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Review #1, by Natural Amortentia Fulfilling the Scripture

13th May 2007:
Okay, so first, I just wanted to say that using quotes from the scripture is just about the coolest thing ever. And secondly, yay for more one-shots using a character's thoughts in, like, a few seconds!

The ending of this--mostly the last two paragraphs--was just fantastic. It really wrapped up the story and it just was great.

I just have a little bit of a...a thing about the whole tag-along!Peter thing. He's often portrayed as the odd one out, and I think he was really more of a part of the Marauders than fanon might suggest. Still, this story somehow makes that fit. It just seems so convincing here it almost made me forget.

...almost. x)

Author's Response: I'm not really a fan of the marauders in general, but yeah, he is a bit cliche, isn't he? I think he was probably a lot more invovled than most want to admit, but a Peter who spoke up for himself and wasn't a weak little pansy boy wouldn't have worked in this one shot. Forgive me a sole cliche every here and there?

Thank you so much though.

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Review #2, by Cath Fulfilling the Scripture

5th April 2007:
Another well written piece, Goddess. I really like how the piece goes about in a circular motion. The way it starts and ends with the water (its hard to write a review when Andy Pandy is on.) but while you have only moved forward about what? three seconds in time, there is still a sense of completion without the piece having a resolution!

Actually, there is a resolution: running.

Author's Response: Thank you. It's one of my favourites out of The Seven Words series, and by far the one that flowed the easiest. It took all of five minutes to write, and maybe another ten to edit to something I liked. Glad to see you liked it too.

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