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Review #1, by Lillylover22 Sustenance

27th April 2012:
Loved it. Not as beautiful as bad world but still great 9/10 : )

Author's Response: Thank you - pleased you enjoyed it

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Review #2, by FireCracker2000 Sustenance

16th December 2010:
Yey!! A great happy ending. Well done on a tormented, romantic triumph ;-D xxx

Author's Response: thank you and yes, i couldn't be too nasty to them after the events of Bad World


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Review #3, by PhilosopherPlaydoh Sustenance

28th February 2010:
I genuinely enjoyed your prose and the substance to this story. It is nice to see, for a change, in fanfiction real paragraphs. You know? As a slash writer myself, I find myself reading tons of the stuff, and this truly is one of the best I have read. I look forward to more from you. 10/10

Author's Response: thank you so very much! i am really pleased you liked this! Bad World comes before this fic, but this one can be read alone. again, thanks so much!

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Review #4, by MingXi_Muse Sustenance

22nd July 2009:
no offence, gay stories are kind of... weird!
but this was an ok one. why didn't you include hermione, since this is a sequel??

Author's Response: no offense taken hun, i know its not everyones cup of tea
hermione wasn't necessary for this story

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Review #5, by LunaNigra Sustenance

24th December 2008:
I loved it. I love this pairing!

Author's Response: thank you - im glad you liked it!

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Review #6, by halyna Sustenance

7th December 2008:
i love you!
i was SO devestated for blaise in dead world, and the beginning (and middle) of this as well and i honestly just wanted to pick up draco and throw him against the wall, but the ending! the ending!
was lovely. superbly terrific. it made me totally happy.
theyre so cute together. :3
and blaise can be happy now. weee. ^^

Author's Response: hahahaha so did i, don't worry.
im pleased you liked this and it was the ending you were hoping for!
thank you so much for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #7, by The Kyo Kind Sustenance

21st November 2008:
Aaw :D that was just... I don't know - a great happy ending! I was so sad when they fought and Draco left, but good for Blaise! I think it's really good :) You just have this amazing writing style. I love reading your work!

Author's Response: thank you sweetie. glad you liked it

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Review #8, by marisalovesharry Sustenance

26th October 2008:

Author's Response: thank you so much

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Review #9, by xX_Gryffindor_Xx Sustenance

22nd May 2008:
Aiyah... Even tho the two men are described really really HAWT [you can't imagine how much] they're just not meant to be together. it was HAWT tho!! ^^

Author's Response: well they are. in this story anyways. in my mind, i actually never really saw two men - i saw two people in love and consumed by it.

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Review #10, by hxcgryff23 Sustenance

1st May 2008:
even your slash is breath-taking.

i need to talk to you one on one!!

Author's Response: thank you hun!!

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Review #11, by TheCrunchie Sustenance

19th April 2008:
This is really, really, really, really good! I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Author's Response: thank you xD

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Review #12, by boop410 Sustenance

19th March 2008:
I don't often leave reviews, but I really loved this story and Bad World. It was very satisfying. I had avoided it for a while thiniking that the Slash angle would not appeal to me. But love is love isn't it? Both stories were so tastefully and carefully written and not at all what I would have expected. Well done!

By the way, I also love your story "Her Decision" it's one of my favorites.

Author's Response: you are spot on - love is love. i don't see why there needs to be a difference shown - if you love someone, you love them. the rest is arbitary really. at least, i like to think so.

im pleased you liked this and bad world and that you thought they were tasteful - that was the most important thing i considered as i wrote both - that i was careful to show the reality and the love and not focus on the gender.

thanks hun

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Review #13, by honey Sustenance

17th March 2008:
i jus totally loved dis one...n m glad it had a happy not a big fan of sad endings.i think ur amzing as an author.i jus loved the way u described Blaise's feelings.

Author's Response: thank you honey. after bad world, i felt blaise deserved some happiness, even if it was a messy road to get there.

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Review #14, by KaraBlack Sustenance

2nd February 2008:
I loved so much. I loved every single second it took me to read this story. You are a wonderful author, and this was in all honesty a beautiful story. I really loved it. 10/10

Author's Response: thank you sweetie. im very pleased you liked it xD

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Review #15, by angelmaple Sustenance

20th January 2008:
YAY! I love happy endings!! This is so beautiful... I love this story!!
Great job!!!

Author's Response: thank you ^_^

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Review #16, by evil little devil Sustenance

31st December 2007:
Brilliant, absolutely brilliant, I'm on the verge of crying again. You are a really talented writer. I love this story, it's so beautiful, so haunting.

Author's Response: thank you so much for reading hun ^_^ i'm pleased you liked it.

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Review #17, by DenijaForShuggyBlack Sustenance

30th November 2007:
Er... I don't know what to say, because there's no words for describing what an amazing story this is. It's perfect. All those feelings... I don't read slash, but this was... fabulous.
10/10 because it's the best slash fic ever.

Author's Response: thank you hun ^_^ i really appreciate your reviews and i'm glad you liked this one!

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Review #18, by 1MysteriousSoul Sustenance

19th November 2007:
Great story!! I could really relate to Draco and Blaise. I went through something similiar with a friend of mine. I told her it didn't matter if she wanted to be with men or woman whoever made her happy. But other friends kept putting it in her head that she couldn't be that way . She had to be with one or the other. that totally ticked me off. I'm glad that Draco finally let himself be with the person he loved and not who others wanted him to be with. Hurray for them both. I felt so sorry for Blaise I almost cried. Wonderfully written.

Author's Response: thank you for your review hun. i'm so sorry for what your friend went through. i too have friends who have been in similar situations. its not a nice place for them or the people around them.
i guess that is what i wanted to do wtih draco in this. he needed to accept who he was, and he did, after going through part of his life being what others wanted him to be.
thank you sweetie!

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Review #19, by Outofmymind_backin5min Sustenance

25th October 2007:
Once again AMAZING!! Wow, I'm am bursting with joy for Blaise! And Draco! This really gave me catharsis (my vocab word for the day,) thats for sure! WOW! So, Draco has finally stopped being weak! Yay! Btw, whatever happened to Draco and Hermione? LOVE this story, usually I'm against characters in Harry Potter who I KNOW aren't gay slash fics, but this one really proves that they can be just fabulous as any other kind of fan fic! 10/10! I'm so fantasticly pleased at the ending!

Author's Response: catharsis?? cool ^_^ thank you for all of that! i'm so very pleased you enjoyed it hun. what happened to Draco and hermione?? school romance. fizzled out. nothing more than that!

thank you!

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Review #20, by hillo09 Sustenance

5th October 2007:
ah a happy ending! I'm glad because Blaise always gets screwed in these

Author's Response: he does, doesn't he? i had to be nice ^_^ thanks hun!

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Review #21, by dude_wheres_my_wand Sustenance

26th September 2007:
That was as beautiful as the first story!
i'm so glad u made a sequel i loved it seriously =]
i just loved the way you wrote so that the relationship seemed to just already be there, it was increible and i really loved it =]

Author's Response: thank you. i'm pleased you like it ^_^

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Review #22, by shadowkitty22 Sustenance

19th September 2007:
Hooray a happy ending for the tormented couple! Once again, a tastefully done slash fic that doesn't shove being gay into your face. It definitely helps to make people more open to the idea of slash and homosexuality in general when it isn't "BAM! Here I am! Gay as can be!"


Author's Response: thanks Emilie. i'm pleased you liked it. i debated the happy ending for ages, but decided to be nice to them in the end. thanks hun. i'm glad you thought it was done tastefully. that is what i wanted.

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Review #23, by Tomfeltonishot Sustenance

16th September 2007:
omgomgomgomgomgomgomg! 1) u made a sequal and 2) U ENDED IT HAPPILY! YAY cry
that was so sad and emotional! >< it was amazingly writen as uaual!! my god i envy u haha im soo happy they ended up happy together, man, they're soo hot!! im battleing whether i like draco or blaise, im falling for blaise :P he remindes me of my boyfriend lol
im soo happy u made a sequal!! soo sooo happy!! it was briliant! I LUVED IT TO THE DEATHHH!! ur an amazing writer and i hope to be like u someday :)

Author's Response: hey hun. thank you. i'm glad you liked the way this one played out ^_^ yes, they are adorable aren't they?

ahhh thanks for the compliments hun. i don;t know what to say to such flattery ^_^


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Review #24, by Queen Muse Sustenance

4th September 2007:
Oh, my words cannot describe what a brilliant story this is. I read the first one and just about cried myself into depression, so then I had to read this one and hope for a happy ending! You're an amazing author...

Author's Response: thank you my dear. i';m pleased you liked it!! thank you!!

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Review #25, by sunshinedreamr Sustenance

19th August 2007:
A wonderful followup to Bad World! Great job, I loved it. I think my favorite part was probably the dance scene. The way you described it just amazed me, because I felt like I was actually there on the dancefloor with all the people and the blaring music. Very impressive, indeed. :)

And I loved the happy ending! So cute. I hope Blaise and Draco lived happily ever after and Draco finally felt comfortable enough with himself and his sexuality to come out.

But anyway, it was a very enjoyable story and I loved every single second of it. You're a very talented writer. I'm adding you to my favorites.


Author's Response: hey!! thank you again jessica for another wonderful review XD the dance scene? oh thanks - i actually felt that didn't convey everything i wanted, but i['m glad you liked it!!

in your favs? *hugs* thank you so much!!

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