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Review #1, by Lucinda Another twist

5th October 2014:
A Guardian? Master of Death?

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Review #2, by wateva Another twist

19th January 2008:
A really good flyer? Oh, come on, you didn't say that it had to be what I thought Yoshi was talking about. Do I get 10 pts. for pure witty-ness and sarcasam?

Author's Response: nope, u get 11
I luv such jokes

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Review #3, by brunogpa Truth revealed

15th January 2008:
so far its good, for somw reason chap 2 tells me that i am not authrized

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Review #4, by ???????????????? Another twist

30th November 2007:
Nice one.
Isn't the secret sanctuary something like the Time Chamber in Dragonball Z???

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Review #5, by jocelyn Another twist

24th August 2007:
a warrior?

Author's Response: No no no.....not a warrior.

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Review #6, by Wingnut1974 Another twist

20th August 2007:
Keep up the Chapters this is getting good


Author's Response: Thnx thnx...
But I m a really REALLY busy person...so chapters will come very s l o w l y.......

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Review #7, by michaelc Another twist

18th August 2007:
well obviously he is in the past, far far in the past

Author's Response: No way...no way.....

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Review #8, by SoulofSlytherin All is lost...but is it?????

5th August 2007:
I do not know whether or not you've read my story, but those three chapter suggest that you have as the two stories are nearly identical. I certainly hope that your not copying my story. If I have to I will report your story, though I would rather not need to

Author's Response: Dear SoulofSlytherin,
I admit I wrote the first three chapters editing the first three of urs.I even named myself after Harry's.....FuegoAzul means "fire blue" in Spanish.But as the story will progress, you will see that my story wil be more and more different than urs.Try to understand,I am only a rookie writer .You can see the proof by reading the end of the third chapter....a burst of blue flames, talons holdind Harry's finger, Harry disappearing and the Death Eaters anguished...just think of it.....
By the way, ur story was super cool!!!!! And yes ,give a swift kick to dark_knight from me.

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Review #9, by soekhoe All is lost...but is it?????

4th August 2007:
your ripping off a story called the foly of dumbledore.

Author's Response: Yes and no....just try and compare the third chapters,great sir/madam!!!!!

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Review #10, by unknown All is lost...but is it?????

4th August 2007:
good chapter

Author's Response: Thank you...

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Review #11, by hptrump All is lost...but is it?????

3rd August 2007:
waiting to see where this goes.

Author's Response: This goes nowhere...
this will stay at Harrypotterfanfiction.com....

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Review #12, by dark_knight All is lost...but is it?????

3rd August 2007:
This is a really great story...in fact...I can't wait to find out what happens next.
OH! Here we go! Just read it here! http://www.harrypotterfanfiction.com/viewstory.php?psid=202121

This story is actually called The Folly of Dumbledore and was written by SoulofSlytherin

Author's Response: What do you think you are, a seer???

Although the starting is similar, this fanfic will branch off to another direction,understood MrSherlock Holmes??

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Review #13, by harrylubsginny All is lost...but is it?????

3rd August 2007:
this is a relly cool storie!whenis the nxt chapie coming up?

Author's Response: The next chapie is here!!

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Review #14, by michaelc Truth revealed

5th June 2007:
bring on chapter 4 - this is a bril book

Author's Response: u hav to wait a bit...thanx for the review

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Review #15, by michaelc All is lost...but is it?????

20th May 2007:
Bril cliffhanger but make sure u publish quick.

Instead of Harry hiding at Potter Manner untill September 1st, dont forget to get him to meet up for a little honesty session with Ginny as Harry has always had strong feelings for her

Author's Response: no way!!!! Harry is NOT in Potter Manor!!!!

Then where????

This is another teaser for u!!Try to guess?????

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Review #16, by harrypotterroxs All is lost...but is it?????

16th May 2007:
this is amazing plz update soon

Author's Response: hee hee...

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Review #17, by Bert All is lost...but is it?????

16th May 2007:
This chapter had me on the edge of my seat, I loved it (give me more please)

Author's Response: Hee Hee.....

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Review #18, by Bert The calm before the storm

10th May 2007:
I like the plot, this sounds like it will be a good story. Can't wait for the nex chapter!

Author's Response: Bert,
No need to wait!!!I have already posted the third!!!!And,thanx for the review!!!

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Review #19, by michaelc The calm before the storm

10th May 2007:
I loved these two chapters and can not wait untill there are more

What will harry do?

Author's Response: Dear michaelc,
thanx for the review!!!!And about the third chapter, I am posting it today!!!!

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Review #20, by ILoveLost1888 Truth revealed

9th May 2007:
Hi!! I love it. When we are going to see the Weasley? Are Ginny and Harry together? 100-100! Bye Jackie

Author's Response: Just wait a bit....yes Harry and Ginny are together....and Ron is going to kick Malfoy's ass.......hee hee

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Review #21, by Rurouni_Kenshin The calm before the storm

9th May 2007:
You no...i really like this story!

When is the next chapter up.?! lol

Author's Response: Rurouni_Kenshin,
Thank you for the review!!!!You see,this is my 1st try at writing.......so it will take time...but I promise I will send u a msg as soon I post a chapter.....Thank you, once again for the review!!!!!!
Your fellow-HarryPotter-fan,

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