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Review #1, by norwegian girl Helping Hands and Hard Feelings

17th September 2007:
James is so sweet...and he blushed. aww...

but there are more important things to discuss. like...i don't know... WHY YOU HAVEN'T WRITTEN THE NEXT CHAPTER?? You can't just end it like that and not write the next chapter!? gosh, some people.

Ite mite.

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Review #2, by thediarywithin Helping Hands and Hard Feelings

21st June 2007:
Lol..keep up the good work. It looks like you are on a roll. Can't wait to read more of your work.

Author's Response: Hey, thanks. It's kind of generic at the moment, I know, but I'll take the time while everyone's reading the new HP to come up with something new. Thanks for reading, hope you like it. I'm open to ideas if you have any, I'm making this up as I go :P

x. quill_in_the_ink ~

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Review #3, by norwegian girl On the Way

6th June 2007:
Are you abandoning this story??? don't you dare!! If you do I will huntn you down and--and... oh, who am I kidding? it would break my heart. and someone who doesn't even care about you isn't worth chasing around the world.

Author's Response: haha no, not abandoning. i just had finals all this month, and i'm about 3/4 done with the next chapter. it should be up this week

sorry it's taking so long, and thanks for the push :]

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Review #4, by norwegian girl On the Way

17th May 2007:
I was getting worried that you would end up like one of those authors, who write one chapter and just abandones the story... So glad you didn't!! I love this story...

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Review #5, by norwegian girl A Not-So-Warm Welcome

26th April 2007:
love it! but then again, I love every story about James/Lily...hehe...

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Review #6, by Phoenixgrl_94 A Not-So-Warm Welcome

24th April 2007:
HI. Really really good. Please hurry and get the new chapter up!! =P hannah xx

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