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Review #1, by Karkaroff Teary eyed

20th February 2009:
Excellent idea and please write more thanks.

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Review #2, by Tom_DracosGirl Teary eyed

8th May 2008:
Oh poor Tuney!! I felt really sorry for her in this chapter, but I liked how determined she was at the end! What action is she going to take? & where have Draco and Harry gone?

Hope you manage to update again soon!!

Author's Response: Thanks for checking up on this story! lol I considered quitting it, but a few people are still reading it looks like, so I guess I will finish it up, now that I have some time. Glad you liked the chapter, and hope you post Pansy/Harry story soon ;)

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Review #3, by HeadWitch_N Charge Teary eyed

24th April 2008:
OK missy. do you know how long i had to wait to get another chapter! I had really almost forgotten about your stories, which I love so much, because of the ong wait. I mean i am happy you aren't one of the writers who write a story and leave it at the most ackward place ever, abandoning the story completly,THANK GOD! This chapter was a filler I understand that! But don't take so long to update again missy, or you get no cookies! ( and i really mean that!)

Author's Response: hehe Yeah, I am graduating from college right now, getting 2 bachelors degrees, so I have been CRAZY BUSY with paperwork and final projects and job interviews. almost over though, so I will have to finish this story over the coming summer. yay. Thanks for being an awesome reviewer =))

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Review #4, by Tom_DracosGirl Ch 15

9th April 2008:
I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! Love it when I'm right! lol. Lucius was rather closed to the news wasn't he? Makes me think he knows, or has an idea that she was having an affair. But I'm really glad he accepted her news without question!

So glad you updated. & not jsut 1 but 2 chapters for me to read!!

Author's Response: haha, that does kind of look like he knows doesn't it... lol well he might... I will update soon, so we will see which way it goes

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Review #5, by Akt312 Teary eyed

19th March 2008:
I love this story. You are a very good writer. I can’t wait until you update more. 10/10. =)

Can you make me a banner for my story, ‘Secrets, Lies, and Scandals: Hogwarts the Next Generation’?
My email is


Author's Response: sure, email me at
I will have some time next week

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Review #6, by Akt312 Carefree existence

19th March 2008:
So far I like this story. One concern i have is that, Lucius is driving a car. He is a pure-blood enthusiast and I doubt that he would EVER get into a car. Aside from that small detail it is a good story, and very well written, and I will continue to read it.

Author's Response: ha ha, yeah this story started a really really long time ago when I had no idea where I wanted to take it. now so many months/year later, it had changed quite a bit. Thus there might be MANY inconsistencies... unfortunately. Glad you took the time to read! Thanks for the review

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Review #7, by dumbblonde89 Ch 15

19th February 2008:
this is a good story. i was wondering if you can make a banner for me for my story called surrender. can you please check it out?

Author's Response: Yep, email me at

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Review #8, by Evamitchelle Ch 15

19th February 2008:
It's a short but good chapter. I'm happy that Lucius finally knows Narcissa's pregnant, but his reactions is so... Lucius-y. I mean, he founds out his wife's pregnant (well, maybe it's not his child) and the only thing he says is that they should throw a party !

The last part is quite emotional too, when Narcissa believes she can fall in love again with Luciusbut asks herself if he will try too.


Author's Response: I am glad you think they stayed in character - "Lucius'y" lol I enjoyed writing this chapter and will hopefully be updating this story faster now that I have a little more time.
Thanks so much for the feedback, please review again!!!

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Review #9, by HeadWitch_N Charge Ch 15

15th February 2008:
Ok well she finally told him. I don't know if Lucius is really happy or not ...but i guess we will find out. I like this chapter and please keep posting. O and in this chapter Narcissa said that she wanted to name her girl, if she is having one, Dahlia. Ok now on your page thingy with all the stories i noticed that you have a story titled "Dear Dahlia." I think si im not sure.-.-.-.-. but i am at the same time. Ok enough babblung now it's time to yell.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-.-HOW DARE YOU WAIT SO LONG TO UPDATE MISSY! I MEAN REALLY I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO DIE *over exagrates and faints* YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME!!! IF YOU WAIT SO LONG TO UPDATE I'M GOING TO HAVE TO DO SOMETHING* like not give anyy cookies , and we all know that authors love cookies and reviews* HEY I KNOW, I'LL TAKE THAT AWAY .-.-YEAH!.-.-.-.-. I MEAN IT.-.-.-. I REALLY WILL.-.-.-.IM NOT PLAYING.-.-.-.-.-.SERIOUSLY.-.---.-ok we all know i won't do anything;but prance around like a liitle school girl when you update again! yeah aawwsome! ok review over

Author's Response: Lol, Thanks SO much for commenting, your review made me laugh =) aka happy.
Yes, there is a story I was going to write about Dahlia, but I put it on hold and not sure if I will take it up again, bc I am doing this one and The Perfect Couple instead. But you are right, it was going to be about Narcissa's daughter...
I hope you keep reading and review again plseee!!! xoxo

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Review #10, by Tom_DracosGirl All by myself

15th December 2007:
Oh poor Hermione! I felt so sorry for her, she rather reminded me of Luna in this chapter.

Narcissa is going to tell Lucius? Is she mad? (or possibly you wanna make me think she's pregnant when she really isn't & it's something to do with Draco's sneaking around).

Harry's scar is hurting? That's quite interesting, I was wondering if the usual "Voldie is coming" signs would still be there in Harry now that he has "gone the other way"

I really wanna know what happens next! (Bet you'll be mean though & give me more questions to think through than answers lol).

Author's Response: Hermione Luna... hmm you're right, I didnt think of it that way, quite friendless and estranged. Good eye.
Narcissa might be pregnant ... or not. I am going to keep writing this story now that I am back from Italy, so I really hope you read the end !!! Thanks for remembering about this story=)))

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Review #11, by expectorubberducky All by myself

3rd December 2007:
wow, this chapter jumped a bit but ok it was good as always lookin forward to the next

Author's Response: thanks=) its coming soon

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Review #12, by SoulofSlytherin Slytherin

10th November 2007:
A new banner would be great. i love your story by the way...


Author's Response: Ok, I made you one - its on the review of your last chapter. Hope you like it =)

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Review #13, by Tom_DracosGirl The Cheating Curve

6th November 2007:
Hey chick, another FAB!! Chapter, at least Harry is feeling better now lol. I'm still hopping about trying to figure out what sneaky Draco is up to.

I loved how you captured the relationship between Draco & Narcissca, at least how she thinks of him, very Cissy I thought.

Keep up the fab writing!!! 10/10 as always

Author's Response: hey hey ! Im glad you mentioned the Dr/Narcissa relationship, it was the main point of this chapter in my opinion. I hoped I captured it well enough... Harry's feeling better for now hehe and You need to update the harry/pansy fic more often! but I guess youre way busy with all the other stories you have going on. I need to find some time to check those out

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Review #14, by scorpiossting The Cheating Curve

3rd November 2007:
I found your story a couple of days ago on the HPFF Site- I'm enjoying the glipmses into these characters- I really think the Malfoys are likely true to character, and it is interesting to see the perceptions of the others lives if the Golden Trio had not formed. I'm anxious to find out what Petunia's secret is, and if there is going to be some sort of climax where Ron and Hermione and the Weasley's mix with Potter and Draco in some sort of meaningful way... and of course, will Narcissa get caught?

Author's Response: Yes, my main concern when I started writing this story was making it as un-cliche as possible, so Im glad you are enjoying the glimpses into the lives of non Golden-Trio characters! Im always happy to read positive reviews=) Hope you come back and read the rest and let me know what you think of the subsequent chapters!

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Review #15, by Evamitchelle The Cheating Curve

3rd November 2007:
I have just read the 13 chapters of your story and i must say I found it nice. Or to quote Anton in chapter 9 : "No, scratch that, not nice – amazing is a better word.".

It's really interesting to read a story from this point of view and I absolutely love the way you write. There's also a lot of mystery and suspense (like when Petunia turned out to be that 'Peta' mentioned previously). I put 10 of course, and your sory is now in my favorites.

Evamitchelle, dying to read more of your story.

Author's Response: oh Im so glad to hear that! Thank you very much for reading all of it =) I still need to fix the first chapter, most people see it and don't bother reading any that come after it. And I really appreciate you leaving a review =)

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Review #16, by loverforever102 The Cheating Curve

2nd November 2007:
nice job on that chapter!hey i like your banner! just wondering can you make me one plz i want one just send me what you need and i'll send it back filled out for you. i really need a banner ! once again nice job! oh you can email me at or plz help me out with it i'll give you full credit on it

Author's Response: is your story posted ? I cant click on your penname for some reason. I can make you a banner, email me at

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Review #17, by harryordracolover Catching up

17th October 2007:
i love your story dont stop its just that since school started people dont have as much times as they used2

Author's Response: yeah same here unfortunately lol I won't stop it, It will be on hold. I will definitely finish it for those of you who want to see it end =))

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Review #18, by Tom_DracosGirl Catching up

10th October 2007:
Severe repercussions? Sounds very exciting!!! Make sure you update very soon so that I find out what's going to happen. I'm loving Narcissa in your story!

Bring Draco back! I'm dying to know what the sneaky rat is up to! lol.

Another fab chapter!

Author's Response: thanks, you need to update Pansy Draco one!

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Review #19, by DracoWillLoveMe Catching up

2nd October 2007:
lovin this! its in my favs now! pls right more! x

Author's Response: thanks! will post as soon as I finish the next chapter =)

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Review #20, by Draco Will Love Me Unrecalled memories

29th September 2007:
i like it! fab ending by the way! xx

Author's Response: thank you. but it hasnt ended yet... there will be at least ten more chapters, maybe more

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Review #21, by Hermiione Down the Alleyway

25th September 2007:
yay ch 11 is out :]
nice work

Author's Response: thank you =) hope you like the next one too! itll be out this week

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Review #22, by delta Down the Alleyway

19th September 2007:
Gah. Wonderful (two) chapters. I love your characterization of Hermione and Harry, and I'm really, really curious about what exactly Lucius did to Harry and who Draco was meeting. I'm especially intriguied with how you've let the plot run its course since I've also been reading another story, which is very different, but also very similar and the differences in the way in which you shape the situations and characters are very interesting. Anyways, I enjoyed reading this a lot. Sorry about the late review, but life's been rather busy.

Author's Response: oh interesting, what is the name of the story? Im intrigued lol Thanks for reviewing! I am glad you are enjoying my plot. I do actually just run with it and almost never map it out beforehand/ Its not the best way to write but I find that it is an easy way to come up with most random and sometimes good sidelines. =)

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Review #23, by Tom_DracosGirl Down the Alleyway

16th September 2007:
What is naughty Draco up to now? I'm glad Harry's feeling better lol, but I hope he starts remembering things soon cos I wanna know what happened to him!!

Oooh, & Bella's back! (well, sort of) lol.

I guessed it was Cissy and Petuina in the last chapter, I didn't know there was a prequel- which I won't be reading until after this story cos I like to try and guess the plot & I don't wanna know what happens!

Love it as always!! 10/10

Author's Response: Yeah Bella will be back for more lol I havent had time to write lately, so I am still posting what I had written for a while now. Thus I have two more chapters to post before I need to start writing again. But I hope you keep reading, and wait for the updates which we will come I promise!
p.s. I liked your newest stories, they were great

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Review #24, by cosmopiltan411 Unfaithful

11th September 2007:
omg this chap was great, reading thsi i do hav to wonder how ur gonna manage the l/j in ur fic, as much as i lvu the pairing it will be hard to make up for his jack ass-ness (?)... but then again ur a talented writer, u shuldnt hav much trouble pulling it off

Author's Response: Hmm you didn't think he was at all nice in chapter 6 when he couldn't bring himself to break up with her? That was supposed to show him in a better light. lol But to answer your question I am planning to have quite a long story out of this one so it will be more obvious in later chapters. =)

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Review #25, by Kaileena A busy day

3rd September 2007:
hey, I love this story! Plz continue writting it. It's definitly one of the best ever!

Author's Response: Thank you very much =) I am happy to hear that. Please come back and read the rest !

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