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Reading Reviews for AnavaraAna
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Review #1, by Q A Two O'clock by the Fireplace

22nd March 2005:
I really enjoyed this chapter, it was well written and seems like quite a unique fic.


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Review #2, by sarah Endings

28th December 2004:
wow...this is a very different story...very interesting too..good job is all that i can say because at this point i am at a loss for words

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Review #3, by margarita 'An Eye for an Eye'

26th January 2004:
Hi i just want to tel that i love your story i hope you update soon because i have to tell you is very very goog see ya

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Review #4, by SarahLupin 'An Eye for an Eye'

25th January 2004:
Cool chapter! I liked how you twisted the scene to make Sirius the victim, that was interesting! Anyways, great story. Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Thank you. I had fun with that scene, even though Sirius is my favorite character. But I felt that since my story is about my character falling love with Severus, that he needed a little retaliation (sp?) against his tormentors. Thanks again (for the wonderful comment, and for the review!)... Moyruh

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Review #5, by LoonyLoopyLupin In the Common Room

22nd January 2004:
Good so far! Must read more *back to reading*

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Review #6, by SarahLupin Valentines Day

20th January 2004:
Very cool story so far! I really like the format, it is interesting. Keep up the good work!

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Review #7, by Matt Valentines Day

19th January 2004:
your a very skilled write . I haven't read your whola story yet . But I'll eventually . ^_~ Talk to you later .

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Review #8, by ilovedracomalfoy69 Valentines Day

18th January 2004:
o wow! that was awesome! i'm speecless i loved it so much! is this yr first fan fic? if so wow! well, all i gotta say now is u should read mine and im me sometime if u have AIM/AOL : Sultry Rose Red and my email's my_hair_sucks_ass@yahoo.com. can't wait til i hear from ya. peace!

Author's Response: ^_^ *blushes* thank you so much. I really appreciate your wonderful review. Yes, this is my first fan fiction. I will be reading your fan fiction soon. Thank you again.

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Review #9, by The writer of the year Two O'clock by the Fireplace

16th January 2004:
Hey this is really good continue

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Review #10, by The writer of the year In the Common Room

16th January 2004:
This is better than i expected can you plz read and review my story called A Forbidden Love

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Review #11, by The writer of the year Thoughts and Dreams

16th January 2004:
Cool dats all

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Review #12, by The writer of the year Meetings

16th January 2004:
Good story and let him go gaga plz no one disturb him. Good story by the way and if it wouldnt be so much trouble can you plx read and review my story called A Forbidden Love

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Review #13, by The writer of the year Valentines Day

16th January 2004:
Hey really good but its sort of slow going plz update soon

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Review #14, by Gracie To Late

10th January 2004:
You know how I am. :-P The story was very well told, hon. I did have a little bit of an issue with the retelling of what had already transpired fromthe other's veiwpoint but I also see why you did it. I certainly didn't expect it to turn tragic like it did. :-| There were some errors in the typing, I think you were trying to decide how you wanted to word some things, if you want the specifics you know where to find me. Overall though, I liked it.

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