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Review #1, by geologist4 Not Much To Look At

12th October 2007:
Omg that is so great

Author's Response: Aw, thanks! I was really pleased with the way this romance turned out. It seems like a squick by the sound of the summary, but I never thought of it as one. I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #2, by hplover-_12 Not Much To Look At

8th September 2007:
loved it!!it was as sweet as iscream.

Author's Response: I thought so, too. Lots of people thought it might be squicky, but it wasn't. I didn't mean it to be squicky, after all.

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Review #3, by Potter n Mione Not Much To Look At

25th August 2007:
OK, that was... um a rather unique perspective to HP. I've never read anything like that. One question though... isn't Madam Pomfrey an elderly lady???

Author's Response: Unique is what I'm going for, so I'll take it as a compliment. Not that I went out of my way to write a PPHP romance. It sort of sneaked up on me and attacked me, then lashed me to my keyboard and made me write.

As for Madame Pomfrey's age... 45? 55? 65? I'm not quite sure. Somewhere between 2.5-4 times Harry's age. It makes it all the more hopeless for her, doesn't it? Harry wouldn't even dream of touching her; in fact, he just wants to get out of the hospital wing. So let's feel sorry for her, shall we? :D

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Review #4, by Ydnas Odell Not Much To Look At

8th July 2007:
Wow. This is just so good. Madam Pomfrey cares, Harry cares, sniff. It would have been nice seeing Neville visit too. Was he a healer along with Justin? How was it Neville found him, instead of Ron & Hermione.

Awesome story. You really can write. I've added you into my favorite authors now too. A ten!

Author's Response: Many people who saw the summary of this story were like, "ew, Madame Pomfrey/Harry??", but then they read it and found it to be sweet and un-gross (if that's a word). Of course I wasn't thinking much about the strangeness of the pairing while I was writing it, so it came out quite tastefully, I think.

Neville a healer? Let's say he was a herbologist, and that he harvested plants used in healing potions. And sure, Justin can join him, too. I'm not quite sure how they found Harry before Ron and Hermione, but I'm sure it wasn't for lack of Ron and Hermione trying. Maybe Harry's two best friends were being bold and valiant elsewhere while Harry fought Voldemort. :D

Thanks again for reviewing! And for the fav!

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Review #5, by Muggle394 Not Much To Look At

22nd April 2007:

Author's Response: Thanks! Sweet as in "awwwww, sweet...!" or sweet as in "dude...sweet!!" Either way, I'm uber-flattered.

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Review #6, by Rochefoucauld Not Much To Look At

20th April 2007:
Aww. That's really sweet. I never really thought about Mme. Pomphrey as a person before...

Author's Response: Yes, Madam Pomfrey is most definitely a person (as opposed to. . .? Animal? Magical illusion? :D lol). She always crops up in fanfictions whenever Harry takes one of his many trips to the hospital wing, and she always makes some oogy woogy comment about how she's going to miss him after he leaves Hogwarts. So I decided to play off that, and instead I produced quite a serious work with which I am well pleased (if I do say so myself). Thanks for the review!

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Review #7, by LostMaeblleshire Not Much To Look At

9th April 2007:
Oh, I feel so terrible! When you first told me about this, I watched for it all week, but then I must have forgotten about it, because it seems you posted it about six days ago! My apologies for that!

Now, the story itself...

I admit, it did seem a bit weird to me at first, just to imagine the situation: someone much older than Harry having an almost sort of crush on him. But then again, I was a bit unsure of Irma/Argus as well (though for different reasons) and you managed to convert me into a shipper. I don't think I can ship Harry/Poppy, but that's only because I doubt that I'll ever find a story as good as this one that contains the ship. (And how do you come up with these ships, anyways? XD)

The writing was flawless and beautiful, just as usual. (Though I'm quite certain you don't need me to tell you that [again]!) And everyone was in character. Especially Poppy. We haven't heard too much from her in the books, and yet your portrayal of her seemed to fit just perfectly.

Anyway... (I should probably wrap this up before I start to ramble) this was a great story! I look forward to reading any future things you might happen to write. (Speaking of which... Have you anything else planned, or are you taking a [much needed] break? You sound like you've been quite busy!)

Author's Response: Oh, don't feel terrible--I've checked "Inconceivably Interchanged" before only to find out that you updated TWO chapters in the time I was gone, so you aren't the only one who falls behind. :D

As for the ship. . . well, I thought it up sometime when I was considering how ALL the novel-length fanfics have Harry spend vast tracks of time in the hospital wing. It is mandatory, it seems, for him to spend at least a week in there after his defeat of Voldemort. And Madame Pomfrey always seems to make comments in these stories about how she should reserve a permanent bed with a plaque for Harry, or how she'll have so little to do when Harry leaves Hogwarts because he apparently provides the bulk of her workload. So, after getting a little tired of this, I decided to sort of shake the Madame Pomfrey thing up a little, and I came up with the ship. Well, the story pretty much wrote itself, and I forgot about it being a weird ship and got into it like I would any other story. That's the key to writing weird ships--pretend like they're completely normal. I don't offer excuses as to why I'd pair Pomfrey/Harry or Argus/Irma or Hedwig/Pig or Harry/Harry (yipe!). I like going out on a limb. It doesn't get me as many reviews as a normal story, but when I do get reviews, they turn out to be pretty positive and longer than the average review. Which makes me uber happy. :D

Hmm, it seems easier to make the minor characters true to canon. Probably because there's not a lot known about them and I have a bit of leeway. I about cried tears of joy when one reviewer told me they preferred my version of Luna in "The Scarlett Letter" above others. Luna's my favorite character, see, and I had a crush on her BEFORE Evanna Lynch was cast in her role! Heeheehee!

Oh, and I actually wrote another one-shot yesterday! Sadly, it can't go up on HPFF because it breaks one rule in their TOS, but it's only T-rated or something--it just has two bad words and hardly any innuendo. It's about Ginny having her first child with Harry--but she realizes that Harry isn't the father (*gasp!*). Yeah, and that's how it begins. I'm not quite sure of the title yet, but I'll have it posted by Friday or Saturday on ffnet. Ah, I believe Spring Break was my much-needed break, because now I'm writing more, and I have quite a few good ideas in store. Whee! Thanks for the wonderful long review!

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Review #8, by Snufflesrox14 Not Much To Look At

8th April 2007:
that is kinda disturbing to think that madam pomfry has not only seen harry naked but well enjoyed seeing harry naked and that kinda grossed me out. But it was still a very good story and took a lot of creativity and imagination.

yours truly

Author's Response: Well, Madame Pomfrey seeing him naked isn't a big deal, since she's a nurse and has probably seen a good deal of students (both male and female) naked. And as for the liking it? Well, she didn't _dislike_ it. But she also thought he was "not much to look at" (hence the title), and she really liked his eyes the best. But I can see how it could gross some people out. :D But you said it was a good story, so a little grossout is apparently okay! Hee, thank you muchly!

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Review #9, by Luna_with_a_dreamy_voice Not Much To Look At

7th April 2007:
uh.was that a joke?

Author's Response: Sorry, nope. Then again, our feelings play tricks on us sometimes, which is why Madame Pomfrey's feelings might at first seem like a joke. But in the end, this story is a serious endeavor, strange pairing be darned.

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Review #10, by ginny007 Not Much To Look At

5th April 2007:
The april fools joke got me. I thought they actually had to change all the names and, oh, it made me so mad. I thought it was the stupidest thing in the world but then when I found out about the joke I laughed. I really, really liked the story, I thought it was going to be gross but it was good. Keep writing other stories, you're a good writer.

Author's Response: Hee, lots of people thought it was going to be gross. Some still found it a bit creepy. I'll admit that I have gone for the creepy in the past, and once or twice I've turned out something (not fanfiction, in this case) that has even squicked me to pieces. But, after writing this, I cannot find Madame Pomfrey's feelings gross. Sure, Harry's at least a generation younger than her, if not two. But love isn't always reasonable, is it? Madame Pomfrey isn't a perv, and she isn't having untoward thoughts about Harry. So. . . yeah. Glad you understood it and liked it. :D

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Review #11, by jerrysaries328 Not Much To Look At

5th April 2007:
very very very very very cute!
but also very very very very very slightly creepy? haha she's ... old isnt she?
but still.

Author's Response: Adorable and creepy at the same time. Lol, that's life. That's how people describe me sometime. They say I have the loveliest voice, and so when I say something really creepy or disgusting (believe me, I think of some strange things, as is evident by all the fics of mine that HPFF has rejected), for a second they're like, "Ah, how cute he is--wait, did he just say what I thought he said?" Lol again. But when I actually write about the creepy stuff, I always tend to get into the story and empathize it so that it no longer seems so strange to me. So. . . yes, Madame Pomfrey is a bit old, but we shan't brand her a creep after all.

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Review #12, by OpheliaDameDansLeBleu Not Much To Look At

4th April 2007:
ah, wow. You know you really proved me wrong. Don't take this the wrong way but when i first saw this story the first word that popped into my head was 'ew'. yeah, well to me she's like a mum to him, like years and YEARS older than him. But i'll tell you, i liked it all the same. I still found it a teensy bit weird (18 or not). But your writing was beautiful, it was elegant, fluid and your Pomfrey was amazing. She sounds like a flustered bird, chirping about and constantly puffing up her feathers, ;D And i loved LOVED your imagery, like "warm and slippery fluids" "blossoming blood" (ah alliteration) or other little phrases. It wasn't as though teh vocab was annoyingly difficult or that you used exceedingly big words, you just used the RIGHT words, which makes ALL the difference i'll tell you. And it makes a big difference. Well done! You have a lovely way of writing. :D I hope this review made you smile! :D

Author's Response: Wow, you have completely made my day. I'm not at all offended at your first impression--my mom did the same thing, only worse. She was like, "That's disgusting." And I'm like, "You have even read the story yet!" And I'm so, so, so glad that you thought my imagery was great. I'm glad the vocabulary wasn't too big, because I have large vocabulary and I'm terrified of turning out purple prose. I'm also going through AP classes right now, which really puts all the annoying, overblown vocab at the tip of my pen (er, I mean keyboard). Yes, your review has most definitely made me smile, and more! :D

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Review #13, by _twilight_star_ Not Much To Look At

4th April 2007:
Very interesting... I would have never thought of a fic about them. But I liked the story-telling.

Very nice. :)

Author's Response: You would have never thought of a fic about them? Good--I have succeeded. :D I try very much to present viewpoints previously unexamined, and I have great fun doing it. The comments on originality are most encouraging.

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Review #14, by greendayrocks Not Much To Look At

4th April 2007:
o i liked the symmetry you have with the 'boom'

Author's Response: Hee, thank you. I was considering it being a 'bong' instead, since it was more clock-like, but the 'boom' was more like a heart, and a 'boom' can also be a clock, too. So that's that. :D

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