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Review #1, by Heather Bathroom Fun....Enter Her

16th December 2008:
I LOVE the movie 'Saved!', it's the best.
AND The bit that you used just happens to be one of my favourite parts.
AND, coincidenly I just finished watching the movie 'Saved!' for, like, the billionth time!


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Review #2, by Silver_Rosed_ElphabaFae Bathroom Fun....Enter Her

14th January 2008:
I'm. So. Confused.

Who is Wednesday?

It was really good until then when I got totally lost!

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Review #3, by loveeyourhatee Explosions & Panic Attacks

3rd June 2007:
intresting stuff. update soon.

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #4, by Henria Explosions & Panic Attacks

31st May 2007:
This was good. I can't wait for the next one.

As you can see, I took out the hitting. As you already know, it was a violation. Girly, you are going to get into trouble one of these days and your stories are going to get pulled. I already have one of my stories hidden because of something in the summary.

I wish you luxk tomorrow at your interview. Hehe If you want, I can ride with you. Your Marine will make sure nothing happens to you. I have some free time. :D

I love you too mommy dearest. I will talk to you later. :D

HUGS and Kisses bye bye for now. Love always,
Henny, that lucky Penny!

Author's Response: well i wished that i would have called. but alas i made it home in one piece. even if i took the wrong bus... i know it is such a me thing.

but it said muldoon on it so i was like 'hey, bus home. good'

so there. yeah. but it was ok. i had my ipod and a book. Sense and Sensibilty for that fact.

i know.

i think it went well. excpet for one thing that bugs me.

no nose ring.

no more then two earrings in each hole.

hunny how many holes [unnatural] holes do i have?

4 and 5. yep. that means i have to chose.

how lame.

but its money.

damn it.

i love you.

i thought you should know that.

go to my yahoo dark_sublime_goddess13 one and look under KK and the danger of boys.

it is great. funny pictures. oh lord.

same password as usual.

love you lots

macho love



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Review #5, by Wand Maker Extraordinaire Explosions & Panic Attacks

31st May 2007:
this was good. but i can't wait to see what happens in the trial. and wonder who she was talking about.

Author's Response: thank you. you're about the only one that reviews for this story, many thank yous. i'll try to get it out as fast as i can. the trial, well, should be really interesting. thanks

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Review #6, by hieijunkie Guess What? & Sleeping Together

24th May 2007:
So what happens next and why does Hermione have a court date?? What did she do?? Oh yeah where exactly is her tatoo located?? What does the tattoo say on it?? I'm so curious please write more!! TT_TT I want to know what happens! TT_TT

Author's Response: thank you. you'll find out why she has a court date. and the tattoo, that is another story. thank you

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Review #7, by Wand Maker Extraordinaire Guess What? & Sleeping Together

23rd May 2007:
This is great. update soon!

Author's Response: thanks.

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Review #8, by Wand Maker Extraordinaire Hermione And Wednesday

21st May 2007:
this is absolutely wonderful. i love Wednesday. and the way she makes fun of snape. and how she said dumbledore looks like gandalf. update soon!

Author's Response: thanks. i wondering if anyone liked this one. it just came to me one day. i hope you like how she turns out.

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Review #9, by Henria Bathroom Fun....Enter Her

25th April 2007:
Haha Of course. Good chapter. I am sure she is a very big surprise to all the students. Courtney is going to hang out with us tomorrow while all the Seniors are out at Kincad. It should be fun. I will see you tomorrow love! Love you muchas!!

Author's Response: yes i won't be alone. so angel is gone... but i'll be ok, i thnink. anyways thanks for the review dearest

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Review #10, by Henria No Reaction

19th April 2007:
Haha Yes, I love it! I really like this one. Now, where is the one with Layla and Harry? Hmmm?

Maybe I should beta for you. Just because there are errors that bother me. Just a thought. Don't need to get offended. Just something I thought about AFTER I wrote you the last note on the Day of Silence. So, I couldn't tell you.

I will see you later! Love you muchas!!

Author's Response: well beta for me. i don't know how to do it. i will post the Layla and Harry one when i get enough to where i am not scrabbling to get a chapter out. but don't worry. i will. its a good one. but i still haven't got to a good point. maye only two, three chapters worth.

love ya babe




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Review #11, by evil_wench No Reaction

19th April 2007:
Interesting story so far...I found a few spelling mistakes, but nothing too bad.

I hope you update soon :)

Author's Response: thank you. and don't worry, i will update as soon as another chapter from a different story goes through.

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