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Review #1, by Swiywi17 Love Life

19th December 2016:
No you must carry on, I must know what happens :D I've read this collection of stories God knows how many times now though, they're so good :)

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Review #2, by john Love Life

5th August 2015:
please finish this iys only two chapters

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Review #3, by Sasuke0329 Love Life

15th March 2015:
I love your stories. I cannot stop reading them. I love how you created Severas as Harry's dad and that you still made him a butt head but that Harry can see through that.

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Review #4, by Linda Love Life

3rd October 2014:
Are you going to finish this story? It has kept me on the edge of my seat in some chapters and had me laughing in some and crying in others. This is a beautiful story and needs a finish. You are a brilliant writer whom I have had the fortune to read some of your stories. They are all amazing. Hope you are well. Miss your writing.

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Review #5, by Brian Stewart Love Life

23rd September 2014:
I first read this story many years ago. I am on a career break currently and decided to read it all over again, and hoped it would be finished.

I can't express my unhappiness that it is not. I know that is entirely selfish of me but it goes to show my love for the story you have wrote.

I just one day hope to finish reading this story, I think there should be another three books but that is just wishful thinking.

I truly loved it, so thank you very much for that.

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Review #6, by Laika Love Life

22nd September 2014:
This story is actually completed, though the last two chapters is unfortunately ONLY posted on authors liveyournal. Darkirony.livejournal ( I think, otherwise relatively easy to Google author name and resolution, when on the author page do /tag/resolution, I believe the last two chapters aren't posted elsewhere because they still need "final editing" and athor simple hasn't the time :)

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Review #7, by Nic Love Life

13th September 2014:
Please come back at least to finish this story! I mean, you spent so long writing this three-part story, how can you leave it hanging like that?

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Review #8, by Naomi Love Life

21st July 2014:
It took me a couple of days of non stop reading, but I finished your whole series. It was incredible and held me captivated for hours at a time. I was impressed by your prose, your plotting, story telling/building and mostly the excellent character building.

This one will stay with me as one of the best stories i've read, it was brilliant. Thanks so much for sharing!

Any plans to finish the last 2 chapters? Or another sequel? I would probably read anything in this universe now :)

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Review #9, by Frank Love Life

16th July 2014:
These stories have been truly amazing! I love your work, and I'm bummed there's not more. When do you think you will finish this story, or will I have to use my imagination and end it myself? I only say this because I saw you last updated this in 2012.

I truly love your work and hope you write more!
This is also the third time I've read these stories and honestly, I prefer your version over Rowling's.

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Review #10, by Nausicaa Love Life

5th July 2014:
Please, please write more!

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Review #11, by Casper Love Life

25th May 2014:
is there going to be more?

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Review #12, by OifTanker1 Descent

15th May 2014:
Oh man, I just had an instant flashback! "Now go away English pig dog, before I taunt you a second time-a!". Classic, and this story is pretty freakin' awesome.

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Review #13, by Marilyn Love Life

13th May 2014:
Are you going to finish the sorry?

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Review #14, by Lauren Love Life

12th April 2014:
I beg you! Please finish the story! I was really disappointed to find the journey come to a sudden stop like that. I love your writing, and the way you weave plots and twists into your work. I NEED to see Harry find himself a new wand. You are capable of wrapping this up better than JKR herself! A fantastic trilogy and I am hoping that you will please please please please! post an ending.

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Review #15, by Lauren Date

12th April 2014:
Great work! I've been with the trilogy from the beginning and am definitely going to see it to the end. Good to see that Harry's getting better. I can't wait to see him return to full health. Fantastic writing.

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Review #16, by Fen Love Life

24th March 2014:
Thank you very much for a really great story so far.
I really hope you continue your shining work of art :)!

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Review #17, by CJK Love Life

19th March 2014:
please please please please please update the next chapter!!!

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Review #18, by greengecko fan ;) Love Life

15th February 2014:
What happened run out of ideas?
Its been a year and it still hasnt been updated. You have a gift you create these beautiful characters that are the right amount of realistic and fairytale. please share that gift with us. We are waiting for you. Please

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Review #19, by katiebella Love Life

23rd January 2014:
I truly love this story. You are an amazing author and make the characters come to life! I implore you to finish it. Perhaps have Harry get a new wand and the defeat the Boss? My imagination does not satisfy; Only a completion of the story will. Thanks!

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Review #20, by kspence Love Life

17th January 2014:
I truly wish for an ending, but I fear it will never come.

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Review #21, by IvySnow Insinuation

15th January 2014:
I'm crying right now I have dried up tears all over my frgen face why do you do this to me I feel like my life is ruined!!! I'll just be sitting in the middle of class then make a really weird noise but I LOVE tis chapter and its so sad at the same time I know you said he doesn't stay evil, but it's so hard to believe!! D'X

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Review #22, by IvySnow Vaults

14th January 2014:
You left me Ching after every Evil Harry chapter but love him being evil so muh but I love hair aaaccckkk!!!

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Review #23, by Kc Love Life

12th January 2014:
Please finish this story, it is good, well rounded and interesting!

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Review #24, by Sho Love Life

12th January 2014:
I don't mean to be tetchy but it HAS been more than a year since the last update. There are many many people waiting for the next chapter to come along so please put us out of our misery!

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Review #25, by Grover Love Life

22nd November 2013:
Please please please update soon!!

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