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Review #1, by 0013X Sirius\'s House

22nd February 2013:
Hmm... I don't really like the fact that Lily is the one going after James - J.K. Rowling portrayed that James was the one loving Lily for years, and Lily finally returned his feelings in the seventh year.
Like your writing style, but upgrade your word choice a bit.
Overall, nice effort.

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Review #2, by hermioneandharry Sirius\'s House

6th June 2010:
great job on this whole story!
i had a great time reading it!


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Review #3, by cal Meeting James Potter

18th June 2007:
i don't really think lily could have gone through hogwarts without seeing james that doesn't really work

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Review #4, by i luv harry x3 Sirius\'s House

12th June 2007:
I cannot believe you abandoned this! 5 becuase you stopped writing. It was good, but I can't believe you stopped!

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Review #5, by evangaline Sirius\'s House

24th April 2007:
i really liked it!when r u gonna write more?

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Review #6, by none Sirius\'s House

1st February 2007:
OMG!That was really cool! I couldn't stop reading. I love it.


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Review #7, by Hotchic_101 Meeting James Potter

22nd July 2006:
Lily win't act like that she not that kind of girl they hated each other my aunty is the author of Harry Potter and she said at first they didn't like each other!
But other than that the story is good!
Keep it up!

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Review #8, by Hotchic_101 Forgetful

20th July 2006:
why do you have so much of \\\///in your writing i didn't even read it but this is a must.

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Review #9, by The Jive Myster Forgetful

21st September 2005:
I'm SORRY. So, so SORRY... but.. this is a FANFICTION, not a fashion column. I mean if I was Kate Moss minus my Chanel and Burberry I'd need the advice, but Lily Evans DEFINITLEY was NOT as superficial. Nowhere NEAR as shallow. You just havn't GRASPED the characters.

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Review #10, by Gordie_Lass Sirius\'s House

13th August 2005:
Great fic. i spent all day reading it. your going on my faverites list! please update soon! is remus going to get together with anyone?

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Review #11, by coolio Discovered

9th July 2005:
Why did you kill hannah?!?! she was soooo awsome!!!!!!

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Review #12, by pRoNgSy Sirius\'s House

21st June 2005:
really good, siriues and lily act like their related! <3

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Review #13, by pRoNgSy Remus Returns

21st June 2005:
nice, lol i love the last comment my remus <3

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Review #14, by amberg93 Discovered

20th June 2005:
Ok f.y.i that was a sad speech and i cryied!

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Review #15, by amberg93 The Newest Installment: Springtime...

20th June 2005:
She died for him? He will never know! she should have writen a note!

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Review #16, by amberg93 Gone...

20th June 2005:
Muggle family in surrey? Lilys maybe?

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Review #17, by Stef Sirius\'s House

3rd February 2005:
hey that was really good I actually liked this one which is surprising cause I dont usually go for this sort of thing but this one was well thought out and written. Thanks

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Review #18, by Amy The Love Potion's Side Affects

20th December 2004:
but no one was there

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Review #19, by singergirl Sirius\'s House

25th November 2004:
way cool!!!! were they talkin about becoming anamagi?

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Review #20, by Bri Sirius\'s House

20th April 2004:
You haven't updated this in ages! You should it's a really great story! I love it! But please, can't you update!

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Review #21, by Sezzer Sirius\'s House

20th March 2004:
Hurry up!!!! It's been ages since you wrote another chapter, three WHOLE days! I really want to know what happens next! Please hurry!

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Review #22, by angel The Marauder\'s Map

31st December 2003:
Your charpter was excellent!!!!!

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Review #23, by angel Date Preperation

30th December 2003:
It was great!!!! I loved the part when Sirius went through the wall. Keep up the great work!

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Review #24, by angel Meeting James Potter

29th December 2003:
I was so wrong about my first review. I lllllllooooooooooovvvvvvveeee it!!!!

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Review #25, by angel Forgetful

29th December 2003:
Pretty good. Although I couldn't understand all of it.

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