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Review #1, by XharrysdarlingX The first step

26th January 2008:
Great imagination used here for the whole soul in hell thing. I was just as confused as Harry for most of it, but I wanted to keep reading to understand & I think I do to a certain extent now.

It was nice to see Alice appear as you don't see her much, & I liked how you linked the prophecy into this story as well.

Hermione & Ron made me smile, they're a great couple!

I also happen to agree with Harry, & I don't think James would like it if he knew what poor Peter was suffering through all the time. It's nice to see something in which Peter is not made into a cowardly, creepy character, he has some feelings & remorse in this which is good & what we see in DH.

I really hope you add the next chapter to this, I really want to see what happens when Harry meets Sirius, if he does manage to see him of course.

Sorry by the way, I know I messed up the name of your dramonie fic in my last review!

Author's Response: Hi again,

I was very disappointed to find that this story didn't attract people as much as my other stories. It has deep meaning.

I know it is confusing in the beginning, but death and the other world must be like that, I think. Who knows what we will meet there, once we leave this life.
That is a dimension freed of lies and deceit, as Dave Gahan put it souls are "stripped down to the bone".
Perhaps I should update it, but I doubt people would be interested in it. If I update, it will only be for you.

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Review #2, by Snapegirl The first step

14th December 2007:
I really enjoyed this. I especially like how you brought Alice Longbottom into it, no one really does much with her. And I like that Neville is also instrumental in bringing down Voldemort. But where is Sirius?

Author's Response: Yes, I have to finish that story yet. Sirius will be in the next chapter. Thanks for the review.

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Review #3, by miss_remus The first step

1st December 2007:
OoOo, I've never read a story with Alice before so this is actually quite refreashing :) This story is amazing so far! It gives readers a new twist of what secrets lie beyond the veil.

Hmm, I wonder how Snape was talking to Lily... Was it just his own reality, or sre both of Harry's parents actually there? This is so intrigueing (and long lol! I had to stop and start again several times to finish it) I seriously hope that you continue this because it's extremely well-written and very engaging!! 10/10

Author's Response: Hi Miss Remus,

wow thank you! I think alice has lots of possibilities hidden inside her, her life moved me almost as much as that of Severus.

Lily wasn't there, she only existed in Severus' nightmare (not exactly nightmare, it's kind of a personal hell, where the prisoner and the guard and the judge are all the same person). I hope that explains. I had no time to go on with that story and to tell the truth it hasn't raised much interest so far. lol

Thank you for your kind words and encouraging. I will finish that as soon as I'll get some time. wings

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Review #4, by Marina Cartwright The first step

26th September 2007:
This is an interesting story. When does Sirius come?

Author's Response: Hi Marina! Sirius comes in the next - which is also the last - chapter. I'll try to catch up and finish that one too. Thanks for your review! The first on this story. :) wings

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