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Review #1, by ajzi2112 James Potter-chapter 1

5th August 2007:
A bit of constructive criticism.
Great story so far, and I really meant that, I loved it, but the grammar could use a little work.
When its the same person talking for more then one sentence just do this.
You wrote:
" Wait Ginny, I like that name!" " So, well call him James Potter after my father." "Ok, James I like that."

I would write:
"Wait, Ginny, I like that name! So we'll call him James Potter after my father." Harry called after her.
"Okay, James, I like that."

Just a hint of narration.
You are a great author so keep up the good work! =]
I am sooo adding you to my faves so I can read more of your work!

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Review #2, by Mrkek James Potter-chapter 1

14th June 2007:
there is no good and evil only power and those to weak to seek it.

Author's Response: hey thats a good saying sryy i took me so long to respond and i need to finish my story i just have to many things to do right now ive writin it on paper but not typed it up yet so just check every once in a while to see if i have posted a new chapter yet k!!!!! wait i have an even better idea ill type to u when i post a new chapter k,k!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Review #3, by JamesandLilly4ever James Potter-chapter 1

3rd May 2007:
Yes I will make a banner for you email me at and tell me what you want on it.

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Review #4, by Muggle394 James Potter-chapter 1

11th April 2007:
cute. realy cute. bet you cant guess who this is.Its *drumroll please* Hannah!im bored.ya no wat happened a minute a go on the phone? my mom cussed me out and screamed at me and then gave rachel chocolate and said i couldnt have any! i hate my life...

Author's Response: hi u r at my house now an guessssssssss wat i am typin to u an u know wat i sayion well got to go BYEkiug5v tf j,bt2vakm

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