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Review #1, by faffalkfefadgdfs;af HUFFLEDORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6th July 2007:
weird so far, but very good. how is it sirius's fault??
gryphendor is spelled

gryffindor, (i think) but I know for sure it isn't spelled with a p h.

Try not to space it so much like this.

do it like this. (below. )



just enter twice. after each paragraph. it makes for better reading. :)

Author's Response: thanks for the advice!

i've heard the gryffindor thing$=

and the sirius thing:

he felt that by wishing her well he reversed the outcome of her sorting

make sense?

well, thanks!!!

did i do the spaceing thing right?

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Review #2, by Pika Chick HUFFLEDORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6th July 2007:
It seems really good. It wasn't too long ago that I had my fisrt story out. Keep it up. And trust me, It's harder to update more than any thing else.

Author's Response: i'm haveing a lot of trouble w/ the next chapter $=
thanks for the encouragement!

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Review #3, by EssenceOfPhlegm HUFFLEDORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6th July 2007:
Wow! That was awesome first chapter for your first fanfic.. BUT - a little reminder here - In your future chapters try not to leave big gaps between lines. Thats all thought. Overall it was great.

Author's Response: wow!


i will fix the spaces thing!

this is the best review i've got!

thnx again!

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Review #4, by i love spike 4eva HUFFLEDORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23rd May 2007:
i am very confused. you also spelt a lot of words wrong- not real ones but like Gryffindor etc. And i think we as readers are smart enough to figure out what's flashback and what's not. Anyway. This isn't menat to be flamey, just my opinion. good luck.

Author's Response: thanks, and in your story it repeats the three chapters more than once! like i've said LIKE a million times :
"you are entitled to tour own opinion"

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Review #5, by azncutiebear3 HUFFLEDORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24th April 2007:
It was pretty good for a first fic. I would know! I read them mostly. I'm not much of an author. Anyways now I'm just dying to know what will happen next. Post soon please!

Author's Response: thanks i'm not sure what should happen next*@*

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Review #6, by Phoenixgrl_94 HUFFLEDORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24th April 2007:
HI. Really good but slightly hard to understand. I had to read some parts twice. Otherwise, I enjoyed it. Hope this helps xx

Author's Response: Thank, thank you very much!!!!!!!

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Review #7, by caryjanecarter HUFFLEDORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

23rd April 2007:
Um... wow, work on your spelling and I know we use terms like 'confuzzled' and 'K-9' in 'net speak, but try not to use them when you write. It's a disaster waiting to happen.

And your biggest mistake? ... Um, it's GRYFFINDOR, not GRYPHENDOR, sweetie.

Author's Response: I'll remember that
I love your stories!
thank you so much!!!!!

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