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Review #1, by quirkycharm Writers Block

31st March 2011:
this was lovely. simply lovely.

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Review #2, by IheartRonald Writers Block

1st October 2009:
please oh please continue this sory! great start great writing... please do more to this story there are not enough hermione/George (my fav)

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Review #3, by Meladee Writers Block

23rd April 2009:
That was absolutely stunning. I loved the last line.

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Review #4, by InHarrysPants Writers Block

26th March 2008:
ok darling with that last line you should be the poet the hole story is beautiful

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Review #5, by dolphindreamer20225 Writers Block

18th February 2008:
That's so cute! I love this story!

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Review #6, by sweet_princess Writers Block

27th January 2008:
thats all i can say!

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Review #7, by kikkymckikkik Writers Block

9th January 2008:
aw its beautiful... too bad its only a one shot, i would of loved to continue reading... *sighs*

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Review #8, by girl_next_door Writers Block

2nd November 2007:
aww! i loved this! and you're good! it's witty, funny, sweet. and i loved how you captured writer's block so well (loss of appetite, sleepless nights and frustration!) i'm over doing my exclamation points! so yeah, this is super. and it's going to be on my favorites list. YOU are going down my favorites list. and the Weasley twins already rock my world, but you took them another level. kudosÜ

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Review #9, by hogwartsdearest Writers Block

25th October 2007:
awww cute, george likes hermione george like hermione. i do like those 2 together, but im a big r/hr shipper

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Review #10, by Odd_musings Writers Block

23rd September 2007:
Absolutely adorable and beautiful!

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Review #11, by Won Wons Jessie Writers Block

21st September 2007:
absolutely beautiful, loved it!

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Review #12, by ihs Writers Block

31st August 2007:
cool I like!

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Review #13, by Clowee_tee Writers Block

18th August 2007:
That was beautiful.

And what i said was very cheesy!

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Review #14, by ArtyGirl Writers Block

18th August 2007:
Oh, I love it. LOVE IT~!

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Review #15, by DracoIsMyFutureLover Writers Block

16th August 2007:
awww this was an adorable story. Love it. Absolutely love it.

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Review #16, by got to love me Writers Block

7th August 2007:
omg! that was so good. i love it! please write more for it like a sequal because it would be so cute to see that relationship grow! great job and keep up the good work

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Review #17, by EllieMalfoy74 Writers Block

24th July 2007:
this is so great i hope u dont get writers block

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Review #18, by Sarah_Stunner Writers Block

23rd July 2007:

that is so sweet



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Review #19, by SilentConfession Writers Block

11th July 2007:
Very well done. The whole idea of George having such an odd past time is well it's basically awesome. I would never have thought of it myself. The first bit though seemed to roll a little too fast. I also want to say that the way you captured the feeling of not knowing what else to write it nail on. The scene with Hermione and George was rather cute :), a little fast but then it is a oneshot. Great job.

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Review #20, by kat attack Writers Block

9th July 2007:
aw lovvve it!!!

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Review #21, by Richardson Jack Writers Block

27th June 2007:
this story was awesome. :D

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Review #22, by Kelzey Writers Block

27th June 2007:
Thank you!

People in caracter! No invented people! Thank you Thank you! It was amazing!

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Review #23, by seriouslypurple Writers Block

27th June 2007:
awe! i loved it. The beginning moved a little faster than my taste, but that's just me. I loved how you captured the torture of writers block as well as the sensation of an idea ready for writing. You did a superb job and I salute thee.
As far as the story line, I'm always up for a little mixng and matching. George and Hermione? Nice!

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Review #24, by SlytherinandMalfoyGoddess Writers Block

26th June 2007:
wow this is really good!
i liked the ending alot =] xx

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Review #25, by CornishPixie Writers Block

26th June 2007:
That was extremely well written, and so very very good to read. I haven't come across too many twin/Hermione fics that I've actually liked, but this one is just perfect. I LOVE that you created a George who has such a unique hobby when compared with his stereotype, you know what I mean? Wonderful work!

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