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Review #1, by anna Book and Unicorn

22nd January 2009:
i'm hooked to this story!! please update soon.

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Review #2, by Hayley Book and Unicorn

9th November 2008:
Only just found this story. Loving it! When is more coming?

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Review #3, by katty Book and Unicorn

6th June 2008:
hey, i REALLY like your story. please keep writing!

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Review #4, by lizziepop Book and Unicorn

15th May 2008:
awesome! im looking forward to the next chapter! you are an excellent writer! i like teh whole thing with trevor. Its very expertly written! :)

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Review #5, by Ashley Book and Unicorn

24th March 2008:
pretty cool please write quickly!!!

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Review #6, by demetria_valentina Book and Unicorn

12th February 2008:
funny story with good cliff hangers keep up the great job and updating

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Review #7, by ronil_wazlib_luvr Echoing Answer

29th January 2008:
OMG! I have a Weasley is OUR KING girls verson in my other story THE BATTLE AT HOGWARTS. The chapter is called QUIDDITCH PRACTICE. It's a little too long to put into a review but if you want to look at it and tell me if that's all right please do...


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Review #8, by crazygurl17 Book and Unicorn

26th January 2008:
omg i been wating since sumer 4 this story! any way yay i think they got back together? and hope ron and hermione are 2? i dnk any way wright more a.s.a.p!

Author's Response:
I've been writing more. But Uni has gotten in the way. After this next one the chapters get eaiser to write because I have all the bones there in my plan.

You'll have to wait and see who get's together with whom and when... It's rather amusing actually and, I think worth it... Spos you'll have to let me know.

Thanks for the review

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Review #9, by scorpiossting Book and Unicorn

22nd January 2008:
I've just discovered your story. I think the plot is on a good roll, and I am going to check out some of your one-shots.

Author's Response:
Thanks I agree that the plot is on a roll... It's certainly developed since I started writing it. When I began I only envisioned it as being 6 chapters.

Glad you liked it.. my one shot's are part of this one so enjoy.

Thanks for reviwing.

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Review #10, by MeNuncle Book and Unicorn

22nd January 2008:
Hiya- ITS ME!

Just to say that i read the chapter and loved it!

It's brilliant how you made it go with the DH!

It all fits really well- and is amazingly well written! i love the long chapters and all the James and Lily stuff was extreamly beliveable! I loved it all but i love all your stories so there's no suprise there, really. Hope you're online soon! Thanks for a bril chappy!

Please update ASAP!!


Author's Response:
Why thank you O beautiful and talented MeNuncle... It was only so long because I needed to get them through to where this chapter ended.

Don't know when the next chapter will be ready or when I'll be online because Uni is hotting up. But don't dispair I haven't given up on this story or Our fab All Was Well!

Thanks for the reviewskii!

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Review #11, by carly Book and Unicorn

21st January 2008:
yay!!! they finally kissed! hurrah! yipee! lol, i wonder which brother that is!!!

Author's Response:
\i know... Them kissing is important... I'd wonder which brother that is too if I hadn't written it.

Thanks for reviewing, reviews make me V happy

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Review #12, by BerryCherry Lines crossed

21st January 2008:
hmmm...I like the story but it might be nice if you talked about harry/ginny more. Also, if you eveloped the charecters a little more.

Author's Response:
Harry and Ginny is like a fine wine in this story... mulling and maturing so keep reading and you'll be happy.

Thanks for reviewing

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Review #13, by englandlover89 Echoing Answer

28th December 2007:
I truly love this story, I think you are a great author by adding in little motifs that come up in the story. I love the fact that you show Ron and Hermione's past that they had together without Harry. Love this fanfic, please please please please please update!

Author's Response:
(JustSuper blushes with pride at such a comment)

Thanks... I actually don't mean to write motifs they just happen because its all coming from my mixed up brain...

Just update enjoy - fear not this story is still on going.

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Review #14, by hogwartsgal01 Echoing Answer

22nd November 2007:
NICE! This story is really moving on nice. i can only write those types of moments that are like three hundred words long. im a huge fan of R/Hr but H/G however i have trouble with.

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Review #15, by Zacharias_Smith Harry's Birthday: Part 1: Trevor???

11th September 2007:
This story remains a veritale feast for R/Hr shippers (of which I am one), but you're getting lots of storyline into it as well. Crazy theories about the toad and stuff! A little too coincidental, I think, but it makes for a good read. Good work!

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Review #16, by Zacharias_Smith 5 ˝ hours til 31st July

11th September 2007:
This was another enjoyable chapter and I love the look back at Harry's first birthday, that was really brilliant. The ending was good cause it leaves that bit of mystery that makes people want to read more, always good to have abit of a cliffhanger now and then.
Oh by the way, I'll be updating Transformations relatively soon - I'm waiting for a one-shot to be validated, then I'll post the third chapter. ^_^
But yeah, peace xXx

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Review #17, by Zacharias_Smith Lines crossed

11th September 2007:
I really enjoyed this chapter. The fight was well written and nicely in character; after the events of HBP I'm sure things couldn't suddenly be perfect for R/Hr - the whole Vicky thing had to resurface at some stage.
I think you bridged the gap between the serious Tom stuff here and the fluffier stuff, which was nice to see. There was more about how Harry was feeling about everything which was good.

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Review #18, by Zacharias_Smith "Nice Night?"

11th September 2007:
This was a good chapter. I like how you show them as teenagers with hormones all over the place, etc and how you go into all the details of their developing relationships. On the other hand I do think you need to remember that this is an extremely dark time for them and maybe this story is a LITTLE bit too cheery and upbeat for the time it's set in. Still, apart from that and the need for a good beta check-over this was a good chapter.

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Review #19, by Zacharias_Smith Golden Trio +1

11th September 2007:
The shipping/betting thing made me laugh! Bringing fandom into the HP world; interesting idea and it was quite cleverly done, if a little unrealistic! I liked it though.

Everyone seemed pretty much in character. The main problem, I think, is perspective and continuity/flow. It seemed a bit broken up between different POVs, as well as the fact that it switched tense quite regularly.

A good chapter though and you get lots of canon pairing cuteness in.

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Review #20, by Zacharias_Smith DVD

11th September 2007:
Hehehe I must yield my brutal staff of reviews once more.
Okay, I think it shows in this chapter that it's an early work of fanfiction. But on the other hand it's miles above a large number of people's first works. You get the characters down to a 'T' and I liked the R/Hr cuteness. But there was some odd switching of perspective here...
The last part turned from third to first person randomly and I also thought that the flashback should really have been in first person since the start was. I don't know, it just broke up the continuity a bit to have it change there.
I liked the Dudley and Tonks thing, that was funny!
The whole DVD thing and Julia Roberts references were interesting - somehow it made sense that Hermione liked her lol.
Anyway yeah it was a good start. I will read some more though probably won't be able to review the whole thing at the mo as I've got so much to review at the mo'.
Peace xXx

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Review #21, by netballpro13 Golden Trio +1

10th September 2007:
Loved that chapter to death. So detailed and interesting. I love R/Hr ship absolutely love it.

Author's Response:
I love this chapter too. I was only the second I wrote after starting fanfictioning. This will be revisited soon so watch out.


Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #22, by kandib293 Echoing Answer

29th August 2007:
great chapter 4 a great story update soon plz

Author's Response:
I'm not actually going to give up on this story but I need to fit it into cannon a bit more...

I'm actually working and reworking some of the stories that relate to this main story. So maybe give them a go...

I love this chapter too...

Get ready for some more Harry and Ginny stuff.


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Review #23, by ank Echoing Answer

22nd August 2007:
please dont abandon this story its too good... keep writing

Author's Response:
I will never give up on this story I have way too much planned out. However, with my third year of uni approaching and DH having happened I've had to rearrange some of it.

My One-shots all relate to this story so check them out because they will tie in...

Never fear more on the way...

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Review #24, by nana_banana_xx3 Echoing Answer

19th July 2007:
This is quite possibly the most adorable story I've read in quite some time. :)

You're doing a great job so far. It's terribly sweet, what with Ron and Hermione being so close to getting together. I just love it. ^_^ And now Ginny and Harry. I love how you really are proving how similar he is to James: just how thick he can be. lol!

I loved Lupin's reaction. It made me laugh. haha. I loved the missing GOF moment. It was very cute. I'm a sucker for romance, and I assure you this story would be going under my favorites if my computer wasn't being stupid. lol. I'll put it in soon though!

Loved it!

Author's Response:
Yay you think my story is cute.

I don't think his fathers looks were all that Harry Potter inherited.

Lupin is such a fun character to write I just couldn't help having that in.

I also couldn't help but explore the GoF moment because... well... I couldn't see Ron 'letting' Hermione be Krums treasure without a fight.

I'm a sucker for romance too; but there is going to be a whole load of action soon.

Thanks for loving it and favoriting it and reviewing.

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Review #25, by thegirllikeme Echoing Answer

19th July 2007:
I thought Neville was impeccably sensitive when he was giving advise to Harry, but, though I wouldn’t be surprised if he actually did know all this stuff, I think he’d be uncomfortable saying it or doing it for that matter. I just think--curse or no curse--Neville is becoming way too confident, way too fast. Confidence is something that needs to built upon but in this chapter and in previous ones, there was no growth. It just happened instantly. That’s really what I have a problem with.

Sorry, I can’t give you any advice on your Ginny/Harry relationship. That’s one ship I’m not expert at and I don’t even want to try to be. Though I think Harry acted quite true to character with the whole snitch thing. He is his father’s son after all.

But here’s my advice for you as you continue this. Add some scenes that have nothing to do with their romantic relationships. No matter what the pairing, if a story as nothing more than their relationship, it can be tedious. There was a point in this I was hoping someone would get shot just so there would be a bit more excitement. Add some actions scenes without there having anything to do with the shippings. Not only will it be a welcome change, but you’d be surprised on how fun a good fight scene can be.

Keep writing and good luck.

Author's Response:
Getting Luna as a girlfriend was a confidence boost... Neville has always been a strong knowledgible character. He was in Gryffindor for a reason. And his growth as a character, confidence wise, has happened through my one-shots. Not to mention an up coming hiccup.

But watch out for more Neville stuff soon.

As I have said in review responses before I had to lay the relationship foundation before I could start with the action. There is alot of non ship stuff coming up.

Thanks for your reviews they've been truely helpful and I've grown as a writer because of them.

I will be keeping on. Because I really want to finish this story. Please keep on reviewing.

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