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Review #1, by thegeneralofmusic@yahoo.ca A Strange Class

10th January 2009:
I am anxiously waiting for more. It was interesting mixture of the different powers. Just how you develop this will be exciting.

Author's Response: I will be typing the 8th chapter and I had some of it typed, but since we have a new computer that uses vista it will take awhile for me to have the chapter up and our other computer keeps freezing and some of ch 8 is on a floopy disk.

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Review #2, by HP7LVR Deputy Headmaster Anakin Skywalker and the Sorting

6th December 2007:
professer anakin skywalker... vry interesting

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Review #3, by HP7LVR Almost Maximum Power

6th December 2007:
o my funny funny! yay 1st review!!! im proud. anyway u no ure chapters r rly short?

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Review #4, by erised713 Attack on the Dursleys

26th October 2007:
This is a good story so far but it moves so fast, there's barely any time to react to what's happening. I think you should spend a bit more time explaining things that happen and why and also a bit more time on the various relationships because I'm kinda getting confused. Otherwise, I think you have good ideas. Oh yeah, and my story is finished. The last chapter was just validated so you can check it out if you want.

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Review #5, by ebolamunkee Harry and Jessica's other family and the Power of the Jedi appears

23rd June 2007:
Star Wars+Harry Potter=Awesome


Obi Wan+Elrond>Mace Windu+Kingsley Shacklebolt

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Review #6, by wolf25 Harry and Jessica's other family and the Power of the Jedi appears

14th June 2007:
too fast slow it down im barely making since of it

Author's Response: Sure I'll slow it down and ch6 is waiting to be validated

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Review #7, by AxelCooke Harry and Jessica's other family and the Power of the Jedi appears

18th May 2007:
Interesting choice of stories to crossover, chuck us a message or whatever when the next chapters up

Author's Response: I am currently doing the third chapter so it will take me awhile to do the others

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Review #8, by Valthalion Chapter Title: The Letters to Hogwarts and the last will of Albus Doumbledore

25th April 2007:
not bad, not bad at all, thanks for reviewing and keep it coming

Author's Response: Thank you and I will keep the chapters coming

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