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Review #1, by Bella Musings

27th February 2009:
I absolutely loved this! I do have one question,is this in any way related to Slayer of His Name?Please update that.It's such a good story it really has a good plot!

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Review #2, by jailyngladney Musings

23rd July 2007:
hi... ive read a lot of your stopries, and this is just another story on the great natalia stories heap... basically, i really like this story... keep up the good work!

Author's Response: Haha thanks, glad you liked it =D

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Review #3, by Izzieluv Musings

19th July 2007:
That was amazing and there's alot of things i could say against it(had it been crappily written)... but all i can think to say is Voldy/Tom never loved anyone... but still... amazing...

Author's Response: No, probably not, but ya know... xDD
Thank you!!

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Review #4, by Clowee_tee Musings

18th July 2007:
The language in that was amazing!

Author's Response: Thanks!!

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Review #5, by Grantie Anne's can I help you? Musings

19th April 2007:
I just keep getting more clever by the hour... no by the minute...actually by the MILLASECOND. If that's how it's sppeld. (haha me=loser.) MY GOD TALLY! You wrote that? Ugh I just finished reading This is All- and it reminds me of that A LOT. Which is good because I finished it last night and you reminded me of it... but bad because you reminded me of how much I miss reading it. Bleh. Well I didn't even really like it that much... it was a little GRAPHIC, if you get my d r i f t . *Awkward Turtle* heeheehee. But it did have this amazing DREAMBOAT (Like I said, I just keep getting clever-er.) in it, and duh-rum roll please... his name was WILL. (And he played the oboe with Cordelia and dknjf klsdhf argh what is wrong with me?) I'm mildly obsessed. Very mild. Not like Edward or Pajamas obsessed... but more in an oh my gosh I think you're adorable way. In Pajamas' case its more of oh my gosh I love you. WHOA epiphany- I DON'T LIKE EDWARD ANYMORE!!! Wait, I should probably email all of this to you instead of doing it here. Naaah. Too much fun to spam your board. Heehee have you ever watched the office? Well, they have Spam (that disgusting meat stuff) at an office party. Teeheehee, a Jamaican (excuse my poor spelling) Luau. Poor Michael. Anywhoo... if you want to get caught up on your british spelling, I would read THIS IS ALL. It was good. Except for the disgusting parts. ((SHIVERS)) Ugh. There seem to be a lot of those. But I really do like Will. ON TOPIC, ON TOPIC!!! But this is a truely amazing angst. (I sound uber weird saying that.) It is BERRY amazing. Hahahahahahahahahahaha sorry. *Insert my stupid silent laugh* Well, I must call you this weekend to catch up. How was spring break? I heard you saw a certain friend of ours. Your sister and this certail friend informed us. Oh oh oh last thing! I was listening to N*Sync earlier, and JUST as I read the "It's tearing me apart" part JUST as the song "it's tearin' up my heart" came on! weird... well. It appears I have run out of things to ramble on about. Sooo ADIOS!!!

Author's Response: GRANT!!!! I just talked to you... before my sister stole the phone... and you ARE GOING to call me back this time. BEFORE Meggie's Sound of Music thing. That's at six, by the way, if I forgot to tell you.
Ohmigawsh. Yeah, I told you on the phone, but I'll repeat it... I READ THAT FIRST! BWAHAHAHA. See, you can /totally/ read my mind six hours away... totally. Well, I liked it all... psh. xD
Yeah, Edward isn't NEARLY as cool as Ethan, and besides, Jessie likes him now too and I'm not really for shared custody of guys xDDD Umm who else is amazing? Kartick isn't, not really. Will is. Uhhh... Tom Riddle's pretty spiff... OH AND FIERYO (Fiyero? I can't spell his name) and Marius. Yesh.
No, haven't seen the office, but yesterday... two days ago?... on retreat Nick mentioned it.
Oh, wow, Grantie. N*Sync? Your poor sister must be going crazy. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!!! AHHHHHHHHH.
You'd better call me back this time, punk. I just remembered something else to tell you. (Not really). If you forget I'll call the house and talk to Ryan. Because that baby bottle pop song he was singing? It was amazing. Ummmmmm last thing... Meggie liked the song you were singing on speaker earlier xDD -has a laughing fit-

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Review #6, by Madluv Musings

10th April 2007:
I really liked it! I wonder how Tom reacted when he read the letter. DID he read the letter?
10/10 :)

Author's Response: Yeah, he read the letter xDD I didn't write it coz it was past my bedtime, and open endings are sometimes better, right?

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