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Review #1, by datbenik513 Traitor

30th June 2009:
Oh yes. You have every reason to like how it turned out.

Tricky first-person present-tense writing, one of the most difficult styles to master. Pulled off wonderfully!

Thick, tense, burdening atmosphere in this AU story of yours, a bone-chilling experience to read. The flow of the chapter is broke twice with two important flashback; this fragmented storytelling again just adds up the the overall experience.

I have only one remark. Both Harry and Lupin have enough blood on their hands already. To kill an unarmed prisoner is not an honor at all, it's something those two would have never done. Peter should have been "released" and AK'd at his first movement making it a "killed in an escape attempt" event.

Fantastic writing, your best piece so far!

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Review #2, by PaperNovel Traitor

7th June 2008:
That was interesting. You were able to dive into a character that everyone hates (If you read a Lily/James you usually read something about Wormtail getting the dragon pox and is out for the year or "I never liked Wormtail, let's exclude him!" kind of thing) it's just how it is. I also liked how you dived into memories of Lily, or how you could tell that he didn't really care about James.

The ending, was a great wrap up, Forgive Me.

Like that would happen.

Favorite Quote: Mistakes; mistakes filled my life. They say that the more mistakes you make, the more you learn, but it seemed to have been the exact opposite for me. The more mistakes I made, the less I learned.

Greatly wrote, the flow went by, a over all great one-shot, the characterization was great. It made me almost think that it was Wormtail Canon.

Superb Job


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Review #3, by joojoo Traitor

2nd February 2008:
Hey, Soph!
Great stuff here, but I'm going to force myself to be nitpicky and tell you some minor glitches that sort of ruin the effect of the whole thing. You swtich tenses for a moment near the beginning - from present to past when you write "bore" instead of "bears" or "bares" (sorry I never remember which is which).
At one point, you say "cold, cold wall", and though repetition is oftentimes a really effective means of emphasising, i think in this case a different adjective would have done the job slightly better.
Apart from that, I have to say I genuinely really like this piece (honestly - no sugar coating!) The tone was exactly Peter's, and you managed him without making him cringe-worthy and cheese-loving as oh-so-many do. Remus is completley in right to kill Peter - he was prepared to do so with Sirius is PoA and I think it's more than acceptable for him to want to here, even when all is done and gone. It is quite short, but it's still effective, and I think you really should be proud!

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Review #4, by Linebelle Traitor

16th October 2007:
That was very good! Oddly enough, it reminds me of one of my pieces, The Secret-Keeper, also about Peter's betrayal.

I was a bit confused at times about how it's canon at times, or just not some other times. Maybe that's because I love canon :) I had some trouble figuring out when your piece was supposed to take place, was that what you meant? If not, maybe you could try to make a bit clearer?

The flashback is excellent, and I really liked how it's all told from Peter's point of view. If you want to improve it further, you could probably make it a little longer: more descriptions to draw the reader in (it's pretty good already), and explaining the setting.

All in all, well done!!


Author's Response: Thank you! I should check out The Secret-Keeper sometime, Peter is an interesting character to read about when done right.

I have the bad habit of choosing some things from canon and ignoring other things.

I'll try to add descriptions! I'm fairly horrible at them, but I'll try my best.

Thanks for the review, Aline! I really appreciate it.

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Review #5, by SereneChaos Traitor

17th September 2007:
Ah, what an ending! I never would have anticipated such! It seems that poor Peter has finally realized the error of his ways. and Lily was done nicely, I can easily imagine her being the type of person who would slow down enough to help Peter, although james seemed like such a horrid friend.

There were a few errors here and there, particularly in the last paragraph where you seem to switch between the present and past tense.

Besides that, this was really good, it moved rather quickly and was interesting to say the least. Poor Peter. The ending was great, I loved the twist!

Author's Response: I must say, writing this story made me view Peter in a very different way. I actually found myself not hating him. I'm glad you liked the characterization of Lily, though I agree James' was done horribly.

Heh, tense switches seems to be a new bad habit I have. I need to do something about that.

Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by GryffindorSeth37 Traitor

6th September 2007:
Wow Soph! It's Great!!! I luved it!


Author's Response: Thanks Aurora! I appreciate it!

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Review #7, by VampireKisses Traitor

4th September 2007:
Hey Sophie! How are you? Well I came here to review, so that I shall do :)!

This was very well-written, I must admit. The way you wrote it was almost poetic in a way, it was very beautiful, and I admire that in an author. You definetly got Pettigrews character down pat (it actually felt like I was hearing Peter in his own words. Does that make any logical sense? :P) and writing it in first person also shows us readers that you understand his very flawed character. Harry was pretty good, but for some reason I didnt feel that Remus was in focus when he used the Unforgivable on Peter. They were best friends, and yes, Peter did betray him and James and Sirius and Lily, but they were good friends for a very long time. So I dont think Remus could have killed him the way he did.

There were a few grammar and capitilization errors throughout this, so I would weed those out if I were you.

Great job! I really liked this story.

7/10 stars


Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad you liked the characterization; that was one of the harder things to pin down. The Remus thing was just something that had to happen; I couldn't imagine it any other way. And it's also really nice to hear that you found it almost poetic. Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #8, by the nutty imp Traitor

31st July 2007:
I like how Harry's eyes immediately brought memories of Lily. You showed Lily's compassion and warmth towards Peter. Although James was Peter's friend I find his treatment of Peter believable - James and Sirius can be pretty mean although he hangs out with these guys throughout his whole Hogwarts stay. It is believable that he'd feel more affinity to Lily who'd be nicer to him than those two.

I do have to say that it's ironic that Harry would allow Remus to kill Peter after having stopped Remus and Sirius from doing so in his 3rd year. I think it would be more meaningful if you showed what changed inside to make him take a different disposition at this time. I'd also advice that you make AU as one of the genres :)

You did a great job in Peter's characterization. Showed him to be weak - from the start of the story he stated that he was no hero and he truly wasn't and I do feel a twinge of sympathy for a man too weak to resist and fight. Because that's basically his main failing - he was a weak man. Weak that he followed stronger personalities like James and Sirius (despite their treating him badly) - weak that he followed Voldemort and betrayed his friends and especially the girl who had always offered him encouragement and understanding.

His acceptance of his fate is somehow reflective of Peter... he accepts and follows the flow - never strong enough to make himself be heard... yet somehow this final acceptance offers him a bit of redemption. Again great job and a good depiction of Peter. :)

Author's Response: First off, thank you so much for the great review! I apoligize for taking so long to get back to you.

I'll definately go back and add AU. Especially because of *cough* certain things.

And again, thank you! I was blushing the entire time, and I don't blush very easily.

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Review #9, by goddessofsnark Traitor

24th July 2007:
I can't see Lupin willingly killing Peter, I don't know why. Some of it's worded a little-childishly for lack of a better word. I know you're capable of expressing yourself better than you have, and this is definitely worth an edit because the premise is so good, and the writing, generally, is good. Just some sentences need to be reworked, especially the bits with Bella. Go through and find better ways of saying what you want to, and this will be very very good.

Author's Response: Yeah, I see your point. It made sense when I was writing it, but now that I look back...

I'll do that! Thanks for the review, snarky. I really appreciate it and your honesty. ^_^

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Review #10, by jemma341 Traitor

10th July 2007:
This is a very well written peice, the only concerns I have are the ending where you have made Harry and Remus seem a bit... evil. Is there something else that they could do? Otherwise I really enjoyed this =) x x x

Author's Response: I see what you mean. I like the ending however, and I'll think i'll keep it that way. Thank you so much for the comments and reviews! I appreciate it. ^_^

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Review #11, by the_zerbiac Traitor

4th July 2007:
I do like this a lot. How Peter actually seems to have a good mind to remember all of this. how he finally realized he deserves death and welcomes it. The only thing i dont believe is that Harry would allow Remus to kill him, or for Remus to kill him at all. Thats the only thing i dont think would be likely. There are things worse than Death, and i think Harry might have known that azkaban was worse than dying.

overall, nice job.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yes, a lot of people seem to have a hard time with that. I'm sorry, but I'm not changing it. I like it that way.

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Review #12, by Graywand Traitor

2nd July 2007:
Interesting story. Though I wouldn't have killed Peter, if I were Remus. Especially after a bloody battle such as the one you implied. I would have taken him prisoner. It's kinda like Harry said in Book 3, I don't think James would have wanted his best friends to become murderers.

Author's Response: A lot of people don't like the whole Remus thing, but I do. I don't think I'm going to change it though because it feels right to me.

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Review #13, by Hermione_Crookshanks Traitor

1st July 2007:
This was really good, especially for your first venture into angst! You had a few grammatical/spelling errors (I noticed that you unnecessarily capitalized words here and there), but other than that, nothing else. If anything, I would've liked to hear how Pettigrew felt about James, since they had been friends since first year (at least that's what we assume).

A very wonderful job.

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, I wanted to do something different since all my stories are "happy! happy! joy!" all the time. It gets too predictable. I'll go back and check that! It's funny, because I catch errors in other people's stories very well, but mine... Ah well.

You will here about that and more soon, because I'm adding a couple things in. Thank you so much for the review! I really appreciate it. ^_^

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Review #14, by CJ_Black Traitor

29th June 2007:
Oh man, are you kidding? This was SO good! I wish I could write like that. You wrote Peter perfectly, a splendid portrayal, realistic and at the same time much better than the canon one. I’ve been expecting to read a story like this for ages. You must be the best Peter writer I have ever encountered. I loved everything from beginning to end, it was very interesting and it kept me hooked. I liked how you had Harry pick out a few select prisoners and kill the rest. I liked the idea, and I think I would’ve done the same, had I been in his place (whoa…did I just put myself in Harry’s shoes? o_O)
Anyway, moving on, I also loved how he begged for forgiveness in the beginning, as opposed to how he felt in the end. Again, very realistic, I can completely understand and relate to him. I loved how he knows he is not a hero, but acknowledges Lily and James’s merits, even though he betrayed them, as well as Harry’s. If I can make only one suggestion – I would put Sirius there as well, since Peter always admired him for his courage.
The first flashback was good, a great portrayal of Lily and more detail on Peter. James intrigued me in this little bit, because I always imagined him as being more helpful to Peter, despite people making him act otherwise in their fics. And yet, when I read the way you wrote it, I couldn’t picture James acting differently. It was not cliched at all, on the contrary. It sounded just like him, even though I never really imagined him as acting like that. This must’ve sounded awkward, but it was a compliment.
It was so interesting that you mentioned the fact that, had it not been for Lily, Peter had never made it to the Order and had therefore never betrayed them. Ironical, and a perfect touch to the general awesomeness of the story. “I had been happy in the Order. But then, they came.” – that’s where I really started feeling sorry for Peter.
The second flashback contained bits of humor, which tampered the story a bit and made it even more enjoyable. I loved that interaction between Bellatrix and Peter, especially this part - “T-t-talk?” I stuttered. Torture, you mean. – I could always see Peter being scared of Bellatrix more than any of the other Death Eaters, and I could always see her as being the one to recruit him. I loved that.
I even liked Harry in this story, he seems so grown up and intelligent (maybe for the first time), yet not at all OOC. And I find it fitting that he should let Remus kill Peter. I always pictured Remus as being the one to do it. The ending was spectacular, so perfect and so sad. I honestly felt for Peter in this story, which only proves how amazing it’s written. It was sad and emotional, I loved it.
Yes, I did think it was short, and yes, I’m definitely anxious to read more of it, if you decide to add/edit. If you can PM me when you’re done, it would be awesome. If not, I’ll check later and wait. I love it just the way it is now, but I wouldn’t say no to more details. This is actually one of my favorite one shots, and I’ll add it to my favorites as soon as I can find a story to delete from there (I never wanted more than 20 favorites, and I already have the 20 now, so I have to search and see what I can replace). But this story completely deserves it, you’ve nailed Peter down perfectly. I’ve never read a better Peter story, so congratulations on writing this awesome piece. I know most people don’t believe I’m honest if I don’t give any constructive criticism, but I sincerely cannot find anything to pick on and criticize about. I have been 100% honest in this review, and I really liked your story. Your hard work has really paid off, and it shows. Much love, CJ

Author's Response: CJ! Sorry it took me so long to get to this. I was so astounded at everything I had no idea how to answer (especially without sounding like some stuck-up git). Anyways, on with the response.

I'll definately add Sirius. To tell you the truth I sort of forgot about him. Seeing as he's dead and not much in the series and I was focusing mostly on Harry, Peter, and Lily. However, it would be a nice touch, and I thank you for suggesting that.

It's amazing how one little thing can change everything, isn't it? this is a bit off-topic, but everytime I read or watch a mystery novel/movie/tv show, I think, "Wow, if this and this and this hadn't happened to the detective, or if he hadn't gotten lost, then he would have never figured out what happened!"

In my mind, Bella is one of the scarier Death Eater's. In fact, she's way scarier than our dear Voldie who, actually, isn't scary at all. In fact, I hardly see him as evil.

I am going to edit it, but I'm sort of putting it off. It was so incredibly hard to write this, so I'm a bit frightened to tell you the truth. But I'll get through it. I really do need to get in the practice of editing stories if I ever want to get published. Thank you again for the review! It was incredible! ^_^


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Review #15, by HrXd Traitor

21st June 2007:
I found this to be an odd fic, but I liked it alot. You seemed to take what should have happened, but didn't, and you made it great. I loved the fact that he did die at the end just like he had deserved to, and I liked seeing the emotion that Peter shared as he watched Harry nod his head. I think that this was a great fic, and you really made it worth reading. I Liked the beginning of this fic as well, and the title was well suited.

Nicely done

Author's Response: Odd is good sometimes. Thank you for the review and the 10/10.

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Review #16, by harrylilyjames Traitor

21st June 2007:
omg, that was brilliant... i never actually read a fic with Peter a the main character and i think i might read more of them, seeing that i was completely hooked on this story. I really liked and it just shows the side of Peter you dont really wanna see... but just that i could not see Lupin killing Peter, he is not a murderer. he might like kick the living day-lights out of him but he wouldnt kill him. would he?. (but its your story)
I just really enjoyed!! well done ~hlj~

Author's Response: Me neither, which is why I wrote it. You're not the only one to not like the whole Remus thing, but I don't think I'll change it because it seems to fit to me.

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Review #17, by ChizzaLazty Traitor

8th June 2007:
I liked how it turned out, too, but before I come to that, let me just get the CC over with.

First of all, I just have to say that it's "summAry", and not "summEry" :)

You tend to change between tenses a lot. Sometimes you're writing in the present tense, and sometimes in past tense. And I know some of it is flashback, but not all. There are also a couple of sentences I think could do with a little shortening, maybe you could use two sentences instead of one?

There's one place, in the second long paragraph, where you have a capitalized letter that shouldn't be capitalized, and there are certain words which are spelt incorrectly, and some words are missing. I think you'll notice these simple mistakes if you just read through it once more :)

But now, on to what I liked about the fic. There are many things, for example the way you portrayed Lily. She seemed very in character, and I liked that. Your characterization of Peter was also very interesting (and good!). I mean, when the whole fic is sort of based around it, it better be good, and it definitely was!

I felt his fear of death was very realistic. The only thing I wanted to read about that you didn't include, was why. Why he was so afraid of dying. Whether he had watched someone close to him die when he was little and it was a subconcial thing, or that he was afraid of what might come after.

Peter isn't one of my favourite characters, but I do think he's one of the most interesting characters in the books. That's probably also of the reasons why I liked this fic. Everything was so realistic it could very well have been canon, for example; The scene where Bella came home to Peter. I can just imagine it, and I can imagine that that's how it really happened!

I was a bit surprised that Peter didn't like James, or at least he didn't express it, very much. I mean, according to the books Peter looked up to James. Then again, this was long after the incident in the Pensieve. You could very well be right that he wasn't as obsessed with James anymore. That's why I didn't mind their coldness towards each other, other than that I noticed it.

- The ending, yes, I knew I'd forgotten something. At first, I think that "gee, Lupin sure doesn't seem like a killer to me!". But then again, Peter had killed (or at least helped kill) three of his best friends, in fact his three best friends. With your plotline it works better for him to kill him than if Harry had been the one. Yes, Peter had killed Harry's PARENTS and GODFATHER, and I know that's just as huge a deal, if not bigger, but if what I think happened, happened, and Harry killed Voldemort, I'd think he would've felt he'd already gotten his revenge. I think Lupin blamed Peter more than Harry did, so it made sense.

So, I liked the ending, just like I liked the rest of it - Good job! Good luck with your other stories/stories to come!

Oh yeah, one more thing I forgot. Perhaps it could've been longer? I don't think you should add more after the ending, what with the fic being written in 1st person and the narrator being dead and all, but somehow made the just a little bit longer by explaining more or adding more thoughts / flashbacks / action? Those are just suggestions...

Good luck again!


Author's Response: Hello Christina!

I'm glad you liked how it turned out! Before I begin, however, I just want to say that I am not the best at responding to CC. I love getting it, but my responses tend to get a tad defensive. Just thought you should know before you thought I hated getting it.

Ah, tense changes. One of my worst enemies. I'll go back and change that. And I changed the summary thing. Thanks for catching that! What are some sentences you would like me to shorten? I'm afraid I'm not the best at catching things in my own story.

I liked how I portrayed Lily. For once, unlike my other stories, she didn't seem whiny or, well, ugh. Maybe because it isn't told in her POV, whether 3rd person or 1st?

I'm glad you liked how I portrayed Peter. I was so worried about that! I think I can say that this was the hardest of the 3 one-shots I've written so far.

Yay, it could be canon! That's a really great compliment. being realistic is hard sometimes!

I realize about the James part now. It's one of the scenes I'm going to add in (which also responds to your later question. Yes, I'm going to add in some scenes when he's flash-backing. Haha, that sounds sort of like a sport.)

I'm glad you understand the Lupin thing. I know it seems a bit odd, but it just seemed to fit with me. I mean, after all Peter has put him through...

Thank you for such a wonderful review! It made me blush a lot. And it made my day. ^_^

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Review #18, by GinnyWeasleyPotter Traitor

7th June 2007:
Hello! *waves* ^_^

Well, I have to start out by saying that I haven't seen/read too many stories that are told in the first PoV by Peter... but this one was great!

Honestly, I would have liked it better if it had been longer, it seemed rather short, but I understand - writing a story like this isn't very easily. The flashbacks could have been longer too. The second flashback flowed well with the paragraphs before and after it, but the first flashback didn't fit so well with the paragraphs before and after it (does that make sense? I hope it does... it's late at night, so...)

It was really well written, and I don't think I say any spelling or grammar mistakes. Your vocabulary was great - the story was captivating. I liked that it was in Peter's PoV, you never really hear from him in the books, we have no idea what he's really thinking, or feeling, or regretting (you get what I mean).

I believe you forgot a quotation mark before Ready, Harry?" at the end, when Remus kills Peter, now that I think of it.

Oh, and summary's spelled with an a, not an e :) Just thought I'd point that out.

Because of the short length, and a few errors, I'll give you a 9/10. You should be proud of your work - though it was hard, you did a wonderful job!


Author's Response: I haven't read many stories in Peter's PoV either. To tell you the truth, I don't think I have the heart to read yet another fic where Peter is mistreated.

Well then, you'll be glad to know that I will be adding more soon, and working on making the first flashback flow better.

Thanks for catching that! I'll be sure to add it in. And change the 'e' to an 'a'.

Thank you SO much for the review! It was very helpful.

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Review #19, by chd1026 Traitor

5th June 2007:
Claire from the forums here!
Ohh I really enjoyed this story! You rarely can find Peter stories that are worth reading on this site, but I think that this is one of the few that works. You accurately describe the incticately complicated mind of Peter Pettigrew, showing the reader his fear of death and the severe regret that has been plaguing him for years.
Just one thing, you say 'NEWTs' a few times, but it should be N.E.W.T.S. It's just something that irks me in fanfic =]
I'm so glad that you had Remus killed Peter, because is actually what I think will happen in the DH after Peter repays his debt to Harry. Though I would have liked a little more description or perhaps another memory after Remus steps into the room.
Overall, fantastic job!

Author's Response: Hello, Claire! Thank you for stopping by, especially since I noticed your review request section was getting quite large.

Thank you! I was getting sick of how Peter was always being ignored or mistreated, and hoped, though my writing skills aren't the best, that I could manage to write him in a differant light. It was a challenge, but it was a fun one at that. I'm glad that you thought I was accurate with Peter's mind!

Ooh, I had a feeling that was what it was. Unfortunately I didn't have any of the books with me, so I couldn't check up on that. Thank you for catching that! I'll go change it right now.

I felt better about Remus killing Peter than Harry for two reasons: one was that Harry wasn't really a killer, he only killed Voldemort because he had to. I felt I was doing injustice to his character by having him kill that. Of course, you could say the same thing with Remus, but then there was another reason: Remus was hurt more than Harry was. He knew James, Lily, and Sirius better than Harry had, therefore he was more affected by their deaths.

A couple people have been asking for a Remus flashback, so I'm going to try to work on that. Hopefully this weekend.

Thank you for the wonderfull review, as well as the CC!

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Review #20, by Chloe Kay Traitor

30th May 2007:
Oh man. I bet this was hard to write!

There is such a shortage of good Peter fics in this world. Fabulous job!

You characterized him really, really well, I think. His complete fear of death propelling his entire life, and his inablity to rectify his own mistakes just drove him further and further down the wrong path. This was like his life flashing before his eyes, and I think the way you wrote it was really powerful, intertwining flashbacks with real time, Lily and Harry's eyes...

I think having Lupin kill him at the end was a really nice touch, a real reminder of the pain he caused to so many people, directly and indirectly. And the "Forgive me," at the end...perfect.

I found a few typos...

" was better to kill someone else and save, then to save another person and die." Did you mean to say "save myself," or "save yourself"?

"...He said, pointing his want straight at me." His wand, I assume. :)

Author's Response: Oh, it was. In fact, if it weren't for my beta, this wouldn't have turned out as great.

Thank you! I was worried about that. I mean, I was writing him differantly then most people do, and that scared me a bit. It was quite a challenge.

Thank you! Some people hate the fact that Lupin killed Harry. I can see why they would think that, but it feels right somehow. The forgive me part at the end was in fact the first line I thought of in the story. Bit odd, isn't it, that I came up witht he last line first? Well, maybe for some people it isn't, but for me it is.

Thank you for catching those! I really appreciate it. I type too fast to catch everything, you know? It's always nice to have people watch out for that. I'll make those changes right after I finish answering this.

And once again, thank you for writing such a wonderfull review! It was very helpfull, enjoyable, and it made me blush. ^_^


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Review #21, by Dramionefan Traitor

30th May 2007:
This was amazing, I loved the way that you had the flashbacks play into the story, that made it so much more interesting. I loved the description, and the language was well written.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's my favorite one-shot I've written. ^_^

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Review #22, by Dragonette Traitor

27th May 2007:
Oooh, I liked this story a lot. Your characterization of Peter was very realistic, and I'm so glad he got to tell his side of the story. It was very comforting. :) Even though he died. I don't like the fact that Remus just suddenly entered the room and killed Peter. I suppose I would have liked to see a memory of something Remus and Peter had done together, and maybe that would have made a bit more sense. I know from the books what Peter did to hurt Remus, but at the same time, a memory of Remus helping Peter would (I think) help the flow of the story. Maybe that's just me being weird.

At the beginning of your story, I wasn't sure if it was going to be good or not. The first person didn't really work in the beginning, it seemed very choppy, and hard to read. But as I went on, it seemed to get easier, perhaps because you were getting more comfortable writing the story? I think it'd help if you rewrote the beginning, maybe making the sentences longer? It helps for readability.

Where did you get the idea for this story? I thought telling it from Peter's side was very original, I have never before seen a story that portrays his guilt and fear so well – perhaps it's because I haven't read many fics that involve Peter, but I really think you've got something here. It was very realistic, his fear of death, and the way he suddenly wasn't afraid, and then suddenly he wanted to die – although it may have been a bit fast, he still, felt guilty and didn't want to live with his guilt. I kind of wish Harry had killed him, and not Remus, just because maybe the ending would have been a bit more final – having Harry make him (in a sense) relive all the memories, and then Harry killing him. However, this is just my opinion – it is your lovely story.

Thanks for having me review it, I really liked it! 9/10, and a spot in my favorites is what I am giving you. :)


Author's Response: Hi! I am so sorry it took me so long to get to this. I really had no idea how to respond to such a review!

I am working on an edited version, and it's going to have a memory with Remus, so thank you for that suggestion! I will also work on the begining.

I got this idea when a line popped into my head, "and all I could think of as I lay there dying was, 'What have I done?'" obviously the plot changed a bit and the line got cut, but I really started writing it when I was reading yet ANOTHER story where Peter was being mistreated.

I'll consider the Harry thing, because you bring up a good point. Thank you sooo much for the wonderful review!


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Review #23, by HermyJane Traitor

21st May 2007:
Wow, that was absolutely beautiful! It was so well written, and I'm so glad someone told Peter's side of the story for once. I like his acceptance of death at the end, the last sentence, all of his regrets about his past mistakes. I'm glad I listened to your advice when you asked me to read this (though at first I was confused because I thought you were calling me a Traitor. Then I realized, Wait...*hee hee*). It's so sad, though, that he can't go back in time and fix everything. I'm adding it to my favorites!

And just so I won't keep you in suspense, I'll continue reading "Speak" :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I've always wanted to write it in a bad guy's point of view. At first it was going to be Voldemort, but then the story didn't click, so I gave up. Then this little guy came in mind when I was reading yet another marauder fic where the author abused him. I'm sure Peter had to have some regrets, I mean, they were his friends after all.

Hehe, I never call any of my readers traitors (becayse we all have reading preferences, I can't please everyone, and they were nice to take the time to r&r even if they don't stay) unless I'm joking. Which I'll do right know. Traitor. *grin*

Thanks for adding this to your favorites and for the nice long review! Oh, and for giving Speak a chance too. If you really absolutely can't stand hhr, my advice to you is to not read the last paragraph or so of the 6th chapter. When you review, I'll fill you in. ^_^

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Review #24, by evilrubberducky Traitor

19th May 2007:
Wow! I hate wormtail, but you wrote him very well. I actually felt sorry for him! My only complaint is that you switched tenses a few times. But I do that too, so no biggie. I wish you would continue this. Ah well...

Author's Response: Thank you! Did I switch tenses? I'll have to go back and fix that.

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Review #25, by pigwidgeon385 Traitor

13th May 2007:
Wow! This was really, really good. I didn't find it boring at all - it was very nicely done. :) The ending is amazing. This was a great story. :)

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked the ending. ^_^

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