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Review #1, by MidwinterMasque English Dolls

29th March 2009:
Wow, this is sounding really interesting. I like how you've started the story off in such an interesting manner - it's unusual, and well-written, and everything that makes me want to read more. The interspersed italics are a very nice touch, as well. This style is brilliant - need more. Right. now.
Haha! Get cracking, then!

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Review #2, by Voldemora English Dolls

29th May 2008:
This is developing into something that seems really interesting. I can't wait to see how it pans out, and you have a great way of telling the story, as I said last review. Really, I'm loving this story. It's going on my favourites, it's really great.

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Review #3, by Voldemora Prologue: This, I remember

29th May 2008:
This sounds like a really interesting story, and I like the type of narrative you've got going, I enjoy autobiography-sort-of type storytelling. I did notice a couple of times when, when you're using a plural, you use an apostrophe. You did this in Valentine's, and parent's. You don't need the apostrophe, it is Valentines and parents. But I really do like this story, it sounds very interesting, and could well end up on my favourites list.

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Review #4, by emerald_nellie English Dolls

18th January 2008:
i loved this chapter. again, i think you captured the period of time perfectly and i really enjoy the past vs present bits. a nice way to end the chapter, too.

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Review #5, by emerald_nellie Prologue: This, I remember

17th January 2008:
this sounds really interesting, i think its a great idea. im so glad that i decided to take a look at this! i find one problem with a lot of fanfiction is that the writing doesnt fit with the era, but i think the language and writing that you used is excellent for the time that it is set. im looking forward to reading more of this as its not often you come across a tom riddle story. but if written well they can be so amazing. =D

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Review #6, by Rain_Melody English Dolls

24th September 2007:
Again, wonderful.

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Review #7, by Rain_Melody Prologue: This, I remember

24th September 2007:
You have a beautiful, flowing, and believable style. I love this story so far!

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Review #8, by musicmaineac English Dolls

9th July 2007:
Love this story! When are you going to update again?

Author's Response: According to Ebay, my laptops new powercord should arrive in good ol' Australia within atleast a week, so I'll have two full length chapters to submit by then. Thanks for reading!

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Review #9, by musicmaineac Prologue: This, I remember

22nd June 2007:
This story is so wonderful! One of the best Tom Riddle/OC stories out there! When are you going to update again?

Author's Response: Thankyou for reviewing, the lack of updates is the result of a very tragic occurence - my laptops powercable split. So I've been waiting for two weeks to have a new one sent from Hong Kong. It's positively irritating because I have the new chapter ready to upload!

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Review #10, by absolument English Dolls

28th April 2007:
very cute, very good build up of anticipation

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time to review again, I'm glad it achieved that rather then just boring you silly.

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Review #11, by absolument Prologue: This, I remember

28th April 2007:
very beautifully written. the last paragraph in particular stands out

Author's Response: Thankyou for your review (and compliment)
I hope you enjoy the rest of the chapter. xo

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Review #12, by Jennifer Leigh English Dolls

26th April 2007:
I really enjoyed this. I think it's rather difficult trying to find Riddle-era fanfiction. (Or at least it is for me.) I'm working on one myself, actually, but it's focused on the Blacks (Walburga, specifically).

Anyways, hopefully you'll update soon. I loved this. (:

Author's Response: I know exactly what you mean, it's near impossible to find a good Riddle-era fic, or maybe I'm just looking in the wrong place. Long story short, I took it upon myself to write one. I'll be on the lookout for your fic, Walburga was going to feature in my fic as a socialite in later chapters. Thanks for taking the time to review! =)

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Review #13, by siriusly infatuated English Dolls

19th April 2007:
hey this is really good...please continue!

Author's Response: Thanks for you review, I intend to keep on going! =)

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Review #14, by manwe Prologue: This, I remember

18th April 2007:
it was good, i am waiting for the next chapter. hope you update soon

Author's Response: Thanks for being my first reviewer and I hope you'll read my next chapters.

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