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Reading Reviews for The Boyfriend List
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Review #1, by Bludgerdragon19289 Epilogue

29th June 2016:
I have a tooth ach. It was so sweet.

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Review #2, by alicia and anne Epilogue

21st February 2015:
AWwww this was really adorable! And I'm so glad that I read it :D It's so sweet and they're so cute together.

Great job!

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Review #3, by alicia and anne James Potter

21st February 2015:
Awww Lily! I want you to admit that you like him! :D Because you do and you can be so happy!

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Review #4, by alicia and anne Amos Diggory

21st February 2015:
Uh-oh! Is James doing something stupid? I bet he is! :D

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Review #5, by alicia and anne Sirius Black

21st February 2015:
Oooo payback to James! I wonder why he didn't hurt Sirius or drag him off of Lily? I can't wait to read more!

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Review #6, by alicia and anne Anthony Macmillan

21st February 2015:
Aww James is so jealous! Haha but I did like that Lily is very quick to defend him, she obviously likes him a lot! :D

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Review #7, by alicia and anne Matthew Goldstein

21st February 2015:
Oh Matthew! What a loser! I'm kinda glad that James interrupted that one if Matthew was being a loser.

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Review #8, by alicia and anne Arthur Weasley

21st February 2015:
Awww poor Lily! I think it's cute that she had a crush on Arthur :D Oh James stop ruining things!

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Review #9, by alicia and anne Prologue

21st February 2015:
Ahhh this is an awesome start! I can't wait to see this list :D

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Review #10, by OZ123 Epilogue

12th September 2011:
this story was so cool! My favorite was either Arthur or Sirius

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Review #11, by lilyroxjames Epilogue

29th November 2010:
This was such a good story! Absolutely hilarious, I loved this last chapter. You wrote Lily perfectly! She was exactly how I imagined her to be. I loved the fifth chapter too, I always wondered how that storyline might have gone. And also, how pissed James would have been. :D

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Review #12, by broken_rainbow Amos Diggory

12th October 2010:
loving this story, just wish the chapters were longer!

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Review #13, by black_n_proud_hp4lyf Epilogue

15th June 2010:
awww this is kinda cute!!

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Review #14, by Squid7000 Epilogue

27th March 2010:
OMG, I absolutely ADORED this!

Seriously, it was so so sweet and wonderful. Written absolutely beautifully and the humor was amazing.

All the "boyfriends" were great and it was wonderful to see how James ruined each "chance" she had with them (with some of them, she had no chance:)

I especially enjoyed Sirius' chapeter just because . . . well, just because I enjoy Sirius:) But they were all incredibly great!

Great fic! Loved it to heck!


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Review #15, by wolfy_and_co Sirius Black

19th March 2010:
lol best chapter yet! Loved it! Love Sirius! AMAZING!

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #16, by fall_for_you Epilogue

6th November 2009:
Aw, that was sweet. It was fun hearing about all of Lily's relationships and really enjoyable to read. Great job!

Author's Response: Thank you! I enjoyed writing it!

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Review #17, by Lex Epilogue

3rd November 2009:
entertaining, but not very substantial. probably could have had more detail and maybe longer chapters.

Author's Response: Thank you for the honesty. You're right, it is very fluffy but I really couldn't think of any way to make it meatier without being completely boring. Thanks for reading!

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Review #18, by Ava Pearce Epilogue

1st November 2009:
luv ya,

Author's Response: Thank you!

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Review #19, by Accio_potter27 Epilogue

26th October 2009:
I really enjoyed reading this story! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #20, by HP FanFic Lover Epilogue

21st October 2009:
So sad it's over...
LOVEEE This story, adding to my favorites!

Author's Response: Thank you! Glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #21, by HP FanFic Lover James Potter

21st October 2009:
Whoa, wait, what?
James Potter ruined his cha-
Oooh, I see.
James' EGO ruined it...

Author's Response: Haha, I could see the light bulb flick on :P You are exactly right! James' ego is it's own person.

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Review #22, by HP FanFic Lover Sirius Black

21st October 2009:
Oh my god, if that was a real relationship, I would've downright died. I had to clamp my hand to my mouth so I wouldn't scream when it said:
4: Sirius Black.

This chapter's funny though.

Author's Response: Haha, Lily/Sirius isn't really my thing...I hear it's somewhat popular, though :P I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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Review #23, by Voldy_needs_a_hug Epilogue

1st September 2009:
yep. i enjoyed it ...straight to my favs list.

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!

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Review #24, by Voldy_needs_a_hug James Potter

1st September 2009:
wow. he ruined his own relationship. thats...ow


(p.s. never leave a review for a story with one hand while holding ur mini laptop in the other because you might just trip and drop your lappy =( )

Author's Response: :O You dropped your laptop?! Not good D: I hope it is working okay! Thank you for your great sacrifice :)

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Review #25, by Voldy_needs_a_hug Amos Diggory

1st September 2009:
ouch. so this is the first relationship james has ACTUALLY ruined. the others ,not so much expcially the sirius/lily one. sinse sirius and lily never really went out nor did james stop them =/
ah well. nice chapter!!

Author's Response: Ahh, I wish I could say (and you have obviously finished) but I don't want to spoil it for whoever has not read this! So, my lips are sealed :P Everything is not as it seems!

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