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Review #1, by Samantha(Sam!!) Two for Revenge

5th December 2010:
oh that so didn't suck i loved it:) then again i pretty much love most of these storys keep writing i will read it all:)

Author's Response: I'm so sorry, this story has been discontinued! I wrote this in 8th grade and that was quite some time ago. I don't even remember where I was going with the story. But I truly appreciate your feedback and it makes me wanna start writing again but I just don't remember what to do... or how to start up again.

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Review #2, by Samantha(Sam!!) One for the Pride

5th December 2010:
still an awesome story i'm lovin it you crack me up Mimi:)

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Review #3, by Samanthat(Sam!!) Prologue

5th December 2010:
i love it this is an awesome story and im only on the prolouge!!!:)

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Review #4, by xxxmisspotterxxx Two for Revenge

9th January 2008:

Except mine wasn't because of an iBook.
Argh! It's sooo annoying!
(sorry, I know you didn't need to know any of this, but it's good to rant)
Love the story, and the bit about Sirius crying!
Love it!!
Update soon!

Author's Response: Omigod, you've no idea how pissed I was. I was only a paragraph away before the 3rd chappie was done. But this stupid computer just HAD to fail me, once again.

:( I'm sorry if I don't EVER update. If I do, then that's great. I've forgotten some parts of the plot by now, so I've gotta sit down and think about what to write about.

Thanks for the encouragement, tho'. :)

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Review #5, by Jane Two for Revenge

25th November 2007:
WOW! I am IN LOVE with your story and even though you can't see me I'm on my hands and knees (well, not literally. That would make me appear a little too addicted to fanfiction) begging for an update! Your story is absolutely brilliant! Update quickly please!!!

Author's Response: Oh gee. Oh no. Well, I was actually thinking about abandoning this one... but you give me hope. I'll try, but my computer crashed (AGAIN!) recently and the little I've written of the 3rd chapter was there, so...

But thank you for your review!

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Review #6, by Claire Two for Revenge

6th August 2007:
I love your story Mimi! So update!!

Stephany's comments pwn. She's hilarious. So fun to annoy ^^.She even yells online! It's great =DDD Of course, when she's not yelling online, she's yelling at me in real life, but whatever.

Can I join the azn mafia even though school's over? Love you!

Author's Response: LMAO. Yes, you are the complete epitome f what the azn mafia is about: the whole pretty blonde hair blue eyed you. It still amuses me that somebody like you read manga, watch anime, and listen to j-Pop. Even I don't read manga.

:-D Gee, I'm totally gonna miss ALL OF YOUUUU.

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Review #7, by BobbyBritish Two for Revenge

9th June 2007:
DAH! When are you going to update!?

Author's Response: I'm really really really sorry, but I'm really busy right now. Maybe in a couple of weeks or a month... :-( This is sad, I know, but I also have writer's block so... but thanks for the enthusiasm!

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Review #8, by Kay Two for Revenge

22nd May 2007:
hehe! Never! I like rain so I was fine and besides how could I let a little rain ruin my FIRST time at King's Dominion. ^-^
Hope u were okay!

Author's Response: 1st time? Awwww. Yeah, loved the rain... it was funner... lol. It cooled you off as you were riding... very fun. :-)

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Review #9, by nachindi_chesey Two for Revenge

21st May 2007:

i really LOVE the story! i cant wait to see where it goes! update asap!


Author's Response: :-) Thanks so much for the review! I'll totally try my hardest!

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Review #10, by asianchic003 Two for Revenge

20th May 2007:
It was basically the same as when I read it in TA, except for that part at the end with James and Sirius. I love your stories sooo much, so don't you dare stop writing them until you've finished. I'm not gonna see you next year. I'm not gonna get to read your chapters before everyone else. It's really rather depressing.

Author's Response: LOL, Stephieeeee. Thanks so much for the encouragement you are! Yeah, I feel bad for going to Deep Run and not Henrico either... hehe. But we'll all hang, like b4 I go to the Philippines for the summer!

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Review #11, by xHEARTSandLOVEo Two for Revenge

20th May 2007:
omgsh. i love this story. good plot line. update soon!

Author's Response: Haha, thanks! I'll try my hardest to update ASAP, but then sometimes I get writer's block... er, like now. :-) Thanks again for the review.

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Review #12, by Kay Two for Revenge

20th May 2007:
It rocked. I loved it. More, more! ^-^
So cool! I really like the plot.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! Hope the rain at King's Dominion didn't bum you out! :-)

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Review #13, by Anna Two for Revenge

20th May 2007:
oh i love your story! But why make James mad at Lily? So he can hook up with her and dump her when she's in love with him?
Oooh i can't wait for an update.. the sooner the better.
Loved it; keep up the good work. The chapters good be a bit longer though

Author's Response: AU... that is why I love this genre b/c you get to do w/e you want with the characters. Welllllll, I'm not gonna tell you what's gonna happen. You won't come back for more if I did! :-) I made James mad at Lily for a change; I was tired of him pining for her in all the other stories, so why not have Lily get what she gave? I'm evil, I know. Ch. 2 was actually longer in the original version but you see, my iBook broke and some of my stuff got wiped out. I had to rewrite the ENTIRE story, so... you see, I'm having a terrible time here. But thanks for the enthusiasm and review!

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Review #14, by Kay One for the Pride

10th May 2007:
Okay when I review this from now on I'm using Kay instead of K. Just so u know... *.* hehe, if u remember.

Author's Response: 'Course, how could I not? I

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Review #15, by Kay One for the Pride

10th May 2007:
Hehe! I like it a lot. Very interedting plot. ^_^. I wanna read more : )

Author's Response: LOL, thanks!

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Review #16, by asianchic003 One for the Pride

10th May 2007:
Mimi. I'm gonna be nice. WHERE IS YOU ONE-SHOT? I've been checking, like, everyday since you told me about it. So, where is it?

Author's Response: It's still updating!!! Gosh, the only reason I did that was b/c I was a) bored and b) I AM HAVING MAJOR WRITER'S BLOCK!!! Haha, but thanks for the enthusiasm.

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Review #17, by Tillie One for the Pride

7th May 2007:
This story is really good! I love it!! I'm just a little confused as to whats happening with Sirius and Marlene, how come Lily didnt recognize her at starbucks? and also, why did Sirius pretend to cheat on her?
Keep up the good work!
Update soon!!!

Author's Response: Ah, now, that would be givin' away the story! Haha, but Marlene charmed her hair to be brunette that day and besides, she was snogging the lights out of Sirius, so she didn't have her face towards where Lily could recognize her. Sirius didn't PRETEND to cheat on her, he PURPOSELY wanted to cheat on Lily so that the "plan" that Remus came up with could start. Remember, this is NOT a Sirius/Lily fic (EWWWW), but a Lily/James. That's all I'm gonna say at the moment cuz I want you guys to come back and review and read my story! :-) Thank you very much for reviewing!

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Review #18, by asianchic003 One for the Pride

7th May 2007:
Mimi, okay, I'm not gonna yell at you, I'm not gonna yell at you, I'm not gonna yell at you. Forget that, I'm gonna yell at you. IF YOU DISCONTINUE THIS STORY I WILL YELL AT YOU AND IGNORE YOU FOR THE REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR, EVEN IF IT'S NOT VERY LONG. I TOLD YOU WHEN YOU FIRST STARTED THIS STORY YOU COULD NOT BE ONE OF THOSE PEOPLE WHO START A STORY AND THEN NEVER FINISH IT. I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAVE WRITER'S BLOCK. *calms down* Okay, that's all I wanted to say!

Author's Response: Omg, I love you. Thanks for the encouragement. That would suck if you stopped talking to me... that could possibly mean that I'll get shunned from our azn mafia. HAHA. Help me write it, then! I'm almost done with chapter 2 (ch. 3 on here, cuz it counts the prologue as like, a chapter), so it's gonna be fine. I'll post is ASAP! Don't worry.

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Review #19, by BobbyBritish One for the Pride

6th May 2007:
If Harry's grandmother is Aurora Prewett, and Ginny's mom is Molly Prewett, wouldn't that make it an incestual relationship?

Author's Response: LOL, I dunno. But I'm quite sure that maybe it's a VERY VERY distant relationship. From JK's Black Family Tree, James is related to Sirius and Sirius is related to the Prewetts. I mean, c'mon, purebloods interbreed. Think West Virginia here. Wow. I never thought about that, tho', thanks for pointing it out. I'll have to change it. Thanks Joseph!

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Review #20, by violinvirtuoso Prologue

4th May 2007:
Haha at first I was thinking about what a jerk Sirius was (although I am a whole-hearted Lily/James shipper) but now I feel bad for him.

Very well written, excellent imagery. I particularly liked the line, "Her entire body elicited an aura that could have chilled a thousand penguins." Hehe I love penguins. Anyway, good job. I can't wait to read more. =)

Author's Response: OMG, me too, since Happy Feet! Lol. Nah, that entire scene happened for a fabulous reason, and that's getting Lily and James together! So Sirius had to do it... I mean, he didn't voluntarily (albeit grudgingly, I must say) go out with Lily for nothing! One thing y'all have to understand is that I disapprove of any ships that aren't canon... Sirius/Lily is definitely NOT my type, but they had to happen b/c of the plot. But anyway, thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #21, by BobbyBritish One for the Pride

3rd May 2007:
Pretty good... Um, that's all I can think of.

Author's Response: Thanks for reading! Lol. You make it sound like I'm forcing you to review (*laughs sinisterly*)... haha, but thanks again.

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Review #22, by asianchic003 One for the Pride

2nd May 2007:
Yes! I'm the first person to review for this chapter!!! I win! Anyways, James was a seeker, not a chaser. And I love the Dragon Pox thing. Oh yeah, and btw, who's Henry? I also love how James' dad is so much like James when it comes to love. It's really funny. I love your story, just don't be one of those people who update like everyday at the beginning, and then stop halfway through the story. Because if you do that, I promise you I'll yell at you and ignore you for like ever (or until I calm down).

Author's Response: STEPHIEEEEEE!!!! LOL. No, James was totally a CHASER, JKR says so. The movie got it wrong! Henry's the house-elf. I couldn't think of anything that sounds cooler than Henry, so... haha. I probably would be like one of those peeps cuz sometimes I get really really bad writer's block, but I'll try my hardest. Thanks for reviewingggg!

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Review #23, by Vatina Prologue

2nd May 2007:
Awesome! You're lucky, you have such better plot bunnies than I do. This is such an awesome story, please continue it!

Author's Response: Haha, I'll be sure to tell them that they are loved when I go to sleep tonight!

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Review #24, by Fallen_from_Grace Prologue

2nd May 2007:
I really like it so far, good AU. Keep it up!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! You totally made my day. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #25, by asianchic003 Prologue

1st May 2007:
Hey! I know I just reviewed like three seconds ago, but I'm forgot to mention this: YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WRITE A DRACO/HERMIONE FANFIC!
Hehe...I love Draco/Hermione fanfics.if you couldn't tell.hehe

Author's Response: Agh. I HATE D/H's because it's like blasphemous. I stick to canon ships. But I know what you mean; the romance factor in that ship can be extreme. I mean, it's kinda like L/J with a twist. ,3

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