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Review #1, by blackthoughtsredwriting When We Fall

6th February 2010:
It was a very good story. A bit over dramatic, but there's nothing wrong with that. I like how when he's talking to Tom, He seems so like Dumbledore and how he use to talk to Voldemort during their duels. Dumbledore had a very big impact on Harry from the beggining. One problem I found though. I really don't think they could've kept it up for six days ya know? It's cool to entertain the possibility and that their battle was extreme but six days? It was a minor problem however and it didn't take away the overall awsomeness of the story =] This is a story I've actually covered before. You could check it out if you want =] lol. Anyways, 10/10. I'm probably gonna put this in my faves. Keep up the good writing

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Review #2, by xoxoginny When We Fall

19th December 2008:
Well I liked it, it was a great idea and pretty good writing, but I thought it was over dramatic in some places, that Harry and Ginny were a bit too formal with each other, and I also thought it was under-dramatic when Harry died. Other wise, great job!

Author's Response: Thank you for your review; I always love help.

I'll try and have it less formal and more dramatic next time. I'll try and tone down on the dramatic parts

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Review #3, by weluvjamesandcharlie When We Fall

9th December 2007:
I really liked the ending. You made it seem like Ginny really loved him and would always love him. I think it is great that you killed Harry. I never liked him. lol

Author's Response: yeah, harry is a bit annoying, whinning and all :P

yeah, Ginny loved him from a young age and i knew she would forever :)

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Review #4, by love _Conquers_ All When We Fall

20th November 2007:
made me cry (embarrasing as i'm in work reading this)

Author's Response: ooh, how embarressing, sorry :(

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Review #5, by lyramoon When We Fall

14th September 2007:
omg. that was so sad. i loved that! :)

Author's Response: Glad you liked it

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Review #6, by kyrandia When We Fall

6th September 2007:
Awe so sad

Author's Response: Thanks, :'( yes it is sad

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Review #7, by pottyandweezlbe89 When We Fall

5th September 2007:
loved it cried the whole time10-10

Author's Response: Whoah, sorry to make you cry

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Review #8, by i_want_to_be_ginny When We Fall

4th September 2007:
That was so cool and kinda sad!

Author's Response: Yeah I know it's sad. Read I Will Love You Forever and a Day for a different ending

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Review #9, by chiQs09 When We Fall

13th July 2007:
This is a sad story. I like the flashbacks, really. At least Harry could tell his beloved wife, Ginny, "I love you" before he died. At least she could say good-bye before he finally left. ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing. This is my fav story I've written.

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Review #10, by ginny_weasley_54 When We Fall

28th June 2007:
wow. i love it.

Author's Response: Thankyou

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Review #11, by Malfoy_Lives_On When We Fall

17th June 2007:
You definetly have a great grasp of emotion in this story. *nod* I loved how you showed the characters feelings without overdoing it or making them seem boring. It was awesome. 10/10

Author's Response: Thanks Malfoy_Lives_On. I appreciate you taking your time to review, all my thanks for that. I'm glad you liked the story. have alot of emotion inside me, so I know how to bring it out. I hope!

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Review #12, by CrimsonEmeralds When We Fall

3rd May 2007:
That was awesome ^_^

Author's Response: Thanks

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Review #13, by Timechild When We Fall

2nd May 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks Timchild

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Review #14, by JamesandLilly4ever When We Fall

29th April 2007:
Great story. good job.

Author's Response: Thanks JamesandLilly4ever. I'm glad you like it.


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Review #15, by hptrump When We Fall

29th April 2007:
This is like so many other stories. Harry dies trying to save the world. Interesting how it ignores the prophecy. Still interesting story.

Author's Response: Actually the prophecy never said that only one survives. it says:
"Never can live, while the other survives"
(i think thats it)
There are three out-comes. 1) Harry survives, Voldemort dies. 2) Voldemort survives, Harry dies. 3) They both die.

So has you should see I think that they BOTH die. Thanks for saying my sotry is interesting. I was hoping it wouldn't be like nay other stories, but oh well.


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Review #16, by silver_prince When We Fall

29th April 2007:
i was hoping that there would be more fight scenes though, especially among Harry and Lord Voldemort... anyway, it was nice reading this story of yours...

goodluck for other stories in mind...!

Author's Response: Sorry. That was my first fight scene. Thanks for reading. I'l try to update soon and make the fight scene better than it is now.

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Review #17, by FAHIMA When We Fall

29th April 2007:
sooo sweet. n cute n lovely!
=) i love harry n ginny pairing!

Author's Response: Thanks

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