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Reading Reviews for Meet The Potters
22 Reviews Found

Review #1, by mugglemania Snowed In

6th March 2011:
I know this story hasn't been updated in a long time, but it's really good and if you get of HPFF again please update!!!

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Review #2, by lily_hermione_forever Snowed In

19th January 2009:
i love reading about lily's father. i really hope you continue this story.

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Review #3, by JulezTeal Snowed In

12th June 2008:
Please continue, it would make me very happy =]]

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Review #4, by Chooke Snowed In

5th February 2008:
diffenitly keep goin it seems interesting

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Review #5, by Lizzie Snowed In

31st July 2007:
Oh! Please continue! I collasped reading about James, Sirius and Remus. Its hilarous. I want to learn more about The potters. please continue!!

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Review #6, by griffindor500 Snowed In

28th May 2007:
hey great story up date soon plz!

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Review #7, by jandl Snowed In

23rd May 2007:
Great Chapter

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Review #8, by jandl Snowed In

23rd May 2007:
That was an awesome beginning!
Update soon!

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Review #9, by Fanfair Snowed In

23rd May 2007:
My God this is abosulotly funny please do continue

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Review #10, by nowandforever36xo Snowed In

12th May 2007:
Please continue the story its great so far I really like it!!!

peaceout muchloveee

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Review #11, by BallycastleBats Snowed In

5th May 2007:
OMG!OMG! Its 11:40 at night and I think i'm going to wake my parents by laughing! Hilarious! Update..fast...please!!!

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Review #12, by Divine_Till_Night Snowed In

2nd May 2007:
More plz! ~Ginny~ (8/10)

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Review #13, by Wizardwannabe Snowed In

24th April 2007:
Love it more will come I hope?!?!? Well loves the idea!

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Review #14, by msprongs_7 Snowed In

20th April 2007:
LOL! it was really funny! lol, james sirius and remus in their underwear and cape...pothead...it was really good!

Author's Response: Thankx for the review!

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Review #15, by Queen Starla_wierd93 Snowed In

16th April 2007:
i'm choking on my laughter here this story was sooo funny i started to drool and laugh at the same time hurry up and up date

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Review #16, by Lily0987 Snowed In

14th April 2007:
This is really funny! Keep it up!

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Review #17, by hp4eva786 Snowed In

13th April 2007:
this is a great story. totally hilarious. update soon

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Review #18, by Shell Snowed In

12th April 2007:
it is so utterly random that I love it!

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Review #19, by onepound13 Snowed In

6th April 2007:
BRILLLIANT! Update soon!

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Review #20, by CrimsonEmeralds Snowed In

6th April 2007:
hehehe, love it already ash! Can't wait for next chap! 10/10++

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Review #21, by SammyRay Snowed In

6th April 2007:
OoOo. This is exciting because I did read meet the Evan's, which was very good by the way. Im phsyced for what you've got in store!

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Review #22, by Boots Snowed In

5th April 2007:
Being Alaskan myself, I was excited to see something set there. I don't really get the whole skit thing. Anyway, pretty good.

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