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Review #1, by Nyx of the Night Bring Me To Life

28th February 2011:
This was super cute. All though I normally am not extremely into song fics this was really good. Love it.

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Review #2, by DaBluBanana Bring Me To Life

5th November 2010:
OMG I love this song...I've just spent half an hour looking for a songfic for it! I wasn't're story's not very long, or that detailed for that matter, but it's good. I enjoyed it.

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Review #3, by BatSEnecal Bring Me To Life

25th June 2007:
This was okay. It could have been more detailed on their feelings or what was going on in their minds. But it was alright.

Author's Response: I'll take it into account and thanks for the read and the review!

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Review #4, by padzy *padfoot* Bring Me To Life

24th May 2007:
omg! good story!
:) i luv it! :) lolz! 10/10! i'll check out some of ur other stories! :)

Author's Response: Thanks and please do!

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Review #5, by Lady Serendipity Bring Me To Life

13th May 2007:
You did really, really well with the mixing the songfic with the story. It was really enjoyable although I think the "It took you long enough," ruined the intense and releif there was. It was so strong and on going eeven though you didnt write as many words as many one-shots are. I really liked it. Althoguh it would be easier when you write the quotes from the songs you put them in italics, like < i > and without the spaces. The first one means start italics and the second with the / means finish. Hope it helps. Nice story.

Author's Response: I'm not that computer savy so any advice on how to work it is good advice. Thanks do much for the review and I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by irish_dorcas Bring Me To Life

21st April 2007:
oh i really liked that!it was really good! i'd love to see more of this, a sequel or something!but anyway it really good and i'm glad harry lived!

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked it! I don't know wbout a sequel, but maybe. Thanks for the read and review!

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Review #7, by ILoveLost1888 Bring Me To Life

20th April 2007:
Hi!! I love it. This story was good. I thought the song was "I'll Wait For You by Joe Nicoles. I keep telling people tp write it of Harr/Ginny story. It is about a old guy his wife is dying and she is sick and she dead all. "By the way, Harry, did you tell Ron that you proposed?" "No. Why?" "No reason." 10-10!

Author's Response: I'll look at the lyrics! Thanks for the review. I'm glad you liked it! There are still more out there! I love the ending, too. Its my fav part. BTW, do you have a profile? You are a faithful reviewer and yet I haven't seen any of your work. Thanks as always!

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