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Review #1, by linerva thetis Jean mcgonagall Daylight Fading

10th December 2009:
i like the idea of the neck rings, it is beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm happy you liked that (:

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Review #2, by alyosha Sleeping Sun

1st February 2009:
Far be it from me to give advice on how one should write their own stories, but it just seems that you have a grevious penchant for divulging information in the most straightforward of ways. And after a while, it just feels unnatural.

There is only a certain amount of having the appearance of all three Black daughters explicitly stated in one paragraph which someone can abide before it is just too much. Oh, and then you proceeded to debrief me on her engagement to Teddy without so much as a pause for fresh air.

Is there no other means of conveying that same message in a more organic way, is there not? And to begin with, does it even need to be conveyed?

Sorry if this sounds rude. I don't mean it to, im just inarticulate & mannerless & can't review properly.

This whole chapter was engrossing. I think if you had ommitted that part from the story, the story itself would not have suffered at all, and might possibly have improved.

Author's Response: I know what you mean (I had to re-read the chapter though, because it's been a while since I've read this) - and I'm not sure what to say really. It was a while ago since I wrote this particular chapter and I would probably do it much more differently had I decided to write it today. I've had in mind to re-write the entire story, but that's a project for the future. If I ever decide to do that, I will keep in mind your words - you're right, you know ^_^ Thank you, alyosha!

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Review #3, by Ellie The Bitter End

9th November 2008:
This is just riveting, absolutley amazing. I swear I wanted to cry along with Andromeda, you put her into such wonderful context. You are a great writer and I heartily agree about your Dobby nomination!



Author's Response: wow, thank you very much for this kind review!

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Review #4, by crookshanks_kitten The Bitter End

4th April 2008:
Brilliant all the way through. The end is sad but so good I kept reading it (unusual). 10/10

Author's Response: I'm honoured that you read until the very end! Thank you very much for this kind review!

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Review #5, by GubraithianFire Sleeping Sun

27th March 2008:
Oh, Stephanie. Can you ever forgive me for waiting too long to actually review? This is probably the third time I've read this chapter: once, years ago when I was lazy and didn't review; the second a few weeks ago when I was distracting myself from my paper, and now. Can I say, after so long, I am ridiculously sorry and I am berating myself over and over and over again for not reading before. I mean, this is your masterpiece, isn't it? At least, I think it is, considering it's your most popular story and was nominated for a Dobby (which it completely deserves, even though I've only read this chapter and the next one thus far). Needless to say, I am looking forward to getting to know these characters more and more.

Andromeda is a wonderful character to me, and I only wish I had the time or patience to write more about her and Ted. They are a fascinating couple, aren't they? It's a canon Romeo and Juliet, and I'm praying this doesn't end as tragically. You have a very recognizable style, I think, and it is very clear here. It's very laid-back and almost casual, but too luxuriant to be that. It's like the finest milk chocolate: rich and smooth and it's something very familiar to me, at any rate. Absolutely gorgeous beginning. And let me say, I LOVE how Alice is in this era (if this is the future Alice Longbottom, and I think she is). It's very common to stick her with the Marauders, but then how could she have gained reknown as an Auror? Excellent choice, and wonderful way of building this bridge between eras.

Again, gorgeous beginning. And let me say - I adore the chapter title! Again, it's rich and luxuriant and familiar and... yeah, I adore it. ^_^ *grins* *adores*

Author's Response: Aw, Gubby *blushes* I honestly haven't got an idea what to reply to this. Yes, Andromeda and Ted are overall not all that common in fanfiction, which is pity. And I hope you eventually find the patience and time and all that it takes to explore this ship. It'd be lovely and it's worth it! And yes, they are fascinating. As for Alice (and yes, the future Mrs. Longbottom) -- well, exactly. Four years and already be known as a famous Auror? It just doesn't make sense to me. I mean it could work, but I've always imagined her being older than the Marauders and I liked the thought of her being a friend of Andromeda's. I'm glad to hear that you liked my choice. Thank you for returning here and leaving this wonderful review. It's heartwarming =)

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Review #6, by Tonks_is_awesome The Bitter End

14th March 2008:
This story is wonderful!! I love the insight into Andromeda's life. I've always wanted to see what she thought of the war because she lost the most in it. I love this story, you are an excellent writer!!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for this heartwarming review!

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Review #7, by brooke 101 Daylight Fading

16th February 2008:
bla bla come on girl it needs more action

Author's Response: this is a romance story. and you've read two chapters of it =)

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Review #8, by Magic_Marker Sleeping Sun

31st January 2008:
Hey! Sorry I didn't get to reading this for, erm, months. Life caught up with me.

A strong beginning, with nice sensory descriptive details and cute moments between the characters (Andromeda and Ted in the closet was adorable!). It's obvious that you genuinely like the characters and are out to make them likable to your readers.

However, I think this needs a little beefing up. Some of the sentences are awkward, and you sometimes fall into the trap of describing characters based on eye/hair color in simple terms. Be creative! Unconventional similes and metaphors are one small victory for the English language. To make your characters have more depth, concentrate more on feelings and personalities rather than simply what a character looks like.

Also, a note on Andromeda's character. I hope you go on to show in subsequent chapters that she is, in fact, a true Slytherin in some aspects of her personality. The Sorting Hat doesn't make mistakes, and Andromeda would be a more interesting character if she had strong relationships with Gryffindors while still being a real Slytherin.

Author's Response: No worries! I'm glad you returned ^^ First off, to my defence (=p), I did write this two years ago -- I think I found it easier at the time to describe her appearance than her feelings... I can't tell why I'd think that. I've tried to give her more depth as the story went on, but it's hard to tell if I managed, since I haven't read the older chapters in a while =) As for her character and Slytherin traits: I honestly didn't think much of it as I wrote her. I had her picture - character - vivid in my head, but she didn't have so many Slytherin characteristics and I think I looked past it a bit during the progress. Yes, definitely a mistake on my part. I'm thinking on rewriting the first couple of chapters, but since I just finished it, I think I'll wait a while. Either way, I hope you'll come to like it all the same. Thanks for the review!

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Review #9, by Potterholic The Bitter End

28th January 2008:
This was a brilliant ending. Very angsty, but I like how the end was quite hopeful. I love how you wrote those moments and the shifts between them were smoothly written. But they had died together, just as James and Lily Potter had done years previously. That line reminds me how similar Teddy, Neville and Harry’s lives started out. They lost their parents to the war, and two of them are raised by their grandmother. You capture the emotions beautifully, I was nearly in tears at the end. Great job! Keep writing!

Author's Response: Thank you very much. It kind of broke my heart that the last chapter was so angsty, but it was the only way I knew to write this. But yes, in a way, it was hopeful and I could not not include that =p She needed something to look forward to. I'm happy to hear that you thought the many different parts went smoothly; truthfully, I was very worried on how people would react to the structure and if it'd be too confusing. So, *phew! Yes, that's true... Their situations are very similar. Anyways, thank you for this and all the other reviews and for sticking with the story 'til the very end =)

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Review #10, by Pronunciation_Hermy_One The Bitter End

26th January 2008:

I saw that you had posted what I knew to be the last chapter, a few days ago. Time was, of course, an issue, in that I wanted to make certain I had more than ten minutes to read this and give you a review worthy of what I knew would be an incredible chapter. To be one-hundred percent truthful with you, though, I was dreading reading this chapter. I put it off if there was something else to do, because I was truly dreading what was to come. Andromeda is one of the few, the strong, the brave who know what is right, and stand steadfast no matter what the consequences. It has not, as you showed, hardened her, though. She rode gracefully through it... all her life.

Now though, on what appears to be a final day for a lot of things in my life, I decided that it was time. Oh goodness, was this heart wrenching through and through! From the first sentence, I was absolutely enthralled. Following Andromeda along through her journey over the years of heartbreak; I knew what was coming, and oh, to spare this poor woman. Your writing throughout the past chapters, has given us a woman to fall in love with. And now, we see her suffering. Certainly, there were bright spots in her life, but even those made me so sad. Beautiful writing, dear; I love it when author's make me feel.

Seeing that Narcissa, no matter how coldly, still kept in touch, Sirius’ graduation, Alice pregnant with Neville, Andromeda’s remembrance of their torture, Sirius’ death… Oh it was all so heartbreaking. You see, until this story, I’d not realized how greatly Andromeda suffered. Her life was one big sequence of losses. And then when she lost Ted, oh how my heart broke for her. She couldn’t have even begun to heal before losing her one and only daughter, the only thing left to her from the war- her grandson.

You brought me to tears (at work! Lol) with that final segment, dear. After all that has happened, if there is a promise that Andromeda needs to keep, it is that one. Without her strength, Teddy would be lost. Certainly, he has a godfather who will cherish him completely, but without the love of his grandmother, he would be a very different little boy indeed.

Steph, I’m sorry this review took me so long to write. I’ve been writing it for three weeks now, adding to it when I was able to find 5 minutes here and there. I hope you in no way believe that my delay reflected on this chapter, let alone your story as a whole. I’ve loved it from beginning to end, as I’ve been telling you all along. I’m really rather upset to see it coming to an end now, but rest assured it will remain on my favorites list, and go down as my recommendation for everyone looking for an Andromeda fic. Genius from start to finish, you’ve impressed me beyond all measure, dear. Best of luck in all of your future endeavors- you rocked my socks. :P


Author's Response: I didn't, and still don't, know what to say, but yet, I feel I cannot keep postponing this reply. With this chapter, I really wanted to show that Andromeda has led no 'easy' life and as you said, that it's a sequence of losses. As the final book came, inspiration struck. Until then, I hadn't had one single idea on how this chapter would turn out to be - how I wanted it to turn out -, and that troubled me, since I had written almost the entire story before posting it. So it was quite late that I began writing this, but there was so much, so many events and feelings... I felt like I got to know her even more with the final book and with the writing of this chapter. Aww, sorry for that *blush*! I must say that I might have shed a tear or two as I wrote this too... =p But wow - this review means very, very much to me and no worries that it's late - life does come in the way sometimes and besides, it was definitely worth the wait. This story -- well, I put a lot of effort and time into it and I just love that it managed to... reach out. In lack of another saying. But thank you Court. Truly. Darn - still kind of speechless =p

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Review #11, by Princess Di As Lovers Go

11th January 2008:
That was soo sweet! I love it, it was sad also though, the tinest bit.

Author's Response: Aww, glad you think so. Thank you for your reviews! *huggles*

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Review #12, by Princess Di Until the End of the World

11th January 2008:
Cissy! How dare she! Unless it's Bella. They're both just not nice pepole! How rude. They need to rot! Whichever one told, GRR to you, ya hear!

Author's Response: Heh. Yep, not nice. Cissy told Bella, who told their parents. That's how it all goes in my head. And yep - betrayal. Cissy is not the one we all hoped she would be, I s'pose...

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Review #13, by Princess Di Stranger in a Strange Land

11th January 2008:
Oh no, I have a feeling that this is so not good...

Author's Response: Heh =p Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Princess Di Golden

11th January 2008:
Poor Cissy! But why can Slythrins befriend Ravenclaws, but not Griffindor's or Hufflepuff?

Author's Response: Well, I didn't mean that overall. We all know that there's a rift between Gryffindors and Slytherins, but in this case, Andromeda - who is open-minded, yet tired of the girls in her own house - isn't as... well, traditional as her sister I could say. Andromeda befriends people from other houses but not her own (since, as said, she's tired of those in her own house) and Cissy doesn't like that. Sorry if this just got more complicated =p

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Review #15, by Princess Di Sleeping Sun

11th January 2008:
I like it, the storyline is, so far, very good! I'm liking it alot!

Author's Response: Thanks very much! =)

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Review #16, by JLHufflepuff The Bitter End

10th January 2008:
I like the way you focus on Andromeda in various scenes that are of canon importance. It's interesting to see her reaction.

The scene with Alice also has some girly-goodness to it, as it's an important moment. I think I would probably like this chapter a little better if all the events were taking place in chronological order, but it's no biggie...

The letter from Narcissa about Sirius is very realistic, in my opinion. I also loved that section because you are so good at making memories and thoughts seem haunting and bittersweet.. That goes for ALL of your writing, basically.

The scene with Sirius at the graduation is also good... just an overall happy feel, but it's kind of bittersweet in the mix of memories that are going on. At this point, my vote still goes to chronological order - but I am seeing how mixing them together is working effectively as well.

Of course, I love the engagement announcement... I like that you have Andromeda liking him but very worried about their future... The formality of the Tonks with Remus seems realistic to me.

And... aww... Ted leaving... that's sad. :( And then when she found out he was dead, it was awful.. But it brings the story full circle, in my opinion.

Teddy's birth just brought tears to my eyes.

I think the way you end this is very effective and makes the name Faded Constellation hold that much more meaning...

I'm glad I could have some small part in this story! It's awesome! I just realised this review is soo long!

Author's Response: Sorry for not replying in a while, it's just I had no idea what to say. It makes me happy - no, more than happy, really - to hear that you liked this overall. I was a bit unsure with dividing this chapter in so many parts and from different years, but I figured that I couldn't not include everything that happened to her as she grew older. Truly a bitter end. I was thinking about writing it in chronological order, but I wanted those snapshots of her earlier years to be connected to the part above. Like, something bad has happened, but we can't forget the good times. I had that thought in my head =p I s'pose the chronolocial order would be effective too, but I wasn't a hundred sure, so I ignored it (=p). I hated writing the Ted part. I just wanted to cry, honest. Well, that happened at each one, but it was terrible. I can't even begin to think how it'd feel. Anyways, thanks for this awesome review and all others and for sticking with this too. Means the world =)

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Review #17, by harrypotterfan8187 The Bitter End

7th January 2008:
I loved it! This story was so amazing! What an interesting look at Andromeda's life.

Author's Response: Thank you very much =D ! I'm happy you liked my version of her life.

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Review #18, by Proud Hufflepuff The Bitter End

6th January 2008:
This has to be one of the most - if not the most - beautiful, strong, well-written stories I have ever read. Each chapter brought emotion to my heart and some tears to my eyes. I'm so sorry to see this end and that I haven't reviewed in so long. (: I'm so so sorry about that. Life got in the way, I suppose. Again, this is such a beautiful story that I'll definitely want to reread quite a few times. Thanks for sharing your talent and this beautiful story with us. (:


Author's Response: Wow, I'm not sure what to say. I understand that life got in the way. It always does, so no problem. I know the feeling. But I'm still happy that you've returned to this and that you let me know your thoughts. Well, still speechless - a thank you is not that inspiring, I s'pose, but I mean it. - Steph

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Review #19, by ginny321 The Bitter End

6th January 2008:
Aww, thanks for mentioning me :)
It was very sad, but excellent.

Author's Response: 'Course =) I'm glad you've stick to this and kept reviewing - means a lot and happy you liked it!

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Review #20, by Hermionesclass101 As Lovers Go

5th January 2008:
This was a beautiful chapter. The description was lovely, as usual, and we got to see some Tonks! Yay! I love that se didn't feel disappointed, and that she was wearing her mother-in-law's wedding dress. It's kind of sad that she didn't get to wear her mother's, while her father escorted her down the aisle, but she was so happy it was worth it.

week-year-old daughter - week-old daughter

It was a pleasure reviewing, and I'm adding this story to my favourites, update soon!


Author's Response: Yes, it's sad that her own family wasn't there with her, but what matter was that she was happy. And I agree: yay for baby Tonks! I'll change that. I'm flattered that this went to your favourites and don't worry - the next chapter will be up soon! Thank you for each review! - Steph

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Review #21, by Hermionesclass101 Black Eyed

5th January 2008:
I like the end. Again. =) And I like the way Cissy acted, because it seemed canon. I also like how romantic the stone throwing on Ted's part was. I like that he surprised her, right when she was about to run away anyway. I love the description, especially of the emotions, as usual! =)

Off to the next chapter!


Author's Response: I loved writing this chapter. Cissy saying goodbye to her sister seemed only natural and as for Ted coming to Andromeda's rescue felt the same way. As always, thanks you!

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Review #22, by Hermionesclass101 Until the End of the World

5th January 2008:
I love the description, and the way you described all the emotions especally. I love how you ended it. In fact, I love the way you have ended all your chapters so far. Onto the next chapter.

She managed to hide her grin. Having never gotten along with the Slytherin boys. - While JLHufflepuff did an excellent beta-ing job, in my opinion, this would work better as a single sentence.


Author's Response: Hehe, thank you. I'll go back to this too. Have to see the paragraph and see what I wanted with that. I'm grateful for you pointing it!

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Review #23, by Hermionesclass101 Vanishing

5th January 2008:
I like the last line. The description in this chapter is lovely, and I love the original prank idea! I love the relationship between Dromeda and Sirius, and I love all of Dromeda's friends. I can't wait to the next chapter!


Author's Response: Aw, glad to hear you liked the prank! I was really worried, seeing as I'm not one to be that creative coming up with mischief. The relationship between Andromeda and Sirius is one I've loved writing. She was his favourite cousin for I reason I figured =p

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Review #24, by Hermionesclass101 Stranger in a Strange Land

4th January 2008:
I love that Andromeda decided to trust Narcissa, and I love the description, especially when you described Dromeda's emotions upon reading her letter. I did notice one thing though.

Narcissa entered the dormitory, lightning the whole dorm with her beauty, as she always managed to do. - lightning should be lighting. That happened in the last chapter as well.


Author's Response: I'll go back to that as soon as I can! Thanks for pointing it out!

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Review #25, by Hermionesclass101 Crests of Waves

4th January 2008:
There were a few minor grammar mistakes in this chapter, but I love the interaction between the sisters, as well as the personality of each. I love the description, and the way Alice and Ted acted. I hope everything turns out okay!


Author's Response: I will return to this and try and look for those errors. I haven't got the best trained eye, but I've gotta start somewhere =p I'm happy to hear you like the personalities and the descriptions. I love descriptive writing and I do my best with characterization ^^ Thank you!

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