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Reading Reviews for Out of My Reach
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Review #1, by Blue_Jean_Baby Out of My Reach

10th October 2009:
It does hurt. . . . But, do you know what hurts more?
When they know exactly how much you love them. . . . And the love you back. . . . But are too kind to break the other persons heart. . . . When they choose to break your heart and their own, over the heart of another. . . . That they don't love nearly as much as they love you.
. . . Trust Me. . . I'd have to be both extremely dumb and delusional, to forget how that feels. . .

Sorry if I seem a little gloomy, but I'm finding it hard to be enthusiastic for any cause right now. . .

This one-shots a real heart breaker. . . Reminds me of a guy I know. . .
Love you,

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Review #2, by Caoimhe Out of My Reach

21st December 2008:
Oh my gosh. This is so wonderful and so heartbreaking. I was actually tearing up a little... that NEVER happens to me when I read fanfiction. EVER!

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Review #3, by flamingolover Out of My Reach

10th November 2008:
AWWW!!! How sad!!! I really liked it though, good work!

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Review #4, by Zaphira Out of My Reach

23rd October 2007:
Loved it.
Incredibly well written and utterly heartbreaking.
You conveyed the emotion brilliantly.

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Review #5, by accidental dreamer Out of My Reach

23rd August 2007:
Ahwe gosh, Jen. Must you be good at absolutely everything? Graphics, writing, and next thing I know, you'll tell me you can lick your elbows or something! I used to ship Si/L, but I've stopped. Yet I saw your gorgeous banner and figured I could read one more Si/L story, just for old times sake. I'm glad I did because this was brilliant! Amazing job and going in my favorites!

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Review #6, by angelx33 Out of My Reach

1st August 2007:
ohmygod that was reallyreally good. =]

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Review #7, by Bubble Gum Pink Hair Out of My Reach

1st August 2007:
this is such a sweet story! I love it!

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Review #8, by _alechia_ Out of My Reach

30th July 2007:
"there goes my life" indeed. very very well written if a trifle to close to the bone for comfort :( i hope you have never had to go through anything like this in order to write it so feelingly. kudos on yet another remarkable story.

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Review #9, by Meridith Out of My Reach

30th July 2007:

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Review #10, by sunlitdays Out of My Reach

29th July 2007:
I loved it! Well written, in the sense that Sirius is the narrator. I could see this one-shot being strenched into a novella length. Flashbacks of Hogwarts moments? Sirius slip ups? Great idea and wonderfully done! Bravo!

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Review #11, by Avid_Reader Out of My Reach

25th July 2007:
Wow, poor Sirius.
That was fantastic, written perfectly.
I really felt his pain. I had a tear in my eye when he had a tear in his.
Sad, sad.

Avid xx

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Review #12, by blablabla Out of My Reach

24th July 2007:
Keep my promise??? Well I guess Ill find out what that is soon. greeat job thoough I like how you portrayed Sirius. Thanks for posting its a great story so far.

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Review #13, by xxxMagicx13 Out of My Reach

22nd July 2007:
Very nice

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Review #14, by miyamo Out of My Reach

12th July 2007:
Wonderful fic.
Though I don't think a marauder like Sirius will (seriously)fall in love with
someone like Lily...
But I really like the fic.One of the best romance of Sirius I've ever read!

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Review #15, by velvet Out of My Reach

9th July 2007:
How cute!
This was a wonderfully short, light read and I enjoyed it muchly.
Wonderful work, dear, keep it up!

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Review #16, by summerlove x3 Out of My Reach

8th July 2007:
I wish it were longer! haha. It was really good!

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Review #17, by Radiant_Royalty Out of My Reach

7th July 2007:
That was wonderful. I really liked it. In a way, I think all of the other marauders had a crush on Lily at some point.

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Review #18, by xoxo Out of My Reach

5th July 2007:
wow. amazing. :) i loveee it so much i cant even find anything remotely wrong with it. fabulous job 10/10

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Review #19, by Shadow of the Moon Out of My Reach

3rd July 2007:
Very good. I like the way you worked with each of the characters' personalities. Especially Lily. I could practically see her on the balcony.

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Review #20, by Silver Brown Out of My Reach

2nd July 2007:
A great story about unrequited love. I know how Sirius feels. I now feel an unrequited love for a guy and wish I could just forget him. Unrequited love...so sad.

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Review #21, by healthyobsession7 Out of My Reach

29th June 2007:
I can honestly say that this is one of my favorites since I started reading fanfics on this website... can't wait to check out some more of your stories!

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Review #22, by Lily 4 James Out of My Reach

27th June 2007:
:( Awww... but it's so sad. lol
good though

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Review #23, by BabyG Out of My Reach

27th June 2007:
argh! more story post haste i am deeply intrigued

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Review #24, by lysitha Out of My Reach

26th June 2007:
beautiful, beautiful story. Simple and touching, I love it ^^ gotta read more from you !

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Review #25, by cookiemonster Out of My Reach

25th June 2007:
That was really sad. Great job.

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