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Review #1, by DownTheCorridor18 Chapter Thirty Two

21st February 2012:
OH MY GOSH! I HAVE to know what happens next! They better not go through with that effin wedding. No offense to Gwen or anything.but I HATE her! I want Lily and James to have their happily ever after(: Please, please, please update?! I will like LOVE you if you did. :D Your an awesome author by the way!

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Review #2, by DownTheCorridor18 Chapter Thirty One

23rd November 2011:
Okay like I LOVE this story...but I HATE Quen (if I spelled her name right) why can't James just break up with her and go spend the rest of his life with Lily?(: well anyways great story I'm literally addicted and have been reading it all day(;

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Review #3, by Candace Chapter Thirty Two

25th February 2011:
I LOVE this story !! I can't wait for the next chapters !!

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Review #4, by xxxLeahxxx Chapter Thirty Two

7th November 2010:
This is so good, its written super well. I'm not quite sure what I think of James being a cheater, but Gwen makes the story intesting. Cannot wait to see what happens next, carry on writing x

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Review #5, by Shell Chapter Thirty Two

17th September 2010:
*sigh* Still checking. Still wishing.

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Review #6, by Bookworm045 Chapter Thirty Two

9th January 2010:
Oh my god. I was just reading your fantastic story, and reading it and reading it, and POOF there's no more to read! I am now sad. :( See, sad. :( I love your story so much and I really, REALLY hope you update again soon. :) Peace. If you do, I'll go back and review every one of your chapters minus the first one! :) *Smiles hopefully* But really, I love this story because you didn't put Lily and James together, you gave them a forbidden relationship of sorts, and it's so different from most stories that it's stupendously amazing. :) Please update again soon, my happiness depends on it! :| See? I don't know if I'll ever be happy again, unless you update again soon. Okay, I just now realized that this review is very long and pointless, so I am going to stop wasting your time and finish it off. Lets see if I got everything.

Love the story?
Update soon?
My happiness depends on it?

Bye bye!

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Review #7, by Bookworm045 Chapter Twenty Seven

9th January 2010:
Lily has really bad luck.
Like so much bad luck that it could be life threatening!
*smiles sheepishly*
Lovely story.

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Review #8, by shanelizken Chapter Thirty Two

5th September 2009:
no! Please please please finish writing this :( I read all 32 chapters straight just now and I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS! Brilliant story, really very brilliant. If there was an option I would put 1 million/10 :)

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Review #9, by Shell Chapter Thirty Two

13th August 2009:
:( I do wish you would continue this fanfic.

...I check back every couple of months, and am sad to see it not updated. :'(

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Review #10, by aiufa Chapter Ten

13th August 2009:
hahahah, merlin klein, loll

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Review #11, by a rollerball Chapter Thirty Two

12th August 2009:
gr8 story plz update!

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Review #12, by hi Chapter Thirty Two

10th August 2009:
awe D: why have you left! i love this story its by far my favorite! please come back and update!

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Review #13, by Cedrics_gurl Chapter Thirty Two

29th July 2009:
Whoa whoa whoa! What the hell just happened? Where are the pink bunnies and candyfloss? The "Happily Ever After"? Please tell me this goes on...a sequel? It's not actually finished? I love this story WAY to much, it's like an obsession! And I've cried and been furious, and been ecstatic - and that's just in the last few chapters! I can't end like this!

You're too awesome a writer! It's unbearable.

10/10 (that's an understatement)

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Review #14, by CaSurferGrl Chapter Nine

9th June 2009:
It's a cute story but kinda cliché

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Review #15, by Lyall Chapter Thirty Two

23rd May 2009:
I absolutly love thsi story. It is simply amazing. Please keep it up.

feel free to read and review my FF :)

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Review #16, by California Chapter Thirty Two

18th May 2009:
PLEASE update soon. This is so good.

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Review #17, by ChildishlyCheery Chapter Thirty Two

18th May 2009:

i love this story! its insanely good, update soon! i love the way you write, amzing charateraziotn. im pretty sure i splled that wrong, *grins*


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Review #18, by HugsandKisses15 Chapter Thirty Two

12th March 2009:
aww, it's not fair! they deserve to be
together. jimjams, fix this! pleasee(:

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Review #19, by thegoldensnitch Chapter Thirty Two

28th February 2009:
Hi! Im sorry i haven't reviewed in ages! this story is still really great and i can't wait to read more! please, please update soon x

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Review #20, by liliylove Chapter Thirty Two

3rd February 2009:
that was very saddening..

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Review #21, by liliylove Chapter Twenty One

3rd February 2009:
why is james and lily not together.. BUHUHU... so sad..
Anyways good story keep up the good work

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Review #22, by liliylove Chapter Sixteen

3rd February 2009:
omg!!! your terrific!!! keep up the good work :)

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Review #23, by MorningMoon Chapter Thirty Two

1st February 2009:
Really good!
Please update soon, it's my favorite story!

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Review #24, by Lily C. Chapter Thirty Two

24th January 2009:
This story is absolutely brilliant,and I was hoping that you would update faster so I could find out what is going to happen next.

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Review #25, by ilj Chapter Thirty Two

19th January 2009:
please please please please please update soon :( x

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