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Review #1, by Gladis Gudgeon A Dark Love

4th May 2014:
I love the way this story captures the emotions of these characters so well. It is really amazing!

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Review #2, by theblacksisters A Dark Love

5th November 2013:
Interesting, very good. Not a pairing I've ever seen before, though not the wierdest (I've never understood Harry/Charlie), or the most OOC (I despise Bellatrix/Snape).

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Review #3, by JenniferPotter A Dark Love

20th September 2010:
This story was amazing, I wouldn't of thought of them being a couple but i love it. And the fact that it ended in that way.. Wow. I enjoyed your writing, I hope to read other stories from you.

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Review #4, by silver phoenix A Dark Love

19th December 2007:
*swoons* Good God woman, I never imagined this pairing possible, much less written so beautifully. This was INCREDIBLE. I. . . I don't know what else to say. I think I'll just sit here in a swooned silence, staring dreamily into nothingness, lost in the dream your words have caused.

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Review #5, by Andromedatonks A Dark Love

11th September 2007:
Oh, this is very beautiful! I love the atmosphere you created in the beginning: all these parties, engagements; and how Regulus seems slightly estranged from all of this. I also loved the structure and pace of the whole story; you didn't linger too long on anything, but you didn't rush things either. I loved all the dialogues, especially the scene with Sirius. I also found one thing absolutely brilliant: the fact that Regulus had his hands manicured! I'm so glad you actually preserved his aristocratic nature, unlike so many authors who tend to forget what sort of family he and his brother come from.

I'm sorry to point out two things that sort of bothered me: first of all, you misspelled Grimmauld Place several times, and the second I'm not quite sure of, but I've always believed that it is "he raised his head/eyebrows/etc", not "rose" (at least, my dictionary says "to raise is 'to bring something up'; to rise is 'to get up'"). I don't know, but it caught my eye repeatedly while reading.

But other than that your story is simply awesome, and I really enjoyed reading it.


Author's Response: Ah, thank you so much!! I really enjoyed writing this fic, I was bored on Easter day after too much chocolate (I hate chocolate), so I just got a lovely plot bunny and decided to sit down and write this.

Another thank you I'd like to extend is for picking out those errors. I never realised, which is quite embarrassing, and you're right, its not "rose", so I'll go and change it to "raised". And about the spelling!! Whoops!! I didn't notice. Thanks so much for pointing this all out and I'll go back and change it.

Thanks loads, andromeda. It means a lot.

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Review #6, by Tomfeltonishot A Dark Love

9th September 2007:
AW!! cry.
u made me cry! that was soo sad.
i cant describe it :P it was so...believablely sad! i luvvvedd iiit
again. i luv anything u write lol

Author's Response: Aw hunny, thanks so much!! Sorry to make you cry, I'm evil like that. *grins*

Thanks for your lovely review.

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Review #7, by DarkeningDawn A Dark Love

28th July 2007:
I've seen many, many, pairings in my day but never have I come across a Barty/Regulus story before. One-shot or not, I really loved this story; written fantastically. You're a very talented writer. :] Love how you wrote both Barty and Regulus too, they seemed perfect. :] Great job, you get a 10!

Author's Response: No, I confess that I have never come across this pairing either, so I thought it would be fresh and original to explore such a relationship myself. I'm so very pleased that you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I thank you for your lovely review.

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Review #8, by Griffinology A Dark Love

19th July 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks very much!!

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Review #9, by LovelyMioneWeasley A Dark Love

10th July 2007:
*jaw drops* I popped over to Husabye_Mountain's author page and saw her slash fic and she recommended you. So, I popped on over and am overwhelmed at how good it was. What a plot twist there at the end! It's very rare you find a greatly executed plot twist within a one-shot and that was overly impressive. Well done.

The descripations were so perfect it was...spine-chilling. *shivers* You are a fantastic writer. And while this inspires me to write my own slash, I know that I could never, ever get close to giving it the kind of justice it deserves like you can. What a wonderful one-shot! 10/10

Lindsey xox

Author's Response: Hello :) Another Hushabye fan, eh? Kate is fantastic. Anyway, I'm glad you decided to read, and thanks so much for taking the time to review. Like all authors on here, I relish every lovely one.

I'm afraid I'm a bit of a fan when it comes to plot twists, so I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Spine-chilling is a lovely word, as I made a semantic field of this whole plot being entirely dark and cold, and used connotations to enforce that. Fantastic writer? *grins and blushes* I hardly think so. I've still got a long way to go before achieving that sort of status, but thank you very much anyway!! I'm sure you could write something very beautiful that is worth every moment of time you pour into writing it. When it comes to slash, it is very difficult to give such a beautiful relationship justice, and I hope I've achieved something worhty of that.

Thank you very much, Lidsey, for such an astounding and delightful review.

Helen xx

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Review #10, by Evil_toothpaste A Dark Love

4th July 2007:
Very nice story.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. :)

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Review #11, by sweetredrose A Dark Love

7th May 2007:
I can't think of anything wrong with it. It's perfect. :) I liked it a lot because it really captured the way they'd feel in those... situations. :o

Author's Response: Ah, you're so sweet. I'm very pleased that you enjoyed it. :-)

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Review #12, by dream_in_color A Dark Love

6th May 2007:
I absolutley adored this story. You did a great job with it nd it's defintely goinginto my favorites :]

Author's Response: Hey there. Why thank you!! I'm thrilled that you liked it.

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Review #13, by Hushabye_Mountain A Dark Love

25th April 2007:
Simply breathtaking. I'm sorry, but I can't leave a long winded review for this, it will ruin it in my memory, just know that I adored this peice, so much, it was beautiful. Thank you for writing things that grab a hold of my heart and refuse to let go, you are amazing Helen. 10/10, favs, and on my site, this was... wow, so good.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you!! I wrote this at easter when I was bored. :-D

Thank me? Thank you and all my readers!! Without you lot, I'd probably lose my inspiration.

Thanks Kate. xx

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Review #14, by ragnatela_1 A Dark Love

24th April 2007:
Ok, this review is very rushed as I'm leaving my computer soon. I'm sorry I came and read this instead of Shards of Glass, but when I saw the Barty Jr/Regulus ship I had too come an read it. This is a ship that gets far too little love in fanfiction.

Now I absolutely loved this story. It was beautifully written and I was nearly in tears at the end, thats how moved I was. You really are a brilliantly descriptive author, and I think this story really showed that. It was so romantic, but mixed with enough Horrer/Dark to make an unromantic like me enjoy it a lot. The ending was so sad. I'm wondering if Voldemort knew about them, and part of getting Barty to kill Regulus was part of his twisted evilness, punishing them even more, or if it was just a horrible coincedence (sp?). Its your story, so I don't know what you intended, but it was so sad either way. This story gets ten out of ten and definately going in my favorites when I get time to add it. =)

Author's Response: Hey, don't worry - its your choice after all. Whatever appeals to you the most. :-)

I don't think I can take all this flattery. Maybe I'll just scream and hide. *_* I get what you mean about the horror and dark romantisicing it yet not romantiscing it at the same time (sp?). That was my intention, and I wanted to make it anything but cliche. Their love had to be beautiful, but they had to keep in character.

My intention was to allow the reader to interpret it for themselves. Whatever works best for you, hun. :-)

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Review #15, by Unicorn Girl A Dark Love

24th April 2007:
OMG! this was amazing. It was even better than Golden, which I never thought was possible. You write Regulus wonderfully


Author's Response: Ah, thank you sweetie. I can always rely on you to read and review. You're great. xx

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Review #16, by yourstruely A Dark Love

17th April 2007:
aww, i loved it! heehee...10!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much.

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Review #17, by Cornie A Dark Love

17th April 2007:
What an amazing fanfic. I've never seen a Barty/Reggie fic before and this one is certainly magnificent. The writing style is amazing and there were no outstanding mistakes that I saw. Great job. It's always funny I find...slash fics seem to be more romantic than straight fics. This is romantic, and yet still has the horror/dark component that is one of my favorites in fanfic.

Definite 10/10.


Author's Response: Hey there Cornie. Why thank you!! I've never read any Reg/Bartie before, so I thought I'd write one before they influenced my mind. :-)

Oh yes, that's because in slash, the characters have to get through prejudice and stuff like that, and if they are willing to go through all that emotional pain, then its certainly love that they are feeling.

Thanks so much for reviewing.

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Review #18, by lupa_mannera A Dark Love

12th April 2007:
Oh my god. That was stirring and beautiful. My heart is still racing and I am dizzy from reading this - I had a hugely visceral reaction to this, the descriptions, the plot, the characters, the situations...all coming together in a glorious and terrible conclusion. Incredible job. Excellent way to weave a story!

Author's Response: Dizzy? Oh, that's so sweet!! I've felt like that reading someone else's fic before, it was so beautiful - I think it was MajiKat's actually, "Bad World", and some of fawkesphoenix's work - I think that's her name. Anyway . . . I recommend those fics if you would like another dizzy feeling. :-) Thank you so, so much for this stunning review. It's made me beam with delight. Thank you, thank you, thank you. xx

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Review #19, by Beth Weasley A Dark Love

12th April 2007:
How the hell do you do this? This is ah-mazing! Sad, touching, beautiful... I really should write a list of words to describe your writing, but it might take up too much space! Wonderful! Really, I can't even describe it!


Author's Response: Ah, you're so sweet. *_* Thank you so, so much for taking the time to reading this, and for leaving such a heart warming review. This review had made me grin so much, you wouldn't believe. Thank you. xx

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Review #20, by MajiKat A Dark Love

10th April 2007:
oh my! Dracana, that was gorgeous! i loved it darl, as i do everything you write. it was not as emotionally intense, but the way you wove the outside story around them worked an absolute wonder, and added a great deal to the story. Including all the small details of life outside their affair - Lucius and Narcissa, Bella, the encounter with Sirius, and finally the horcrux - it was fabulously done. you present such a beautiful Reg - he is so torn and conflicted and pained, confused about which path he should take. and i really like the Barty you gave us - another minor character in canon, so you created a fantastic personality for him. and the ending - i got a bit was brilliant. i think one of the best endings for Reg i have come across. the fact that his lover had to be the one - that made it all the more tragic.

beautiful, once again darl!

oh i emailed you that story - hope you like :)

Author's Response: Hey MajiKat. I haven't checked my emails in a while, but rest assured, as soon as my huge pile of homework is completed, I shall.

No, there were not so many emotions to play on this. I wanted a slightly angsty feel to it, but not too heavily, because after all, they are Death Eaters, and feel as how they are expected to.

I'm glad you enjoyed the weaving of events that balanced their characters. I love Reg, he's so much fun to develop, because we don't know the entire truth of him, but there are so many possibilities. Writing minor characters is what I like to do the most, as it leaves a lot to the imagination. As I'm sure you've noticed, I don't write Draco much any more, because in truth, he has begun to annoy me. I think that's the fault of fanfiction rather than his actual character in the books, but there are so many fics on him, and in truth, I'm sick of it, as they are all so similiar. (No offense to yours, I really enjoyed it).

Really? One of the best? *frowns before grinning* I'm so pleased you think so!! :-)*attacks with hugs* Yeah, I sort of found that idea from Snape - didn't Snape have to kill one of his parents to declare that his only love and loyalty was to Voldemort? Or maybe I made that up . . . *shrugs* Probably came from some fanfic I read ages ago.

Anyway, thanks so much for your lovely review - as usual, it is much appreciated.

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Review #21, by SlytherinGirl_x A Dark Love

9th April 2007:
I love it!! Once again, you've wrote another amazing one-shot :D I loved the way you made Regulus and Barty's characters in this :D I guess the ending was a little sad, but maybe that's just me? :D Oh well, I guess that's all I can say about it really :) 10/10!!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you hun!! I tried to make them more cold, as Death Eaters would be expected to act - not with passion and too much emotion, but with dignity and proud. Yeah, the ending was supposed to be sad. :-) Thank you so much for reviewing, it means a lot.

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Review #22, by WerewolfScribe A Dark Love

9th April 2007:

Author's Response: Thank you!! My only reviewer!! :-) At least someone likes it. Thank hun.

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