10/10 for the best Peter story I've ever read and a new addition to my favorites. Wow.

Author's Response: Yipee! You added it to your favorites?! I'm absolutely flattered, especially since this story gave me a bit more trouble than my others, I wasn't sure if anyone was going to like it.

And I'm one of those people who'll think of the ending lines before coming up with the rest of the story...originally I had the first paragraph and the last lines, and had to trudge through getting the middle done. I'm glad my efforts didn't go in vain! Thank you!

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Review #16, by BlackRoses911 The Dark Lord's Side

10th May 2007:
You DID write it! Woohoo! I love the plot in this story, it's fantastic! On to the next chapter!

Author's Response: Yep, the reason it's out so quickly (I think) is because I posted it during those dry days when the queue was only one day long...whoo! people actually read my responses!

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by Zazuli Decision

10th May 2007:
This was brilliant. Honestly, I think it was the best version of the battle I've ever read. And trust me, that is a compliment.

You can't help but feel sorry for Peter, he's torn between wanting to make a peace offering to his friends by helping James's son, and obeying Voldemort. I don't really think it was Pete's fault, he was weak, and a follower. Seriously, this guy is my favourite marauder.

I wish you'd write a sequel to this or something D: I really want to know what happens to Peter. :( But if you think about it, had Peter never betrayed his friends, Harry would never have been marked and able to kill Voldly. The wizarding world would have been a whole lot less off.

I loved this. It was definitely awe inspiring, and I congratulate you on the good work. It doesn't make you want to cry, more like making you feel thoughtful about Pete's plight.

Great job.


Author's Response: I am truly flattered that you want a sequel, but unless an idea for a plot comes up, I don't think that's going to happen. and you should feel some slight pity for Peter, not a lot...but enough. And I really hate it when people don't include Peter in their marauder stories...he was a marauder too!

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Review #18, by Mobius_01 Decision

2nd May 2007:
I liked how you turned Peter around. I actually believe that it will happen in the actual 7th book.

Author's Response: Thank you! I don't know if it will actually happen, but Peter is definitely going to be involved somehow...

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Review #19, by Wingless Decision

1st May 2007:
Ohmygod! Don't hate me, but at first glance I wasn't sure I'd be pulled in by this story. Don't worry though, by the end you got me a little teary-eyed! Peter's emotions are pure and raw in this story -- I think you got him just right. The ending is perfect! How he grieves over his betrayal to his friends, and then justifies it by betrayed Voldemort? Perfect. Just perfect. :D Beautifully written. You portrayed a very conflicted Peter, which I think suits this story well. Excellent job!

Author's Response: Wow, thank you! To be completely honest, I wasn't really expecting good reviews for it, it was kind of a random. And to be honest, when I planned the story in my head, that ending isn't what I had in mind, it just sort of...happened. Originally I wasn't going to tell you who he gave the wand to, but somehow this just slipped out. But thank you so much for reviewing, I love reviews!

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Review #20, by Zokara The Dark Lord's Side

28th April 2007:
Interesting. I enjoyed it. I wish you'd made it a one-shot actually, I want to know Pettigrew's choice.

Author's Response: Well, you won't have to wait for long, I sent ch 2 in yesterday, and if the queue is really only one day long, it should be coming out later today or tomorrow. Thanks!

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Review #21, by EvanescenceObsessed The Dark Lord's Side

28th April 2007:
Wonderfully done, I love how you handled Peter's flashbacks. =) Now I'm wondering what exactly he's going to do with that wand.

Author's Response: Haha, you won't have to wonder for long! I sent in ch 2 yesterday! Thank you!

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