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Review #1, by Phoenix_feather94 Swimming Part 1

28th December 2008:
its a good story. keep writing.

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Review #2, by kirarose318 Swimming Part 1

12th June 2007:
i love this story so far.

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Review #3, by inabena57 Swimming Part 1

9th June 2007:
hmmm chicken fight... i play that evry time i go in the poll with my friends best pool game ever!!! anyway james and sirius are pervss lol
loved the chappy can't wait for the update
angelina {ib57

Author's Response: lol, I know, I like playing it to ^_^ Tha nks for the review

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Review #4, by inabena57 Introductions

9th June 2007:
ummm kinda confuzzled! i think you ment sirius and jamie and remus and sophie right?? ok then besides that good start chappy =]
angelina {ib57

Author's Response: yeah... messed up, thanks for the review ^_^

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Review #5, by IS bookworm Swimming Part 1

8th June 2007:
OOH!! I love chicken fighting. Good chapter! :7)

Author's Response: thanks ^_^

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Review #6, by IS bookworm Introductions

8th June 2007:
OOH!! Really good chapter! One thing though, I think you should check over it. Like it says Sophie and Sirius belong together, I think you meant Jamie and Sirius. And after the paragraph talking about Sophie, the a 'she's' that shouldn't be there. Good chapter though! :7)

Author's Response: yeah, I realized that once it was submitted and everything, I should probly re-submit it Thanks for the review ^_^

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Review #7, by asian Swimming Part 1

7th June 2007:
Cool story so far. I like it! In the summary you said that you gave each of them one of the 7 deadly sins. I wanna see if I can guess who's what.

Sirius - lust
Jamie - pride
Sophie - sloth
Lily - anger (maybe?)
James - envy
Remus - greed (maybe?)
Peter - gluttony (maybe?)

Did I get them right? I hope so!

Author's Response: almost, either a new character is going to be greed or Peter is, I think I might leave Peter out though, because I can't stand him ^_^ Remus is gluttony though because he's in love w/ chocolate ^_^ that was actually going to be in the next chapter ^_^ good job, you got most of them ^_^

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Review #8, by asian Introductions

7th June 2007:
It's good so far, but I did find a few mistakes.

Oh, and did I mention that him and Sophie totally belong together. Sirius just flirts too much and Jamie’s to damn proud.

I think you meant that Sirius and Jamie belong together.

And then, you put:

Her and Remus totally belong together. She’s

But other than all that stuff, I like this story. It sounds interesting. I give it an 8/10!!!

Author's Response: yeah, I realized that after it was up, but I didn't want to wait for re-validation, but yeah its Sophie Remus, and Sirius Jamie. the other was just a type-o I guess ^_^ Thanks for the review

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Review #9, by Concused_Duck Introductions

2nd June 2007:
heyy sam =] tis sarah =] like I said on Hogwarts, awesome fic- can't wait for second chapter :P

Author's Response: lol, thanks ^_^ I really need to finish Chapter 2 ^_^

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Review #10, by Nici Introductions

1st June 2007:
Yay! LexyWexy!

I've already expressed my love for this story, so yes.

Author's Response: thank you Nici dear ^_^

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Review #11, by david nichols Introductions

24th April 2007:
histarical in a rio vista kind of way especially because of all the drama

Author's Response: What would Rio be with out the drama??? LoL, or a good story!!! I need my inspiration!!

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Review #12, by AussieAnatomy627 Introductions

14th April 2007:
sweet idea
but you know that witches aren't allowed to do magic until they are 17 right? (Lily fixing the vase)

That's ok...I still like it
I'm gonna marry Sirius one day.
*wakes up from dream*
"Darn! And it was such a good dream too!"
oh well...
Update soon!

Author's Response: yeah, but as JK said, Lily got her share of warning letters, but I still didn't think about that... woops!! Thanks though!!

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